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No - stupid idea 2
No - but its a great idea 3
Yes - I would submit news 1
Yes - I would submit articles 8
Yes - I would submit pictures 8
Yes - I would help out with editorial work 3
Yes - i would help out with design/layout 4
Yes - I would help with hosting and website suppor 1

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new climbing E-ZINE?? would you help?

12:57:02 PM

>, stubbie-holders,

Now we are talking any climbing mag that promotes beer drinking is ace in my books.

>- it will take-off all around the world, and people will flock from afar
>to experience the great aussie carrot... (by which time they will all have
>been replaced by shiny ring-bolts and people will wonder why a strange
>little mag was named after a vegetable...)

Maybe it will have the opposite effect and start a retro craze in Aus and all the shiny ring bolts wil be replaced with carrots

1:27:02 PM
On 10/02/2006 gemmaw wrote:

>Personally I'd like to help put the mag together - I am capable of doing
>design and layout stuff on my computer, and creating a PDF, but I have
>no idea about HTML/webmaster wizardry. If it was totally web-based, I think
>there would be far less people who can help with putting it together.

Good call. Maybe for the first issues we should go the PDF route... this carrot is likley to grow (change) a bit during its life, so prehaps we don't need to bust a boiler try to get it 9999.99% right the first issue. I'm not suggesteing something obvioulsy sub-standard, but we should excpect / accept it can change..?

3:09:47 PM
On 10/02/2006 Richard wrote:
>On 10/02/2006 gemmaw wrote:
>>Personally I'd like to help put the mag together - I am capable of doing
>>design and layout stuff on my computer, and creating a PDF, but I have
>>no idea about HTML/webmaster wizardry. If it was totally web-based, I
>>there would be far less people who can help with putting it together.
>Good call. Maybe for the first issues we should go the PDF route...

well i think its an inherent part of the "concept" of the mag and needs to be worked out before people put pen to paper. all these issues like .org vs .com and aiming at print out vs screen readers are hugely important in defining what the project is and save confusion and screwing around later. to really work out if we should be aiming at screen vs printed copies you have to look at who's going to read it and what is going to suit them, feedback is important instead of just saying x is better, unless you want to define what the concept of the mag is first and then put it to the people that would be interested in using it.

on that note i'd be happy to help out with anything technical or helping organise stuff with a mag like that, sounds like fun :)

do you reckon its worth adding something to "carrot" to make the title a bit more complete?

what is there.. carrot, carrot mag, manky carrot fest, carrot climbing, carrot heads, the wild rock carrot, carrot walls, choss mank & carrots, carrots in the sky (with diamonds..), anyway just playing with ideas.

maybe carrot mag is the easiest. any sport climbers out there feeling alienated by the whole carrot theme? ;)

"never bolt your door with a boiled carrot"- irish proverb

3:54:15 PM
What I like about the name Carrot is that non-climbers - and even non-Australian climbers will have no
idea what this mag is about!

I think just a single line of text that says 'Australian/Boulder/Crag/Mountain/Climbing' would do the job
under the Carrot text.
4:20:27 PM
On the issue of format - I thought I'd throw in my 2c (well maybe closer to 1.5c actually)...

Picking up a theme from other threads - not every climber in Aus is a regular internet user, and even some of those that are would prefer to read something in hard copy while at the crag, on the bus, at home etc (like me). I'm not suggesting publishing it on postit notes in the pines toilet, but keeping its primary form one that is printed (or printable) is probably a good idea. (so a pdf works well)

Bear in mind also that there are dozens of climbing websites out there - and going down that path would likely just add another to the many, and would make it hard to actually distinguish Carrot (or whatever it ends up being called) from the rest. Of course having a website that is associated with the 'zine is a good idea, but keeping the primary version printed makes sense I think.

Also, for the purposes of increasing circulation - you might try printing a few (could just be in black and white to keep costs down) and leaving them in climbing shops. Easy to get someone to do this in each city around OZ. We started to do this with the climbing club of SA newsletter for a while - but as not many people other than club members are interested it never really took off.

I don't know much about the technical aspects of this - but i'd be happy to contribute the odd bit of info about what's going on in SA/Moonarie etc, and a few photos, if that'd be useful.


Nick Kaz
4:30:49 PM
Carrot. "A magazine for Australian climbers, by Australian climbers." ?

Carrot. "They're are orange and crunchy mate..." ?

5:26:22 PM
On 10/02/2006 Nick Kaz wrote:
>Carrot. "A magazine for Australian climbers, by Australian climbers." ?
>Carrot. "They're are orange and crunchy mate..." ?

And have a 'pointy end' and a 'blunt end', just like a climbing rope!

12:49:42 PM
and then... after a flurry of excitment .. it suddenly went quiet...? may be too many readers and not enough writers..?
1:14:40 PM
It'll take a lot more than just a bunch of people posting to a forum to get it started, no matter how enthusiastic we all are. Unfortunately.

There is a real danger the energy for this will peter out fast once the real work begins (as Lee explained w his experiences on Crag X)... that is unless there is "something" behind it (a commercial interest or preferably some sort or organisation/group perhaps?).

Not putting my hand up for anything myself, as haven't time, but happy to be involved, advise, and support (in a practical way) what others come up with...

PS. a printable rag get my vote as that'll move it beyond the realm of cyberspace and into the wider climbing community more...

1:15:52 PM
Things are happening - just not on the forums.

6:28:52 PM
secret squirrel stuff!
Some of us put our hands up, and some of have even worked in the industry before, you want us to stay out of the loop?
10:38:47 PM
awww don't be like that shaggy xxoo

HEY NMONTEITH!!! shaggy's feeling all left out & un-wanted 'n stuff. give 'im a kiss & hugs & make
him feel better

8:16:57 AM
On 15/02/2006 shaggy wrote:
>secret squirrel stuff!
>Some of us put our hands up, and some of have even worked in the industry
>before, you want us to stay out of the loop?

Way back early shaggy i wrote this,

Anyone that wants to help with editing/design/proof reading each issue (ie the glory jobs) email me so we can get a working group together to give this thing direction.

Your welcome to email me, if you want to help out along those lines....once the basics are sorted out we will let everyone know how to contribute articles, photos etc.

5:02:42 PM
Storey of my life, nobody loves me :(

He he he.

Sorry Rodw, must have missed that post.

5:15:05 PM
I was doing a eMag for a climbing gear manufacturer and have the software/hosting to compose, host and mail a eNewsletter

Chris Moore

8:35:51 PM
Chris, can you show us an example?

7:32:06 PM
The eNewsletter is also put on their site (as shown) but is normally sent from the web server using "MyMail", the email adresses are maintained in a database there, the pics are hosted so that it's only the text and template that is sent, the pics are downloaded as the email is opened. It could also be hosted and a link sent so as to minimise bounces.

7:37:14 PM
Actually it's a bit sad for me, the story about Lester Joyce in that edition has had the linked page removed, he became a close friend of mine and he has since died.

11:04:34 AM
By way of an update: There is nothing set in concrete ... yet. If you are willing to commit to the day to day production of the magazine and have professional skills such as copy editing, accounting or magazine distribution please email/pm me.

Its awesome that there have been so many willing contributors but at this embryonic stage we're far from set up to deal with general contributions and are concentrating on setting up a framework that will last. And that takes time.

There is a busy team working behind the scenes to make this a reality. Stay tuned.

All good things come to those who wait. and work!

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