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Bourge's world

1:05:57 PM
On 4/03/2005 simey wrote:
>Ask Torah and her sister if they want to work in the Natimuk cafe.

In the room at the front, or out the back (you know, the kitchen)??

11:07:44 PM
Hey how about putting some of your own pics up bourge, afraid someone'll recognise you? At least credit guillarme for the ones you've lifted so far.

3:08:01 PM

Yes, the picture was sourced from Guillaume's site. The link is:

Cheers and go well

"They call him Ad-ski
Cos he's the man-ski"



3:11:45 PM
Just got back from Hex's place, we've been brainstorming new and alternatively cool ways to keep Chockstone fun and interesting for all. Sit tight!

Quote of the day:

Anthony Hopkins to Chris Rock: "Where are you?"
Chris Rock: "I'm on the corner of eat sh## and f## you!"

From Bad Company (2002)

Ha! Bourge

3:44:11 PM
You should get cable.
4:00:29 PM
On 7/03/2005 manacubus wrote:
>You should get cable.

Yer right there .. and I can tell him exactly what to do with that piece of cable when he gets it ..

5:07:26 PM
SMH Monday 7th March 2005

Thai Government plans to cash in with a Universal Studios style Tsunami Theme Park

This was inevitable. The 'tsunami' T-shirts have apparently already hit the streets. It seems to be in poor taste but you can't really deny them the opportunity to rebuild their country, of which tourism contributes a far bit to national revenue.

El Bourgeo, signing out for another day

11:02:33 AM
On 8/03/2005 Romfrantic wrote:
>While watching Simon on Denton last night, I couldn't help but see this...

Ha ha ha, very naughty Carolina

and We'd all like to see Natalie Imbruglia in more bikin adverts! (in reference to the OTHER Denton interview last night)

Phil Box
11:09:25 AM
On 8/03/2005 Bourge wrote:
>On 8/03/2005 Romfrantic wrote:
>>While watching Simon on Denton last night, I couldn't help but see this...
>> >>
>Ha ha ha, very naughty Carolina

What a red x in a white box.

All I am seeing is the dreaded xoom logo. No pic for me.

11:17:18 AM

I seem to be able to see the thing OK, it's Wallace and Gromit. Let me have another go at bringing it over. Hows that? Or Look in Romfrantics original posting of it


12:43:57 PM
On 8/03/2005 Syd Huxley wrote:
>ey champ?
>im as straight as an arrow.perhaps not with qld vinnie.
>take a few breaths?? its bloody f#*king annoying when $500 worth of gear
>gets pilfed.
>are you the culprit,you dingo.why when i get my hands on you i'll
>stick a rabbit in your ear and call you shining fox.
>take a few beaths,my word

Welcome aboard Syd, allow me to introduce myself

I'm Bourge

Eduardo Slabofvic
1:13:49 PM
On 8/03/2005 Bourge wrote:

>I'm Bourge

You will be assimilated.

1:35:58 PM
On 8/03/2005 nmonteith wrote:
>yep - my finger is hovering over the wonderful "disable user button".

Ah, give him time Neil, I know this kid will come good, he has ticker. He will come good.

Soon there will be enough nutter's threads (havachatwithhexy, BW, Dear Simey) that a new wacko's forum could be spawned

4:49:29 PM
Tropical cyclone 'Ingrid' edges it's way ever closer to North Queensland as at 4:48pm AEDST Tuesday.

Link to more info about the image and the cyclone:
source: BOM

Sheesh, it's category 5 (Cyclone 'Tracy' was category 4) but hopefuly it will not hit built up areas.

