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Bourge's world

11:20:13 AM
On 9/03/2005 Wendy wrote:
>On 9/03/2005 RJC wrote:
>>Question: What do people do to get by and live in Natimuk
>To save the masses being subjected to another of my essays, try looking
>up the thread on nati locals are grumpy bastards ... actually I think it's
>we think we own the place ... anyway, somewehre in it I answered this question
>and is the lake
>I went swimming through the fairy grass just the other day ...

"I ferried the last load of computer equipment and office furniture to the tip and dumped the truck in the Yarra River near the Hawthorn Bridge, after cleaning all fingerprints off the doors and steering wheel. I cleaned the last of my personal belongings from the office. I stopped to look at a photo of Anne and the kids taken last year. It hurt to think how much pain I had caused them in the last six months since events had taken a dramatic turn for the worst. But, it was the reality of this line of work. A periodic slash and burn, cover all traces, move on and never look back. I tucked the photo in my back pocket and sat behind the wheel of the Range Rover - the last of the chattels of my former life that I would be taking with me.

Destination Natimuk. A town of wasters made famous in the '80s during the heyday of Australian rock climbing. Located in the shadow of an imposing chunk of quartzite called Mt Arapiles, originally called Djurite by the local aboriginal community. I had spent a year living at Natimuk during a break from study in 1986. It was the perfect place to drop out of society, to do nothing.....disappear"
Dave C
11:22:25 AM
On 9/03/2005 Bourge wrote:
It was the perfect place to drop out of society, to do nothing.....disappear"

Aaah, memories!

11:47:52 AM
Bourge's world is the latest phenomenon to sweep Chockstone

Here's what the satisfied punters have been saying about it

On 25/02/2005 M8iswhereitsat wrote:
>I think he may be delusioned into thinking he can have his own corner
>of this world-site and rival Hexy ... ?

On 1/03/2005 manacubus wrote:
>Is Bourge pronouced 'Bore'?

On 1/03/2005 sabu wrote:
>the anticipation is killing me

On 2/03/2005 James wrote:
>lets get some proper research happening in this cheap trashy tabloid-thread....
> Borgie's World Pty Ltd is the G-Land of the Grampians...

On 3/03/2005 Eduardo Slabofvic wrote:
>That where your wrong Bourge, your name is actually an abbreviation of
>bourgeois. How else do you explain the availability of hours to write so
>much crap.

On 3/03/2005 simey wrote:
>What I like about your site Bourge is that it isn't self-indulgent in any

On 6/03/2005 adski wrote:
>Hey how about putting some of your own pics up bourge, afraid someone'll
>recognise you? At least credit guillarme for the ones you've lifted so

On 7/03/2005 gfdonc wrote:
>On 7/03/2005 manacubus wrote:
>>You should get cable.
>Yer right there .. and I can tell him exactly what to do with that piece
>of cable when he gets it ..

On 2/03/2005 JCP wrote:
>thats pathetic bourge, originality please?

On 9/03/2005 Mike wrote in a PM entitled "Crap":
>Bourge, stop posting a bunch of non-climbing related crap to the forum
>and filling my server with pictures you don't have copyright over. Hex
>is bad enough, now there's two of you. Delete some of those junk posts
>or I'll be forced to disable your account and black list your email address.

11:53:41 AM
I think I've got something to add to this site, Bourge just tries to lighten things up a little.

Besides, we're just getting warmed up. There's plenty more coming.....

3:25:23 PM
You'll need sound for this one, it's gold!

Eduardo Slabofvic
4:34:10 PM
Welcome back from the sin bin Borge, remember to warm up before going in to hard. Donít want to do a hammy.

4:35:00 PM
Cheers Bro, we'll try and keep it real, it was a long and lonely night

(off 8a)

5:19:49 PM
On 10/03/2005 nmonteith wrote:
>Stick to Borges World (or better still just join into Hexy's thread).

What do you say to that S(h)exy?

9:38:41 AM
On 10/03/2005 fey wrote:
>Wolfie said, coffee was not something you did after climbing. It was part
>of climbing. And the same goes for all the other shit.

Ah Volfie, God bless his soul. That is a great quote from a true legend.

I wonder how much the issue of corporate sponsorship comes into play here on Chockstone. What is acceptable to us as climbers in terms of material posted in the forum would be less so to the website sponsor.

The value of Chockstone may be as much in terms of informal news passing, gossip etc, as it is in providing education and information. Espec since there is a three month delay between Rock mags

There has been a lot of spouting about how Chockstone should be a site for eductaion and inormation, but any time a novice posts a request for help, one of the moderators puts a terse reply about how the topic has been already covered and to go and look there.

