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Bindiis at Dec Crag, Arapiles
12:23:25 PM
On 11/01/2010 widewetandslippery wrote:
>I fell in love with a bitch called Bindi and I miss her so.

An' if you'd kept paying the registration fee the council would never have had to take her away ..
12:37:07 PM
She passed away.

1:16:45 PM
On 12/01/2010 Louise Shepherd wrote:
> If anyone sees
>some at the Pines or elsewhere, please post a notice on this forum.

We camped at Araps Sat 19 dec, and went for a walk through the pines, upto the organ pipes, and accross to rabbit boulder. I can't remember where in this trek I came across a three cornered jack (probably the top of the pines), but I found one somewhere, because I remember thinking what a beasty, and recalling some mention of them - when I saw this topic I knew what it was that I had found. Nasty stuff.

Maybe there should be a description of what they are and what to do on the toilet block?
6:04:02 PM
On 11/01/2010 Eduardo Slabofvic wrote:
>The instructions say to just put the flame on the weed for a couple of
>seconds, but where's the fun in that. I was thinking of mixing some petrol
>and vasoline together, squirting that everywhere then bring out the flame

The government approved method for destroying the weeds;
-carefully mix diesel & fertiliser, put the mix in a 1" diameter internally (female) threaded metal pipe with 1 end welded over.
-make a nice big goey bundle of the of the abovementioned vaseline & petrol (or petrol with styrofoam works just as well) and stick the pipe into the middle.
-carefully place this entire bundle into a medium sized drum of steel ball bearings. you can mix various things into the bearings to maked them more effective weed killers- straight up black powder is nice for a bit of oomph, magnesium is a great conversation starter, or if you have some spare airtight drums around then white phosphorus might be fun for a giggle. alternatively you can add colour to the show with copper shavings etc.
-place the package on the ground, or in a hole very near to it. being sure to wear safety goggles & gloves, take a long bolt and begine to screw it into the pipe with much gusto until desired weed destruction effects are achieved.
6:04:10 PM
yes, im bored

9:49:49 PM
On 11/01/2010 Wendy wrote:
>Lou, I nearly fell off my chair to see you on here! Welcome!

I second that.
... and also hope you are successful in eliminating the 3 cornered jack weed from Araps.
12:04:59 PM
Bad news .. The Bindis are not just at Dec Crag, they're in The Pines. Meg and I have been doing weeding sessions at Dec Crag over the last couple of weeks and today had a look around the pines.
We parked right on the edge of a big patch of Bindis about 2/3 of way uphill on the North side of the pines. I'll go back later and get some photos so people can see exactly where we found them. From the distribution, obviously came off where people were unloading their car and where they were camped just inside the bollards.

2:22:56 PM
Josh, after reading your well thought out post I figured I'd take some artistic liberty and mow the lawn.
Unfortunately the cops, my in laws and wife all decided it may not be the best way to take 4 inches of
grass down... stay tuned though as I'm sure this method has other equally important applications.

Eduardo, your last reply to Hero almost made me wet myself....
8:38:25 PM

This shows roughly the area of greatest bindi infestation found at the Pines last weekend. The photo is looking down (towards the toilet block) from near the top of the Pines on the northern side. Preferably try not to park or camp in this spot but it is one of the nice spots. Anyhow take care to examine shoes, packs, mats etc if you use this area.
On a revisit on Monday I found a few more plants further down. From the location it appears that these may have been washed down from the area pictured here. A full circuit of the Pines edge found nothing else but that's no guarantee that the odd plant isn't there. I'll do another circuit next weekend to see what's poked its head up in that time.

Sarah Gara
8:47:14 AM
Thanks. I'm sure most of us will keep our eyes open and pull them out too x

Sarah Gara
8:47:43 AM
the bindis not our eyes! x
8:01:38 PM

A check over the weekend found only a couple of little plants in previously covered areas, but it hadn't rained recently.
However, I checked out the top carpark on the northern side of the Pines and found a cluster of mature plants. After picking the plants used a foam mat to try to pick up seeds and get some idea of their spread. The mat was very effective in picking up seeds and appeared to show that the seeds are still tightly clustered without much movement. The centre of the mat is in the middle of the cluster.
Also found a plant a bit closer to the camera and another in the track into the creek just behind the mat. See the next photo for a better view of the site.
8:03:50 PM

The site for barefoot fire-twirling practice on the upcoming long weekend ;)
The main bindi infestation is covered by the mat but the track down into the creek just behind and to the right of the mat also had a plant and a crop of seeds.
7:45:25 PM
Yes, it's that time of year again. A check at Arapiles today resulted :
Dec Crag : only a few small plants found near the Brain Damage boulder.
The Dec Crag carpark had one largish clump of plants with developing seeds. These were on the road side of the bank near the park sign.
At the Pines, found none on the east edge where there was a large infestation last year.
There was a fair number of plants with developing seeds in the noth-west parking spot

The sleeping mat in this photo from last year shows where this is. However, given the number of plants and seeds in this area last year it was a small collection and I didn't pick up any seeds on my shoes.
We'll have to keep an eye out for the next few weeks.

9:30:01 PM
Weekly collection came up with only a few at Dec Crag - under Brain Damage. The parking area by the creek at the north-west corner of the Pines had the biggest collection. Some quite big ones that I either missed last week or grew really fast.

Dec Crag also has an amazing hatching of small hoppers. The first impression is that a swarm of mosquitoes is flying up as you walk through the grass but they are hundreds and thousands of timy locusts. Quite disgusting really.
9:24:23 AM
they grow really fast a week is enough to produce seeds . Report the hoppers to Parks or the hot line 1300135 559 hopefully they will use the biological spray rather than the pesticide as it is a park
9:54:03 AM
Yep, it's bindi time again. Checked Dec Crag and the 2 areas near the campground over the past week. Got a couple of largish plants at each of Dec Crag and the parking area by the creek and a few small plants. Numbers seem a lot less. The site on the edge of the Pines that had quite a large infestation two years ago only yielded one tiny plant which is promising.
6:44:51 PM
On 12/01/2010 Eduardo Slabofvic. wrote:
>I have an image of Hero kneeling on the ground with his hands tied behind
>his back, and me standing next to him with a pistol in my hand.

Solid gold.

I'm off to the video shop to rent "Apocalypse Now".
9:41:50 AM
I remember that Eduardo, but it wasn't a pistol you were holding, was it.
2:54:00 PM
It's bindi time again. Found a few by the area up the north side of the pines. Mostly in the gutter this time.

Here's a shot of that area today also showing a nasty weed infestation just in front of the neatly parked 4WD.

I wonder why people think that's an OK thing to do? It's obviously a missing bollard in the perimeter, not a designated parking bay.
I dug up the weed and put a parking ticket on the 4WD windscreen.

Didn't find any bindis at Dec Crag yet.

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