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Chockstone T-shirts?

4:01:13 PM
Heres a quick try:

Duncan, whats the font you are using, it looks to be the perfect one to use but I can't work out what it is?
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4:24:25 PM
Rather not have an abseiler... incorporating vic is a good idea though

4:31:45 PM
Maybe a light brown colored top isn't the best if few people will wear them. I still think the logo should be in something other then black. Maybe a light brown on black or a dark brown or grey on white. Just my opinion though.

Alex - fonts called 'White Rabbit'.
4:38:18 PM
I think the light brown is good..

How about the beige, the ivory, or the off white :P

4:56:02 PM
Ok, yeah I was thinking of making the Victoria shape a literal chockstone jammed between a couple of slabs, but the shape doesn't lend itself to that. If we were Tasmanian I might have a chance... ;)

5:27:12 PM
i think i'd be more inclined to wear a t-shirt thats coloured.. like a blue, orange or red rather then the boring white and so on... just my opinion...
All logos are looking great keep up the good work...

5:41:08 PM

I included a list of famous Vic climbing areas in this design.
5:43:34 PM
Is that a chalk outline of an ex-climber Neil?

6:47:21 PM
that look really good neil.....on computer

i'm just curious on how the colours would come out in the screen printing phase....the outline seems too thin, as does the text. Can screen printers do designs that intricate(sp)?

7:00:12 PM
How 'bout using the the state outline with climber instead of abseiler, and have "" in bold type (as per Alex's design) and implement the idea of listing the famous crags (as background text/lighter colour) wrapping around the logo text as per Neil's design. Colours? I like the orange , or how 'bout olive/khaki shirt with black image and main logo - not sure of the other text tho.

Hopefully this makes sense. I'm quite technologically backward so I can't do pretty pics.

10:14:33 PM
What about a map of Vic, inside and Neils climber hanging off it?
10:16:30 PM
On the map of Vic, hang Neils climber off Gippsland

9:24:15 AM
On 2/10/2003 nmonteith wrote:
>I included a list of famous Vic climbing areas in this design.

Yet another design I like! Orange would certainly stand out among the crowds, bit like Quanks bright red. Make us easy to spot each other from a distance. On the other hand, and by the same token, orange may not be so popluar with people trying to fit in, fashion wise. That darker blue you had on the previous one looked more mainstream. Grey might also be an option for people who don't like white.

Ummm, Neil, in your climber outline, is that a belay loop you're wearing or are you just excited to be on the rock? :-), sorry!
9:43:34 AM
Just a suggestion on the colours; what about a snazzy electric blue t-shirt with, say white or gold print? The electric blue is always a winner in climbing pics against the red rock of the Grampians/Arapiles. Thus people might be more likely to wear the t-shirt more often...

..::- Chris -::..
10:19:18 AM
>> I included a list of famous Vic climbing areas in this design.

Neil, please exclude werribee from that list, it's embarrassing... hehehe
Great design, I agree with Jac on the colours.....

Chris : )
10:24:26 AM
I have a Smith Rock t-shirt with a "Redpoint Excuse Checklist"on the back...
Maybe a ticklist of some of the more famous routes in Vic?
Eg. Agammemnon, The Bard, Kachoong, Welcome to Barbados, Passport to Insanity....

11:45:19 AM
It'll take me years before I can tick one of them!
Better to have ticklist of extreme stuff, like,

coutch, 1m, 18 **
bed, .5m, 21 *
girlfriend, 1.76m 32 ***

(note, the difficulty of girlfriend!)

Just Kidding!

12:40:55 PM
mocked up another couple of designs, in orange and blue, and included they idea of famous victorian crags:

opps, just realised after uploading i had cathedrals twice!!! lol oh well, ignore that part

12:41:07 PM
Neil id love to see your latest design in electric blue with the bright yellow writing....

1:15:52 PM
The idea of a 'ticklits' would make the shirt into a horrible 'novelty' style t shirt. I would like something i could wear to wrok, on the street ect and not feel like a 'try hard' climber. I like the sublte designs of Al & Joe.

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