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off-topic: climbers who ride bicycles
1:57:31 PM
Most climbs are listed in the cycle2max site I posted the link to earlier.
Kinglake (St Andrews - Kinglake rd) 7.46 km at 4.8%
* loops
- Left to West Kinglake (taking the old rd just out of Kinglake on the right rather than the main rd - pleasant deviation and far less steep!). The left down towards Whittlesea. First left after the fast descent, past the golf course is the Humevale Hill climb. Super quiet road 7 km 3.6%

- Right from Kinglake.
* At Melba hwy either
Right to Yarra Glen and right onto Christmas hills rd 2 hills on the way back to Kangaroo ground
Yarra Glen Eltham rd 2.4 km at 6.7% + Watsons ck climb 4.1 km @ 3.8%

Or at Melba Hwy continue straight ahead to Toolangi and loop Chum Ck Myers Ck roads (this order if feeling strong as Myers creek is the steep of the two).

2:17:47 PM
Yeah I'm a keen cyclist - mostly into cross country mtb but I boost along the city streets every morning and every evening to and fro' work. Along with my 'round the world climbing, caving, canyoning, and urbex trip next year I'm doing a 2 month ride from Beijing to Lhasa 4500km of joy!!! The last month of the ride will be up and through the Himalayas over three 4000+ peaks including one at 5,500m it's going to be goodah!!!

In 'lil ol' Adelaide we have two main climbing routes, Norton Summit and Mt Lofty - both routes you'll see ten times the amount of bikes to cars travelling up those roads ... it can get a little conjested and there's always the mandatory accident, last weekend there was a serious one where a chap came off his bike and got hit by a car ... notah goodah
2:46:59 PM
Trip sounds amazing Phil. Look forward to hearing/reading about it!

Eduardo Slabofvic
4:07:15 PM
On 31/08/2005 dalai wrote:

>Is that the main fire trail from Donellys weir? Interested in the circuit
>to get 22km of climbing.

There was a road finish and a single track finish. From memory the road finish made it 22km. the single track finish would be a bit shorter. It might be Donellys weir. I don't recall an actual weir, but we used to start near a small pedestrian bride over a creek and finish at a communications tower on top.

It follows the 1st ridge which is quite obvious as you approach from Melbourne. I recall doing it when there was snow for the last km or so.

4:51:29 PM
i have to ask this... (as boreing and typical as it is)

whats everyone's top speed? Road bikes or MTB's or whatever??

i've managed 78km/h in victoria (anyone know straws lane near camels? where your car rolls up hill?) and 80km/h in canberra...

A mate of mine has got 90km/h + something on a road bike somewhere... surely there's some better speeds out there?

edit; that was on a dually with 2.35' tyres...

11:21:43 PM

I usually trundle along at 25-28kmh on my MTB????

11:56:48 PM
94.5km/hr on my mtb with flat bars and knobby tires. my eyes watered alot and it was the scene of the longest bunnyhop I've ever done. It wasn't on dirt, actually Fitz's Hill in the Brindabellas near Canberra. We went back to try to crack the ton later on but only managed 90 the next year.
9:53:47 AM
77 kph with slicks on an MYB

12:25:49 PM
I'm a once week road cyclist wanna-be. I just clock up 30-50km one day of the weekend to maintain leg strength for sailing / skiing, so it's just cross training for me. Usually back it up with an indoor climb later in the day. As for pace, I trundle along at 30-35km/h.

1:06:44 PM
ahhh Fitz's Hill, I hope you rode up the thing as well. I remember having to get out off a mini bus and walk up that thing coz the bus couldn't do it.

9:43:04 AM
My top speed was only about 75km/h (too long ago to remember the exact speed) racing down a hill into Clarendon in the Adelaide Hills - only to have some prick in his beat up white ute pull out infront of me at snail speed forcing me off the road and into a barbed wire fence - my bike was totalled and I wasn't much better off either .. since then I haven't really had the balls or the decent gear ratios.
My recent top speed, about 55km/h racing down a dirt track coming down into Brachina Gorge in the Flinders at about 11pm at night guided by my trusty headlamp (no helmet :S) with a rucksack on my back (still haven't got panniers!) on a three day ride - once again ending in disaster as my mate Ben hit a ditch and went a-over-t, I heard the accident behind me so stopped only to watch him go flying past me sliding on his side at break neck speed being thrust along by the wieght of his backpack!!! No animals were harmed during this stunt.

