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Goatfest 06 Film Festival

2:12:39 PM
>so anyone want to give a quick review?
Yeah, I'll second that. Feedback would be good for those of us who could not attend. Likewise for the Goatathlon results.
2:20:15 PM
I'd love to see a few of em - any chances ? Up Sinny way ?

Eduardo Slabofvic
2:56:43 PM
On 18/04/2006 climberman wrote:
>I'd love to see a few of em - any chances ? Up Sinny way ?

I'm holding back on giving any review, as think that should be left up to others, however the idea of touring the festival is somthing that I would like to do.

You might wanna wait on the reviews before asking for that though, as you should be carefull what you ask for, as you might actually get it.
3:00:11 PM

1:12:06 PM
On 18/04/2006 Eduardo Slabofvic wrote:

>however the idea of touring the festival is somthing that I
>would like to do.

So how'd you feel about showing the films in a groovy inner city location with a bar & food, as a VCC general meeting, like we had for the Mt Buffalo guide book launch?

We're always on the look out for good presentations and stuff to show...

Eduardo Slabofvic
1:22:21 PM
The answer is a big yes. I'm off to Brizvegas for a few days, so we can organise it when I get back next week if you like.
3:41:40 PM
Ok feedback....

Films- good selection of shorts, appropriate mixture of local nati themed films, local productions, and a few slicker ones.... Having not just climbing ones seems a good idea. Longer ones- not too long, interesting subject matter (i.e overcoming some big adversities), not too many... admin activities- giving out of prizes didn't take too long...

Catering- Curries were very tasty, but seemed a little expensive at $13.50, compared to $3.50 Coopers red??? Maybe plastic glasses and more red wine next time as it seemed to run out...

Could there be more than one lucky door prize??

Also maybe more notice/publicity about the goathlon....

4:01:47 PM
I went with pretty much zero expectations and quite enjoyed it. Good having some fun local amateur films, not just the polished ones.
Only thing I'd change is that the screen they were projected onto was a bit shiny and not quite flat causing bands of light and dark reflections.
Good night out - Thanks.

12:57:16 PM
On 19/04/2006 Eduardo Slabofvic wrote:
>The answer is a big yes. I'm off to Brizvegas for a few days, so we can
>organise it when I get back next week if you like.

Sounds good !! PM me when you get back

Phil Box
9:07:52 AM
What the hell, yer coming to Brisvegas and not bringing the goatfest with you, what were you thinking. ;))

Eduardo Slabofvic
4:50:35 PM
On 19/04/2006 kd wrote:
Also maybe more notice/publicity about the goathlon....

Thanks for the feedback.

Please note that the Goatathalon (or how ever its spelt) is not an Arapiles Community Theatre event. You'll have to see Simey about that one.

I tried to keep bar prices reasonably low, hence $3.50 for Cooper as opposed to $5 down the pub. Yes we ran out of red wine, but then the first time we sold wine no one drank it and everyone said they wanted Coopers, this time was the opposite. I'll get more or everything next time.

A new screen is on the cards, as we know the one we've got sucks. Anyone out there have access to cheap movie screens?????

12:12:24 PM
VCC presents a re-run of Goatfest 2006 - in Melbourne!

Goatfest is the annual Short Film Festival of the Arapiles Community Theatre. Climbing related films
were presented and shown during the Easter weekend at Natimuk. For those that missed this extremely
acclaimed event, the VCC has arranged a re-run at the May meeting. Come and join us! - non-VCC
members are most welcome.

Gemmological Society Association Rooms
380-382 Spencer Street, Melbourne
8pm 25 May 2006

Eduardo Slabofvic
2:27:45 PM
That’s right boys and girls, that unstoppable juggernaut known as Goatfest is on again in Melbourne. I won’t be showing the Kilimanjaro film as it goes a bit long for this night, and Simey has said he doesn’t want the “One Move Maestro” to see the light of day again.

All the other favourites will be there in glorious living colour. See you there.

1:34:04 AM
On 12/05/2006 nmonteith wrote:
>Come and join us! - non-VCC members are most welcome.
>Gemmological Society Association Rooms
>380-382 Spencer Street, Melbourne
>8pm 25 May 2006

< bump >
Hope to see you there

10:46:05 AM
Hey Eduardo, how long do the films run for?

Eduardo Slabofvic
11:47:50 AM
all up the films go for about an hour. there will be 5 short films ranging from 4 to 8 minutes each, and 1
that goes for 26 mins.

If you came to the Easter show, then you would have seen all the films I'm showing, I'm not showing the
Kilimanjaro film, or the 1 Move Maestro, or the one of the Y-Space show on the silos.

6:23:19 PM
I'd just like to thank the organizers and Arapiles Mtn Shop for the wonderful prize that I recieved from this
festival. You guys would be happy to know i didn't spend it on bolts, but on a brand new #3 camalot.
Anyone keen for a day of wide crack at Stapylton this weekend? - Layback and Think Of England, Clicke
Crack, The Territorial Imperative and finally Genuine Wage Overhang... can i borrow your big cams

7:38:27 PM
You don't need to Neil, just walk the dog with your new one

10:25:00 AM
#3 is great for fist cracks - worthless for anything larger!
12:39:39 PM
Yes I agree Neil. Id also like to thank the Arapalies Mtn Shop and the organisers of the festival particularly seeing that I was a co-winner of the judges prize and my partner also one the door prize. I was far more sensible in my purchase and bought a new #1 camalot. .

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