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The Official Pissed Off Thread!
10:16:57 PM
More please
10:28:25 PM
Give us more

4:17:19 PM
like a lot of dumb ideas it started as a dare, became a habit, then a way of life. Apart from the french chick who had one of those throats that could chug a beer faster than you could pour it the story is better in the imagining than the telling.
2:13:59 PM
i still have nightmares from when i came back home late one night after a couple of weeks away. Walked in and before i turned on the lights i felt lots of insects on my feet. Lights on, A sea of pleas jumping everywhere. Set off a flea bomb in the pad and slept in the bathtub. Call it Genocide, or whatever you like. they all had to die.

As it turned out, me x took the tv but left her cats

11:36:54 PM
On 30/10/2011 maadness wrote:

>As it turned out, me x took the tv but left her cats

Bitch, unless she woz offerinya last meal. Roast kitty, chewey but surprisingly it tastes a wee bit like whale.

4:16:50 PM
My book, "Home Budgeting for Substance Abusers" got knocked back by another publisher.

4:45:57 PM
Wombat, can you send me a draft copy? I want a pack raft to.

salty crag
11:29:06 PM
Super pissed off! Good knee is shot, more surgery on the way, should not have gone bouldering!!
10:20:27 AM
11:24:24 PM
It started out so innocently
I wandered in with shoes on and took them off at the front door
2 botls later I nneded a pee
It was damp
As i walked the back I put on some shoes
They were sandals
I was already wearing socks
Online Now
10:25:54 AM
On 22/02/2012 mikllaw wrote:
>It started out so innocently
>I wandered in with shoes on and took them off at the front door
>2 botls later I nneded a pee
>It was damp
>As i walked the back I put on some shoes
>They were sandals
>I was already wearing socks

Claw - this is the Pissed Off Thread, not I am Pissed thread... ;-)
11:58:41 AM
socks with sandals, now I am going to hell

12:05:30 PM
You're becomming a maths teacher?

6:07:39 PM
Shit no more midweek climbing :'( got a day job!

12:52:12 AM
best mates at araps for a long weekend and im 25000 km away!

3:59:57 PM
Good to see that there has been bugger-all in this thread since February 2012, despite the fact that back in Oct 2011 ww&s was looking for more...

Maybe this following post should be in Accidents and Injuries portion of Chocky?

Went to give blood at Red Cross recently.
They said you have an irregular heartbeat Mr M9 since the last time you donated. You had better get your GP to sign this (effectively a health waiver), form, before we can accept your blood, as we don't want to endanger your health by having a donation from you.

Went to GP.
He said have an ECG.
Had an ECG.
Confirmed the irregular heartbeat.
Come back in two weeks and if the same, we will consider your options.
~> i.e., effectively refer me to a heart specialist/surgeon, as this is beyond their expertise...

Outcome yet to be determined.

I feel fine.
I would not have been aware of a potential problem if not for blood donating...
I like climbing.
I like motorcycling.
I like surfing.
I like other things too...
I still have many unfinished projects, both on the home front and the climbing scene...

Dr says none of the above till we sort it out.

I know I will get older and die sometime, however this does not worry me overly much, as we all have to face this prospect, and things wearing out as one gets older is often part of the journey...
~> however it doesn't stop me getting the shits about it though.

Talk about solo climbing!
~> I am not expecting to peel off the runout sooner rather than later given today's technology and medications, but it does make for a degree of thought process related to same...
~> & it tends to piss me off.

I am also pissed off that I have to resort to wallwombats thread to make me feel a bit better at the moment!

PS ... Idon'twannabeaChockytragic, but I figure posting here will help me catch up with simey's great work on this site!
Heh, heh, heh!!

5:07:19 PM
Hopefully it'll be OK M9. My GP says lots of people have them. Mine goes all over the place (even when I'm not scared on lead), but apparently it's not the type of irregularity they worry about. Good luck
9:40:38 PM
My father has a seriously irregular heartbeat - ended up in ED with atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter a lot and had to have several ablations. he still plays on the SA over 60s cricket squad and managed to mostly keep up with me walking up Pharos Gully a few weeks ago. His hip replacement slowed him down more than the dysrhythmia! I hope yours will also be fine to continue doing stuff you want to do.

And I still have some aliens to get to you ...

salty crag
10:44:32 PM
Agree with above comments. Not good to have to go through but I doubt it will slow you down for long.
Online Now
8:53:53 PM
Sending positive vibes your way M9!

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