Best I've heard was a chap in my favourite bike shop claims he did over 100km/h racing down a hill at altitude Somewhere in America (can't remember the location) fully loaded with every pannier imaginable loaded with all his belongings - I'd be clutching on for my life!!!

9:49:02 AM
>location) fully loaded with every pannier imaginable loaded with all his
>belongings - I'd be clutching on for my life!!!

-using space-shuttle tiles for brake pads

Eduardo Slabofvic
2:09:42 PM
I did 79kmph down a transmission line track, King Lake area. It got a bit wobbly.

2:57:45 AM
When cycle touring in Cape Breton - Nova Scotia (Canada), my speedo went over 70kmph down one of the long hills (The section of road on the eastern side of Smokey Mtn that goes down around the ocean) but I kept accelerating and even overtaking cars, it was incredibly scary and I think I would've clocked around 80kmph simply because of the 50kgs in the BOB trailer pushing me down the hill!!

11:12:15 AM
my top speed is 71km/h on a mtb with knobbies, on road. i dont kno if i'm the only one who has this feeling, but i just hate it when you're going as fast as you can, and you want another 5 gears to crank into, but you're already in top gear and cant get any faster... its worthwhile taking the bike to araps, just to ride down the summit hill. riding up is pure pain, but worth it tenfold back going down. free rolling around 60km for 2km, it's easy to go much faster, it all depends how willing you are to risk the oncoming traffic around blind corners. gets the adrenaline pumping nicely though. there's also a nice circuit about 14km around araps that is good for days off, or a bit of variety.

11:43:41 AM
Yup, I ride as bit - 400-ish clicks a week at present all on the roadie (actually on the T.T. bike which climbs like a sack of sh!t), but it means I have no time to (rock)climb - Hawaii Ironman for me on October 15th and then I can back off a bit.

Top speed: 94 kph down the steep bit between Dinner Plain and Omeo. Bike rock solid. Thank f---.

(Bike) Climbs near Melbourne, Martin's pretty much covered it, but some good loops are:
(i) Home-St Andrews-Kinglake (7.4km climb) -Melba Hwy-Glenburn-Flowerdale-Kinglake West (3km climb) -Whittlesea-home with optional Humevale loop (183 or 197 kms from Kensington) mostly on quiet roads.
(ii) As above to Melba Hwy-Toolangi-St Leonards-Healesville-Toolangi-Melba Hwy (sth)-Yarra Glen-Christmas Hills-back through Research (detouring down Mt Pleasant Road for extra pain)-home. (194kms)

Best climbs in Vic:
Donna Buang, 16.4km, gnarly section right in the middle and right at the end.
Buffalo, 18km, steady, hard-ish early
Hotham, 31km (although with two short downhill sections & a soft middle section, very gnarly finish) so long as it is a nice day. Our only climb that climbs above the tree line. Great experience.
Falls Creek, 30km (undulating section from 5-15km ruins it, gnarly finish)
Buller, 16km (again, a gnarly finish)
Baw Baw, 6km (a whopping 15% average. Take the triple chain ring)

Best shorter climbs:
1/20 (Dandenongs), 7km, beautiful road surface, mild graident
Kinglake, 7.4km, nice road surface now, honest finish
Chum Creek, 8km, nice road surface, very mild gradient.
The Wall (Dandenongs). 5km, a right bastard, 10% in a few places.

3:05:41 PM
109km/h following a bus down hill on the pacific highway heading into nerang. So close I could have reached out and touched the bumperbar. I'd be dead if he hit the brakes. That was 13 years ago now, not that silly anymore.

3:33:22 PM
"not that silly anymore."

By whose estimation? :o)
4:52:56 PM
65km/h on windy dirt tracks.
Top speed (that I can recall) was slightly over 75km/h (had my eyes on the road thanks) down a hill in Scotland, knobby tyres and fully loaded up with panniers.

10:22:07 AM
have started noticing track bikes on the road lately. I've been riding an old lennie rogers, with fixed wheel & front brake since 1985.
replaced the singles, when the original airlite wheels were stolen, with wire ons. not quite the same ride, but so much easier to fix.
i keep thinking of selling it, but can't bring myself to do it.
also have a giant mtb, disks, front susp, all that modern shit, but doesn't inspire the same affection.
i now predict that this thread will go quiet.

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