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General Climbing Discussion

Poll Option Votes Graph
Bourge is gold 17
Bourge is not gold 4
Get rid of 'im 15
He's got potential 8
This is a waste of my time, rack off Bourge! 12

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Bourge: sack him or give him a go

6:58:41 PM
On 10/03/2005 Eduardo Slabofvic wrote:
>The solution to your predicament would be to exercise your discretion and
>not click on any thread that may contain posts that do not interest you,
>these are easy to spot. If you donít like my posts, donít read them, very

I accept that totally, and for the most part, I filter out the dross rather than react to it. My concern is this: the measure of Chockstone used to be how much I wanted to contribute to it, rather than how many people I had to ignore.

I'm not losing any sleep over it though. A friend of mine told me once that on the internet, as in the rest of life, you get what you pay for, and most of the internet is free.


8:41:11 PM
regarding the escallating costs of hosting this site, is it really necessary to keep all these posts forever? How many posts from a year ago, 6 months ago, last month, ever get read again. Maybe 0.001%?

It would seem to me, that often the same question gets asked again, rather than the person searching throught what has been said.

Maybe all posts could expire after 6 or 12 months. Climbers seem very hung up on history.. witness some of the comments on the watchtower piton topic.

Cheers, Richard
10:25:13 PM
nmonteith for God I reckon.

Wolfie said, coffee was not something you did after climbing. It was part of climbing. And the same goes for all the other shit.
3:13:13 AM
As a reader from very far away (Quebec, Canada), I really appreciate all of the messages, drivel and otherwise. It all seems to make Chockstone one of the liveliest and most hilarious forums around, one that really seems to convey the spirit of climbers in the area.

On our local forum, we try to stick to moderation of personal attacks only. I really like your idea of encouraging noisier participants into their own threads... although we don't seem to have much of a problem with that up here - maybe it's the cold that keeps us curt (or sulking).

9:10:53 AM
We don't plan to wholesale delete topics. There is lots of great info contained in old posts. I really don't have the time to trowl through the past with a fine tooth comb.

9:46:06 AM
Bourge, Eduardo etc: the 'general discussion' forum title is fairly open, but the subtitle says "General Victorian Climbing Discussion" so neil has a point about keeping stuff climbing-related.

Neil: I suggest that if there was a 'Non-climbing chat' forum you could simply move threads which you don't think are appropriate to that forum. Then if you are only interested in climbing-related posts you could just ignore anything posted in this forum.

9:48:43 AM has this - it is called community! - Currently admin/mods on this site cannot move posts/threads to other areas. We can only lock, edit and delete posts.

11:54:42 AM
On 11/03/2005 nmonteith wrote:
> has this - it is called community! - Currently admin/mods on this
>site cannot move posts/threads to other areas. We can only lock, edit and
>delete posts.

I've had a couple of goes at writing a move function, but it's a tricky one and I keep running out of time before I get it working. For you programmer types, the main problem is that message id is only unique within forum id, meaning to move a whole thread to another forum it needs to recurse through the replies tree and allocate new message ids. Anyway, when I get time it will happen.

Re hosting expense and server space: the number of posts is not really a problem. It's a MS SQL database on a big server with plenty of grunt. I doubt it would have trouble with millions of records. The thing that increases hosting expense is outgoing traffic. That is, the site pushing out megs of data to the internet. Mainly in the form of pics and video downloads, but also I guess general forum use as people move from topic to topic, particularly topics with uploaded pics. If it got out of hand I could cut it dramatically by making video downloads a members only function, and possibly hiding pics within forum posts until a link was clicked.

Anyway, carry on. Thanks Neil and other Admins for all your effort.

12:22:04 PM
Mike: if you need help i'm quite willing - just PM me. I am an IT professional in real life ;)

12:24:29 PM
Bourge is voting for "give him a go in the sack"

11:04:56 AM
Bourge, get back to the drawing board and try to come up with something witty or intelligent please. (he's got potential?) Though keep us posted on the weather, I want to know when it's going to snow

Heavy D

5:54:02 PM
We'll I think it's official

Bourge is gold!
Bourge is gold!
He may be slow
he may be old

But the man is gold!

Ha! Cheers all! have an awesome long weekend

10:47:52 AM
>have an awesome long weekend
Bourge is from NSW obviously.

I would have thought that
>Get rid of 'im
at 13 votes and
>This is a waste of my time, rack off Bourge!
at 9 votes, (totalled together 22) ...
... exceeds 16 votes for
>Bourge is gold

10:57:14 AM
He must be a studier of Mr Howard techniques, split the negative votes amongst a few slightly different issues, confuse the majority, so the minority positive takes the vote....a wins a win.
Bob Saki
11:00:22 AM
maybe someone needs to develop a Chockstone "lite" for all banter on the non climbing level and for those climbers who like to chat as mates on line etc.......

this is a suggestion for those worried about having this website laden with what some may deem as trivia.................

11:40:08 AM
As fey said above
>Wolfie said, coffee was not something you did after climbing. >It was part of climbing. >And the same goes for all the other shit.
I voted 'Bourge is not gold' but I am not voting him off the forum as I enjoy the trivia amongst the 'coffee'.
>Chockstone lite
Is that like a claytons or a decaffinated?
Bob Saki
11:44:58 AM
On 30/09/2005 M8iswhereitsat wrote:

>>Chockstone lite
>Is that like a claytons or a decaffinated?

precisely M8 the climbing forum you have when your not talking about climbing but talking with climbing people!
i too think Bourge is a rogue element but life is about taking the rough with the smooth, you won't always get the rub of the green and that's just the way the cookie crumbles, at the end of the day, we're only human

11:49:55 AM
On 10/03/2005 nmonteith wrote:
>As an admin I have to read every one of these posts to make sure they are
>not slander ect.

"Slander" is spoken, what you are looking for is "libel", which is written.

That's my smartarsing for the day...sorry!

12:43:10 PM
>i too think Bourge is a rogue element
I have never tried to categorise Bourge and read him on one hand with large grains of salt in the other! Contrary to Forum appearances, I (& at least one other prominent CS user), suspect he is one facet of three (at least? ... starting to lose track now due to some of them changing names...), alter-ego-different-user-ids, that log in from only one source.
Its all a game, and I find the variety interesting.
Bob Saki
12:54:44 PM
On 30/09/2005 M8iswhereitsat wrote:
>Its all a game, and I find the variety interesting.

well said and who isn't up for a good game and maybe I too have erred in categorising this character - your theory is Bourge is the alter ego of more than one CS user/member?

maybe we should play a game of "who is the real Borge?"

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