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Chockstone T-shirts?

1:43:27 PM
Alrob, those designs look awesome.

But the font for the climbing areas is kinda hard to read - maybe a different font or a lager size? The letters look kinda close togther.

I would kinda think, while chockstone is (currently) vic dominated, maybe we shouldn't
feature that on the T shirt? Hence the climbing areas could be from all round OZ.

But keep the ideas coming!!


1:57:10 PM
Al, just gota be carefull caus those arnt your pics are they??? Remember the shit that came up when the apartments used jacs image.... Better ask the dude if that was they way to go...

I like you designs a lot....

Maybe your design on the front with neils silloute of jac on the back....

Maybe front and back designs are a bit ambitious if we wana keep costs down... Just a thought....
2:58:05 PM
Hey Al,

How do you suppose the image of the climber in your design would come up on the t-shirt? There's a lot of detail in it. I'm unsure about screenprinting costing these days, but you certainly pay by the colour. For example, if we go with yellow print, would we need an additional colour to produce the image in your pic?? I don't know, personally. Just posing the question for you to ponder. This is possibly why many sporting tshirts stick to silhouette images. Only one colour of print is needed...

3:41:28 PM
I like the blue one better, with the climber underneath the writing. Don't forget the 'K' in chockstone though!

7:02:50 PM
wicked - especially the blue one!

11:46:35 PM
All the designs look great! too bad I live in perth...

11:59:53 AM
wow! thanks for all the feedback.

Phil, if my design was used, the first thing i would do would be ask permission from the person who took it. I know who's it is, it's of

Richard, the quality is crap because i had to save it lower quaity. If any of my designs are chosen, they will be huge in size on the computer, so when they are scaled down for printing, the quality is the best it can be.

Jac, regards to means of printing, i don't know either. however i remember JohnK saying a while ago in a post that:

"No probs as modern screen printers can even do 4 colour photo images these days at a flick of a switch."

i have just been working off this in my designs, as this seems to be the most information anyone has given regarding the printing process. So there are only 4 colours.

also, they were done late at night, so please excuse the mistakes :)
12:36:30 PM
excellent! Design away then!


1:04:06 PM
Hey Al, here's another idea ... in the blue design, how about putting the climbing areas under the word chock, and letting them take up some of that empty space. Then the desing would not be quite so wide, and may fit better on the front / back of a t-shirt. Having some text in the blank area may also help 'balance' the design, a little. A similar thing could be done with the orange design.

Anyway, just an idea. I like the perspective of looking down on the climber - it kinda unusual.

Cheers, Richard
10:03:17 PM
I reckon they're all great designs, i just reckon you make sure the background of the image is the same as the colour of the tee-shirt. I reckon you don't want to complicate the design with a detailed multi-colour picture of castle crag etc.

3:50:48 PM
We've just sourced some t-shirts from a local company for some work tees. They're great quality, not the usual baggy crap. I can find out who they were and how much they cost us if you like Mike.

4:20:17 PM
On 21/10/2003 Fe wrote:
> I can find out who they were and how much they cost us if you like Mike.

Thanks that would be good. A couple of others have done similar for me, via email, but I haven't had the time lately to devote to this project and am likely to be pretty busy in the near future too. Made worse by the fact that I'm up here in Bendigo, and likely the best pricing will be in Melbourne.

I really need a field agent (want to volunteer?), to head out to a couple of printing places (I can supply the other quotes people have sent me), find out what is possible (colours, which of our designs they can handle, etc), find out pricing per a batch of say 50, and actually physically look at examples and make a comparison of quality - a necessary step I think. Then once a choice of printer is made, to contact the logo designer (forum member, whoever's design is decided on) for a high resolution version, and contact me to organize funding from Steve, contact forum members to get comittment to advanced orders, and then get the whole thing in motion.... quite a task. Any help appreciated.

10:32:32 PM
Been a while since we've seen any action on this post, but in the background I've been helping Mike out by getting some quotes.
But before I can finalise the quotes I really need to know which design we all like.

So, let the voting begin. Either post here or email me direct. Please use the design numbers that Mike uses on the Tshirt Designs page here:

And if you're voting for a black design, please also vote for a tshirt colour.

I'll take votes for a week or so.
11:11:00 AM
Mike, you're a clever lad, how about a polling booth on the design page?

3:32:04 PM
My vote is for 5b, followed by 8 *edit* actually changed my mind. 5b followed by 4d. */edit*

8:41:21 PM
4b then 8.
8:53:11 PM
5a then 7
9:41:00 PM
4a then 6b

10:39:34 PM
E8 6c.

This is about UK grading, isn't it?


7:32:40 AM
3a, 5b, prefered colour blue.

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