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Climbing idols

4:34:12 PM
Been reading and watching the chockstone interviews and there are some inspirational climbers out there. The video links are a nice way to observe such great climbers' climbing styles as well.

All this reading and watching has inspired me and leads me to one question...

who is your climbing idol,who would you want to emulate and why? Who's do you wish you could be? ....If at all

4:37:13 PM
One Day Hero.
Bob Saki
5:01:45 PM
i haven't been climbing that long
but I like the cut of Henry Barber's jib !
5:20:03 PM
Henry's jib is very impressively cut. He still manages to climb pretty well with a minimal rack of ancient wires and hexes. Someone, it may have been Norm, commented that Henry didn't seem to be putting many runners in to which he replied "But the runners I put in stay in!"

5:32:33 PM
Women: Katie Brown and Lynn Hill - go little women. The first lady to do Passport to Insanity - but whatever happened to her?

Men: Malcom Matheson - awesome climber

5:34:38 PM
On 23/11/2005 kieranl wrote:
>Henry's jib is very impressively cut.

I saw him out here doing a slideshow years ago. He came across as a pretty decent guy. His achievements are all the more impressive when you consider he has had both shoulders reconstructed.

ShinToe Warrior
5:35:59 PM
Malcom Matheson, Klem Loskot or Peter Croft ...... because they are all F**KING AWESOME

5:37:45 PM
don't really have an idol, mainly i just look up to the people that taught me to climb.

7:38:29 PM
Mike or Kim

Both of them were visionaries
Dave C
8:00:56 PM
On 23/11/2005 PreferKnitting wrote:
The first lady to do Passport to Insanity - but whatever happened to her?

Nyrie Dodd - I believe she was forced to stop climbing by injury.

9:19:50 PM
KP the man, the legend, the original energetic hard man. We can only aspire to be a hard nut like this lad.
9:41:31 PM
Nyrie Dodd retired because of elbow injuries. I haven't seen her for a few years but she had a chinese medicine practise somewhere in the greater Sydney madness. I have a garden rake named Nyrie Dodd - that's because it was hers.
6:03:39 AM
i've had one hero moment: cyril the swiss 58kg lightweight on "la mia africa" in sardinia, crankenfranken from canada will probably back me up if he ever sees this post. the light-weight little bastard made everything look too easy and lulled us into inattentive mode on 2 pitches that ended up being almost desperate just seconding.
Online Now
10:26:49 AM
King Street, Newtown, near the Sando, last I knew.
11:23:14 AM
11:23:47 AM
This is an odd thread. Campfire discussion?
I admire:
- Kevin Lindorff 'cos he still climbs impressive hard new routes in his 3rd decade (4th?) on the crags.
- Dennis Kemp (rip) who was a really good bloke who enjoying life & climbing to the max well into his 50's before his untimely demise
- Kim Carrigan for pushing the grades of Australian Climbing during my formative years
- Mark Moorhead (rip) for doing ditto but with much less fanfare
More recently,
- Neil for his rebolting efforts and total dedication
- Jac for struggling her way around a cold Europe all for about 90 seconds of competition but importantly the chance for much more, both humbled and inspired by the experience
- all my fellow Chockstoners for being enthusiastic about their sport and getting out there.

12:24:34 PM
I think monique forrestier is awesome, i don't know if I'd go as far as to say she's my absolute idol but I do appreciate talent and insane ability when i see it.
3:31:57 PM
Just to name a few.

Garth, for cranking hard and being a really nice bloke. Plenty of other Blue Mountains hardmen, some well known, some not.

Big strong guys like Clem Loskot and Fred Nicole, guys that show that you don't need to be a complete stick man to climb hard.

Gullich, of course.

Agree steph, Monique is pretty inspiring, she has had to work pretty hard to get where she has (so does everyone else I guess) and I have been lucky enough to witness some of her hardest ascents.

Lee Sheftel, climbing 32 at 59 years of age. That is super inspiring. There is plenty of time if you work hard and look after yourself.

4:03:53 PM
klem loskot is hot!

i love his accent especially when he's describing this dyno whilst on a deep water solo climb...yum

Super Saiyan
7:12:25 PM
guys: nate "biggie smooth" gold, dave grahem, tommy caldwell, klem, obe carrion, garth, james k, claw, carrigan, and HB because they all represent a different style, approach, build and disciplines and ethics (in claws case)

girls: Lynn Hill, Katie B, Sam B, Josune

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