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A4 44
A5 40
A4 and A5 3
I don't read climbing magazines 0

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Future of CRUX - A4 or A5?
5:41:03 PM
A5 is nice to read when your crammed in your sleeping bag in a tent, but A4 is a winner visually and really brings to life all those great photos plus it's easier to read the text because there is potentially more room. Other option is to go "odd" size like an Americal B4 which is a combo of both then you are still being different but bigger than A5.

5:57:47 PM
On 29/11/2007 devlin66 wrote:
>and bi-monthly!?????

I think some people might need to be paid for that to happen! As it is i've been losing quite a bit of sleep
and public holidays to this little project. 3 issues a year is just fine for my sanity. :-)
9:42:53 PM
A4... I'm getting old and can't see the photos in the little size!!
7:19:05 AM
there are some great biking mags in NZ that use a squareish format.

One is call spoke. I dont think i like true A5 but am all for different formats.

Rock and ice is bigger than A4.

7:35:28 AM
A5 with a big climbing centrefold or insert.

10:50:58 AM
I like A5 - it reminds me of funky european magazines. Easier for reading in bed and on the dunny...
11:24:07 AM
A5 as above. Crux is dunny mag. It has very little content that is real info. As time goes on it will have a harder time getting content. Rock looks empty and therefore I don't buy it. The little busy format makes the mag seem full. But I suppose A4 lets photographers stroke there egos.

12:04:20 PM
A6 and when you flick the pages the pictures move ;) lemme see.. 10 frames per second, say 5 minutes of portable viewing.. oh its only 3000 pages
1:58:05 PM
neil wrote:

"I think some people might need to be paid for that to happen! As it is i've been losing quite a bit of sleep
and public holidays to this little project. 3 issues a year is just fine for my sanity. :-) "

Yeah, I hear you. That little SEQ guide thing I did recently took stacks of time for not much really. Can't imagine doing it all year round.
11:00:10 PM
I like the A5. it's cute and somehow there seems more to read in the smaller size.

10:42:46 AM

In this modern era shouldn't you be shooting for C5?

Phil Box
11:46:17 AM
Oooh, I got my new latest Crux Mag, I'm in love with the bigger A4 style mag. A4 all the way baby. I can see the pictures now without resorting to coke bottle glasses. One thing, can you make the print a little bigger too, huh, just a little, huh huh, pretty please with ice cream on top. At least mebbe the attribution print on the pics then, I get a little lost going cross eyed trying to decipher who took what and what the climber is actually climbing etc. It gets worse when the background to the print is a similar colour to the actual print.

Don't get me wrong I love every bit of the new Crux Mag to bits, it is nearly perfect in every respect. I reckon you've hit a goal with this one Neil and the Crux team, well done guys and girls.

I looooove looking at the pretty pictures, climbing Pr0n at its best. Inspiration to say the least. If this isn't the best mag in the world or what. I better stop gushing lest the masses think this is a paid advert. ;))

11:43:12 AM
I waited until I got my copy of the newest issue, and I have to say I like the A5 better (content of latest issue was just as good as always).

6:29:53 PM
I too have waited to get my copy and like A4 better. It's been ages since I bought Rock as there was just too much guff in between what I actually wanted to read. There is no comparison between the two IMO. In truth, I'll buy Crux @ either size, but I liked the bigger format for the great photos. I'm going to have to harden up so I can actually participate in my "steep state"!

8:07:20 PM
I much prefer the A5, why go the same as everyone else?

10:39:53 PM
My vote is A4+ -
More regular (smaller if needed) A5's with an A4 end of year issue . . .
And actually an A6 Aid insert would be really excellent . . .

12:47:07 PM
I vote go in between. National Geographic size.

12:52:37 PM
A4 - the print size is too hard to read in A5, photo captions especcialy. And all the poster style photos loose impact being so small - only close ups work.

1:06:27 PM
You're not making this an easy decision for us guys! :-)
3:09:38 PM
While I really like the current issue (and especially the bit on the last page where I win one of the contributor prizes ;) - thanks guys) one of the things I like about crux is that it doesn't look like all the other mags. I think A4 makes it look more 'normal' and therefore less interesting. So I'd stick to A5, or some other format (square? landscape A4?)


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