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What to do with $25K?

BadBrad of the Isles
9:25:58 AM
Okay heres the scenario, you have 25K AUD, no repsonsibilities and no obligations to anyone. How would you spend it climbing? Where would you go and what would you do?

9:46:53 AM
one word - mortgage

9:48:21 AM
Personally I'd also take my MTB and surfboards too, climbing 24/7 is just too boring :P

My plan would be:

Thailand for a few months then over to Canada for the ice season (+ Whistler when the ice melts & the bike park opens), then fly to Paris and get over to Font for a month to get strong, maybe get to the Verdon, then deffo back to Scotland for some of the hard and scary long trad things + more mtb and surfing.

9:59:35 AM
$25k's a lot of Gravy. You could probably get a full year holiday (maybe even for 2) out of that! So, with no respect for seasonality and in no psrticular order I would:

Develop a serious crack habit at Indian Creek! Probably for a month, maybe 2, check out Hueco while I'm in the area.
Then up to Canada to hook up with my old climbing partner, and on to Skwamish (sp?) and some back-country skiing, 3 months so far.
Then to france, Font, Verdon, Dolomites, pizza and pasta. Magic Wood and some of Switzerland.
Up to the Eastern Blok, for that weird soft sandstone area where you're not supposed to use metal protection.
England for some grit (late in the trip) once my head's working well and my balls are very big.
Then after that? who knows, maybe a whiskey tour of scotland to rest for a month, then fritter away the rest of my money touring Australia visiting as many crags as possible.

10:01:59 AM
Read the thread Westie, no responsibilities.

I would visit a few places. I would spend some time in California climbing and surfing.

I would tour the Greek Islands and go freediving and spearfishing.

Bahama's and spend like an entire year at Dean's Blue Hole (amazing freediving spot) with some ok climbing.

Umm..... then I would spend the remainder on Gummi Bears and those coke-bottle lollies.

Super Saiyan
10:06:43 AM
Just for the record - I'm a travel agent, so if anyone gets $25K to spend on a climbing trip, I can definately hook you up haha

10:44:18 AM
Ok, so the real question is, do you actually have $25K and have you considered hiring a belay slave to accompany you?

My terms are as follows: all my travel and related expenses covered, but I may shout you a beer if you let me climb something abuse the belay slave, no other services provided (nudge nudge wink wink), and....I'll have a packet of timtams that never runs out.
DJ Biggs
11:05:02 AM
I have kind of the same question.... just trying to figure out how much it will cost tobuy and kit out a
mad all inclusive road tripping van.... see Dr topo and jason kehls van for what I would do with the
25k.....anything left over.... beer. Now about that belay slave?

11:18:19 AM
hmm what to do. I would proably kit out with all the gear required for: Trad, Alpine, trekking, skiing etc. then we'd head off to Europe making an extra special stay in the alps while visting and climbing in as many countries as possible. Then off to Africa for more exploring and climbing!

Another option would be to not work for a while, train up and head to Himalayas!

hmmm seems 25K is just not enough..... sigh!

11:58:29 AM
take a year off, travel the world ... you could easily get by on $20k for the year going through the Americas, Asia, and Europe climbing for a year and live quite well in South America and Asia

1:21:16 PM
On 17/10/2007 penguinator wrote:
>Read the thread Westie, no responsibilities.

then get some :)

Phil Box
1:29:22 PM
On 17/10/2007 westie wrote:
>On 17/10/2007 penguinator wrote:
>>Read the thread Westie, no responsibilities.
>then get some :)

Are you volunteering? See avatar pic of westie for reason to make such a snide comment.

2:02:32 PM
buy a place in nowra

2:11:43 PM
Spend some quality time (3-6 months) at a few places rather than dash around. I'd love to be able to spend that sort of time really getting to know an area and climbing right through the grades.
I'd stick to places with a good climbing scene (like Araps). Nice surrounds, cheap cost of living, and plenty of climbing partners.
2:22:46 PM
On 17/10/2007 alrob wrote:
>buy a place in nowra

What would you do with the left over $15K? Buy a speedboat?

2:46:25 PM
On 17/10/2007 dalai wrote:
>On 17/10/2007 alrob wrote:
>>buy a place in nowra
>What would you do with the left over $15K? Buy a speedboat?

yeah, and the lowered VL on 19's to tow it

4:30:09 PM
On 17/10/2007 alrob wrote:
>On 17/10/2007 dalai wrote:
>>On 17/10/2007 alrob wrote:
>>>buy a place in nowra
>>What would you do with the left over $15K? Buy a speedboat?
>yeah, and the lowered VL on 19's to tow it

9:56:43 PM
i'm living in the wrong country, $25k would just about buy a night out on the piss in verbier or zermatt in mid-winter.

i'd spent 6 months in sardinia climbing and putting up routes on punta cusidore during the rest days.

10:25:40 PM
Westie's bazookas are a responsibility in themselves!

I'd be tempted to do Europe and Canada....but don't know how long the $25k would last in those countries. If climbing is the priority, might be best to head for the cheapest places to live to get the most climbing for your dollar.
12:28:11 AM
aside from the cost of getting there, climbing in Canada is same cost as Aust. Plus most (all?) of the worthwhile climbing is in BC & Alberta so you won't be driving back & forth across the country or anything. Baffin Is & a few other similar areas are the exception.

For me, the road trip would be UK/Europe for as long as $$ last, & a stint in sth east Asia.

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