9:43:37 AM
Writing the same thing again and again gets a little tiring. I get at least one email a month from OS asking about climbing in Victoria. These days I just have a standard copy/paste email I send them! If they require further information I will happily reply in detail.

10:08:11 AM
On 11/03/2005 nmonteith wrote:
>A bit off topic - Does Bourge/Hex posting other peoples photos on their
>threads breach copyright? I imagine we are effectily hosting 'pirate' photography
>much like someone hosting MP3's.

Apparently it is tantamount to theft, I just found out. But I disagree. I don't see how this really should pertain to the web - if the thing is appropriately credited and sourced etc.

Simon lays it out from the photographers point of view on the first couple of posts of the "photography and copyright" thread (first page)

10:20:59 AM
On 11/03/2005 Bourge wrote:
>Apparently it is tantamount to theft, I just found out. But I disagree.
>I don't see how this really should pertain to the web - if the thing is
>appropriately credited and sourced etc.

Well I don't see much crediting!

From The Age today...
"Australian recording industry investigators have raided an internet service provider suspected of having used high-speed file-swapping technology to allow the pirating of hundreds of thousands of songs and video clips, an industry official said."

And from a few days ago...
"An Arizona university student is believed to be the first person in the US to be convicted of a crime under state laws for illegally downloading music and movies from the Internet, prosecutors and activists say. University of Arizona student Parvin Dhaliwal pleaded guilty to possession of counterfeit marks, or unauthorised copies of intellectual property.Under an agreement with prosecutors, Dhaliwal was sentenced last month to a three-month deferred jail sentence, three years of probation, 200 hours of community service and a $US5400 fine."

Images from Chockstone have been stolen and then appeared on other (commerical) websites over the last few years. It can happen in reverse as well!

10:25:31 AM
I guess the best alternative is just to post the link to the photo URL in question. Is this sort of thing kosher?


great photo Simon, I like how it captures the water...

Or should the link be to the webSITE not the image URL?

1:08:03 PM
As we speak, another tropical cyclone, Tropical cyclone "Willy" moves down the North-West Australian Coast. it was only a matter of time before Willy...what a name

The BOM website:

Tropical cyclone Hexy has gone quiet, has been downgraded from 2 to 1, pretty harmless, some light winds will blow over in a couple of days

4:03:05 PM
Fark, not often you see two tropical cyclones over Australia

Have a look at this eh?

You can't tell me this is not climbing related, mods, any one that's ever set one bloody foot in the mountains immediately becomes aware/obsessed with the weather. If you don't you're a (smug)mug

4:11:09 PM
On 11/03/2005 Bourge wrote:
>I guess the best alternative is just to post the link to the photo URL
>in question. Is this sort of thing kosher?

Yep good idea Bourge. Saves downloads from Chocky as well.

4:27:31 PM
On 11/03/2005 nmonteith wrote:
>(snip) Saves downloads from Chocky as well.

1. Chockstone: A stone wedged between a crack, a chimney, etc. (from best site for climbing info going).
2. Chockstone: The best internet site going for climbers!
3. Chocky: Colloquial Aussie slang for much loved internet Climbing Site.
4. Chocky: Many an intrepid climbing party has had to turn back due to lack of chocky(olate ... eh Jac?)!
5. Chocky: Goes well with/while availing oneself of the best climbing internet site going!

Phil Box
5:11:56 PM What I`m seeing at the moment is the remains of the cyclone that swept across Cape York and was expected to refor in the Gulf Of Carpentaria. That cyclone out off Western Australia is a beauty, vast.

I`m also seeing some activity east of Papua New Guinea that could also spin up into another cyclone. I`m also seeing some organisation down in the Great Australian Bite. Yup there`s a lot of activity going on at the moment with the weather.

I have to agree with you bourge about the weather. In fact at the start of every work day the boys and I consult the BOM site as we are outdoor workers so weather is critical for us. The weather is also crucial to our enjoyment of the weekends and holidays so learning to read the weather is a very good thing for any climber to learn. When one works outdoors for long enough one gets to be a sort of amateur weather forecaster. Seeing the satellite picture and checking out the colour weather radar on demand is a thing of beauty.

6:33:49 PM
But I always thought in Qld it was beautiful one day, perfect the next...makes forcasting easy I'd say.

5:03:32 PM
Sheesh, even old Bourge-o's having a stab at this web-cast thing since I've been away. Best of luck with it old boy, remember to take a big chill pill at the start of each sitting, wouldn't want you to have another conniption

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