Here is the warning for coastal communities in the affected areas


5:43:26 PM
Here she is, from another vantage point

Source: BOM

This, is Bourge's World (TM), goodnight

9:41:18 AM
Looks like da angry seas are headed further north, cairns will be spared

Source: BOM
Issued 8AM Wednesday 9th March

Source: NASA, Tuesday 8th March PM

9:51:16 AM
In news from climbing dot com, the absolute legend/climbing/god of the 30's and 40's, who led the first ascent of the Eiger with absolutely sh#@house gear, showed enormous balls, and even dabbled in a Hollywood career. A moment of silence for the passing of a true legend and remembrance of our brothers who did it much tougher than we do now

Eiger Pioneer Heckmair Dies
By Dougald MacDonald

Anderl Heckmair, who led the first ascent of the great North Face of the Eiger in Switzerland, died last week at age 98. Eight men already had been killed on the 6,000-foot face before Heckmair and Wiggerl Vörg started climbing in July 1938. Partway up, they joined forces with Heinrich Harrer and Fritz Kasparek, but it was Heckmair who led the most difficult pitches, climbing with then-novel front-point crampons. He fell several times, once puncturing Vörg’s hand with his crampons, but the German-Austrian team still managed to reach the top after three and a half days of climbing.

Nazi leaders touted the Eiger ascent as proof of German superiority, but Heckmair never joined the Nazi party. He fought on the Eastern Front in World War II (where Vörg was killed on his first day of fighting in Russia). After the war Heckmair worked as a mountain guide and ran a hostel; he founded Germany’s guiding association in the late 1960s.

Photo source

9:56:22 AM
Holy sh##! Hollywood Hans has still got it, after all these years. No sign of Hume, Sharma, Caldwell - they were last spotted heading off with Klem Loskot to Todd Skinner's rancho de power somewhere near Hueco with a weeks supply of twinkies, beer, protein powder, a guitar and a copy Fred Nicole's autobiography "How da got strong"

U.S. Climbing Team Chosen (from climbing dot com)
By Dougald MacDonald

The 2005 U.S. Climbing Team for difficulty (roped) and speed climbing was selected March 5-6 at the USA Climbing Nationals, presented by Sterling Rope and Stone Age Climbing. Canadian Sean McColl won the men's difficulty comp at the Mission Cliffs gym in San Francisco, but Californian Ethan Pringle was the top American and will head the men's team, while Boulder-based Emily Harrington leads the women's team. Veteran speed champ Hans Florine showed he still has it, edging Patrick Cassiday by less than half a second in the speed finals. Mykael-Ann McGinley easily won the women's speed finals.
The 2005 US Climbing Team

Men Difficulty
1. Ethan Pringle
2. Vadim Vinokur
3. Daniel Woods

Men Speed
1. Hans Florine
2. Patrick Cassiday
3. Brett Ashton

Women Difficulty
1. Emily Harrington
2. Elizabeth Broun
3. Lizzy Asher

Women Speed
1. Mykael-Ann McGinley
2. Stephanie Outland
3. Josie McKee

10:38:17 AM
Breaking news from:

WASHINGTON, DC—Almost a year after the cessation of major combat and a month after the nation's first free democratic elections, President Bush unveiled the coalition forces' strategy for exiting Iraq.

"I'm pleased to announce that the Department of Defense and I have formulated a plan for a speedy withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq," Bush announced Monday morning. "We'll just go through Iran."

Bush said the U.S. Army, which deposed Iran's longtime enemy Saddam Hussein, should be welcomed with open arms by the Islamic-fundamentalist state.

"And Iran's so nearby," Bush said. "It's only a hop, skip, and a jump to the east."

According to White House officials, coalition air units will leave forward air bases in Iraq and transport munitions to undisclosed locations in Iran (see above). After 72 to 96 hours of aerial-bomb retreats, armored-cavalry units will retreat across the Zagros mountains in tanks, armored personnel carriers, and strike helicopters. The balance of the 120,000 troops will exit into the oil-rich borderlands around the Shatt-al-Arab region within 30 days.

Dave C
10:47:11 AM
On 9/03/2005 Bourge wrote:
>Breaking news from:

>"I'm pleased to announce that the Department of Defense and I have formulated
>a plan for a speedy withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq," Bush announced
>Monday morning. "We'll just go through Iran."

It's obviously a fake story. If Dubya was making that statement he would have said something like "I'm please to announce that the Department of Defence and I have formulatoried a plan for a hastified withdrawal of U.S. troops from Eye-raq."

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