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Chockstone T-shirts?

3:30:40 PM
Joe - i love your design. Maybe you could use my pic of Castle Crag instead as it has a better climber silohette

3:39:55 PM
On 1/10/2003 ..::- Chris -::.. wrote:
>Alrob, Let me guess.... Pilot Error Pose shot ?? hehehe
>1 hand hang chalk up work well too.. urrr so I've heard hehehe..
>Nice photo anyway!!!
>Chris : )

of course!

i've done another one with a better photo...yep, u guessed it, another pilot error shot!!!!

3:55:13 PM
Lets steer clear of bad slogans.
3:58:26 PM
cheers neil... ill pinch your pick.... much better than my bad collage of bits and pieces

3:59:50 PM
Anything but a white t-shirt. It wouldn't stay white for very long. Preferably a colour that doesn't clearly point out that it's been worn 7 days in a row without being washed :)
4:07:45 PM
dark colour t-shirt, maroon or navy, with white chalky handprint front left, small '' underneath

4:42:39 PM
Nico, thats not a bad idea!
4:55:19 PM
Nico's idea could infringe on Rock's design of quite a few years ago which had the same idea but with both hands imprinted and the rock logo...
5:10:42 PM
I suspect their's might not have been all that original either...

5:15:38 PM
Another idea with chalky fingers

5:35:34 PM
Looks great as a photo, how well would it screen print?
7:22:14 PM
How about having the front with "" and on the back put something like

"Climbers Anonymous

Hi my name is _________. It's been __ seconds __ minutes __ days since I've last climbed. I've been a climber for __ days __ months __ years. I was first introduced to climbing by a friend. It was only a small climb. I thought I'd be able to do it once and give it away. Sadly I was mistaken. ...."

Just a thought.


7:29:38 PM
that's awesome Neil....

makes the point succinctly without being over the top!

10:41:59 AM
4 color dithered version

11:04:59 AM
I think all the designs so far are great. I'm particularly fond of Neil's ones, and Joes castle crag. But I like Alister's too. Gee's they all look good.

Does anyone have experience with T-Shirt printing and know things like, exactly what they can and can't do in terms of multi shades, average costs, etc. As I understand it getting the template made is the most expensive bit, then there's a cost per print. Does anyone have connections in clothing industry for low cost, but good quality T-shirts?

I'll be talking to Steve today. He's happy to fund this, though hopefully the costs will be recovered by the sale of the Ts, if we are careful with numbers. He's also had Ts done before by a local guy, though he mentioned quality wasn't 100%. So maybe if someone else had a better experience?

11:22:51 AM
yeh that last one looks great neil

11:43:26 AM
Neils looks great, but I don't think you'll be able to see what it is from a distance. Should have more contrast in it. More like a silouette, like Alistairs.

Another way to limit the original outlay, is to get people to place orders first. Then you have numbers and sizes, and don't have to worry about running out in one size, and be stuck with a ton of XS and XXL's. I have been through this before, and still have t-shirts fom over a year ago! Nothing wrong with people committing to buy t-shirts.

Boy, I wish you had a spell-checker in this. Too lazy to cut'n paste!

12:50:06 PM
Personally I like Neils first logo. It is clean and simple. My only problem is I dont really like using black. I think doing a chocolate brown print on a light tan would look good plus help to hide some of the dirt. I have just emailed Mike an idea using those colors so you can see what I mean when thats uploaded I guess.

Neils second one is good but I just dont think it would print clean enough. I think you would lose the detail when its screenprinted plus it would be a bit more expensive to print then a simple 1 or 2 color job.

I also think joes is good but again think it would look nicer in earthy tones rather than stark black.
3:26:51 PM
On 2/10/2003 Dunc wrote:
>I think doing a chocolate brown print
>on a light tan would look good plus help to hide some of the dirt. I have
>just emailed Mike an idea using those colors so you can see what I mean
>when thats uploaded I guess.

It always sounds good in theory... reminds me of the RMIT club, where last year we voted to have 180 T-shirts made in a light brown colour -- "taupe" I think it was called. Of course, we of the committee thought they would move quickly, but apparently brown is not such a popular colour with the masses... not to mention that the sizes were much bigger than expected, ie. the M is more like a L. So now we're stuck with a whole lot of L/XL/XXL "taupe" T-shirts. At a university where there is actually a Bachelor of Fashion (yes, I had a fashion student bagging the T-shirts). I suppose we could use them to stuff a bouldering mat or something...

Intended only as a cautionary tale... I'm actually quite keen to get a chockstone T, no matter what the colour! Probably a good idea to get orders in advance tho'.

3:34:22 PM
Gotta say though, the brown does look pretty funky. Just get size samples before hand, I guess. Prefer alrob's or Neil's designs though. Buggerit, they're all good. Will you be able to post them up to Qld?

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