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Favourite route name

10:27:12 AM
Didn't Simey climb an offwidth at Nowra and name it ''Sportclimb this, you Nowra bastards''?

I kind of like that one.

10:41:23 AM
On 18/11/2007 prb wrote:
>I like Ben Moon going over to France, putting up an 8c at Buoux (then the
>home of the French hardmen), and calling it Agincourt. Nice.

In a similar vein, Geoff Weigand added 'The Ashes' to Kilnsey (Yorks Limestone) in 1989. Not sure if it's had an English ascent yet!
mikl law
12:53:51 PM
On 19/11/2007 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>Having said that though; I thought 'Lord Gumtree', was a brilliant send-up
>of the pretentious route names of the highbrow theme (like ‘Emperor, ‘Fuehrer’,
>‘Monarch’, ‘Queen Elizabeth’ etc) established around the Buffalo Gorge
>up until then.

And the ultimate on that wall. in that theme, was "Straight Edge".
mikl law
12:55:12 PM
On 19/11/2007 widewetandslippery wrote:
>Tammy Bakers Face (ugly route)

I obviously had a miserable youth as there's
Kim (18) piddo - A pleasant bottom with an ugly face
Giles (24) Lugarno - A promnent nose, a bit thin on top
1:31:38 PM
Mikl, you put up "two succulent young men with a taste for the bizzare", wierd route.
3:04:04 PM
On 19/11/2007 ithomas wrote:
>My favourites are Crack of Pork and Pork of Doom on Sow's Spur at Coles
>Bay; probably named (by Bob McMahon and others) in answer to John Ewbank's
>classic Crack of Doom, near Dogface in the Blue Mountains.

I had to go back to my 1931 copy of the Island Of Skye guidebook but a climb called Crack Of Doom was put up back in 1921. Accordingly a 'companion climb' was put up in 1947 and was called The Crack Of Double Doom. Which is worth a mention on this thread I think.

3:25:15 PM
mikl wrote
>And the ultimate on that wall. in that theme, was "Straight Edge".

Yes, they missed their opportunity to call it Rulers Edge and thereby continue the theme ... !

Chuck Norris
10:41:39 PM
On 19/11/2007 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>So; after eliminating all those categories; what kind of names do you

seeing as you asked. Starting with the premise that I hate all route names but I accept them as a
necessary evil that enables more efficient conversation. Then I would say I prefer names with a good
dose of playful irreverence. Hand me the barf bag as soon as I smell forced cleverness, or "posterity".

Theme crags - duck crag for example...I actually like the names mentioned by Mr. Hero exactly cos of
the playful irreverence. My aversion is directed more at a few crags i've been to where the pun is
pushed on and on and on to the point where the original joke has turned into a posterity of its own that
is now lost amongst a sea of routes by people trying to out-clever each other.

I would also add that my aversion to everything tends to peak on a friday night after a few drinks and a
shit week, so i may have just been venting.

as for route names i like....I've always there was something very poetic about "get your bloody fingers
out of my nostrils"
12:05:27 PM
On 19/11/2007 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>mikl wrote
>>And the ultimate on that wall. in that theme, was "Straight Edge".
>Yes, they missed their opportunity to call it Rulers Edge and thereby
>continue the theme ... !

It should be pointed out that Tommy was doing Architecture at Melb Uni at the time and "Straight Edge" is what they called a "Ruler" so the theme does continue. As an aside Tommy was at Natimuk for Noddy's book launch.

5:02:58 PM
Thanks for further info BA.
I shall now have to do my homework to find which climb broke the theme-chain for trivia/interest ...

>playful irreverence

Imo many climb names incorporate a healthy degree of this, even if within a theme.
Thanks for the further feedback S. I found it quite an interesting point of view.

11:24:12 AM
Just to infuriate stugang, I have a name with a theme, a pun and smut.

At a little crag at Huntington Lake in California there was a climb called '10 dollar crack'. So named as the kids from the local summer camp got $10 credit at the camp store if they topped out on it.

I put up a new route nearby that finished with a heel hook. So I called it '10 dollar hooker'.

The next route I put up was another crack that widened to an off-width near the top. I subsequently called it $10 dollar crack whore.

The summer camp wasn't impressed.

Awaiting your condemnation stu.

11:27:26 AM
Planet c--k was so named as a mate had the brilliant route name Fistf---ers from the Planet c--k, never happened.
One Day Hero
7:45:28 PM
My two favorites come from the supposedly humorless Americans

Lindler's Schist, and the slightly less highbrow Fuzzy Undercling (probably an old joke but I hadn't heard it until I'd climbed it, cracks me up every time)

Chuck Norris
10:24:16 PM
climboholic....for a gorilla you are kinda funny...and i dig your route names (though anyone who pays
$10 for a crack whore, clearly has more money than sense).

Because i forgot to mention my other rule of thumb "a route name has fulfilled its function as long as
it offends at least one person". Sounds like you pissed off a lot of californian summercampers and that
scores top dollars in my book...double money if the summer campers continue to use your names for
many years after you left.

ps. that doesn't qualify as a theme crag in my book

10:38:54 PM
On 30/11/2007 One Day Hero wrote:
> Fuzzy Undercling
>(probably an old joke but I hadn't heard it until I'd climbed it, cracks me up every

Classic! that's going straight to the pool room.

Where's the climb called that?

Chuck Norris
10:53:27 PM

has got to be up there with the best.

1:54:05 AM
A fave from Stu,

Hanging Fred Bonnet.

And this did piss one person off, only one though...
10:45:27 AM
Surprised no-one's mentioned Don't Believe the Tripe.

I think this one's rather witty, particularly given the story behind it.
One Day Hero
2:44:35 PM
On 30/11/2007 belayslave wrote:

>Where's the climb called that?

Red River Gorge, about 21 if I remember right. Quite nice, no obvious undercling......

6:03:59 AM
"Fata Morgana" at the Smoke Bluff's in Squamish. Nothing offensive or racy about it(Fata Morgana is the name of King Arthur's shape-shifting fairy sister), but given that the route is deceptively cruxy, it gets points for being imaginatively accurate.

"Who Put the Purr in My P***y" is great offwidth in Index, Washington. But you can't really discuss it in polite company. ;o

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