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Bourge's world
11:29:41 AM
I don't think Bourge would have to do much searching, surely he would just go to the favourites menu.

11:45:26 AM
On 3/03/2005 gfdonc wrote:
>On 3/03/2005 Hatman wrote:
>> On 3/03/2005 gfdonc wrote:
>>>I was going to say "well, we can all be thankful for that" - but then
>>>realised I haven't seen you climb, either.
>>mate all ive seen you do is bag out my spelling so maybe you don't have
>>time to climb?
>>have you got a sticker story? If not go post in hex's thread!

Ha ha ha. We've all ended up in there at one time or another. It is a refuge for Chockstoners who nobody loves, nobody wants. Hexy will provide you with the necessary care, tender nurturing and you'll be back on your way in no time

11:47:25 AM
On 3/03/2005 Goodvibes wrote:
>I don't think Bourge would have to do much searching, surely he would just
>go to the favourites menu.

Yes, if it were at Simey's place, and all the subscriptions would be paid for

Eduardo Slabofvic
12:50:52 PM
I understand that simey types pretty fast for someone that only uses one hand.

2:23:32 PM
I'm just going to re-live some classic Bourge moments

On 8/11/2004 Bourge wrote:
>Ha! Hullo! Ah Ha!
>Such Blasphemy! What le farque is going on! You wankers! You will rot
>in hell for this you sinners! May you chip and sweat without your t-shirts
>on all you like in the burning flames of the earth's furnace deep in the
>mantle. Those who seek solace in the anarchy of This Thread will be torn
>a newy on Judgement Day, I will see to it personally
>Bourge that Bourge (not Porge) de Menteur
>The Council for Prevention of Vice and Protection of Virtue
>Now fark off and get back to work sinners!
>Sin ye no more Chippers
>Hang up your chalk and slippers
>Listen to the words of wisdom nippers,
>I keepem' rolling out like Warney's flippers

2:26:02 PM
On 21/10/2004 Bourge wrote:
>Wow, enter a couple of intrepid, swashbuckliing cats from up north, into
>the stew!

2:31:37 PM
On 13/10/2004 Bourge wrote:
>was quoted as saying " Fe fo fi fhum I smell the bloof of some whingey
>pommy weako englishmen crying over their warm beer and chip butties under
>some pox-ridden choosy 5 m high gritstone ledge within pissing distance
>of a run down mill or quarrry and re-runs of nerighbours"
2:44:17 PM
What I like about your site Bourge is that it isn't self-indulgent in any way.
3:00:35 PM
On 3/03/2005 simey wrote:
>Yes Bourge, there will be internet access. I'll have a computer tucked
>away in a dark room out the back so you can search for porn.

You say that like it's a bad thing ?

Anyway, I gotta laugh coming from a man who can get Jenna Jameson and partner in a photodhoot for his guidebook !

3:12:24 PM

a website dedicated to outdoor folk dating:

This internet thing does some weird things

3:14:04 PM
On 3/03/2005 Bourge wrote:
>a website dedicated to outdoor folk dating:
>This internet thing does some weird things

Maybe they could go do some chimney pitches together ......
boob jam here
dick jam there
we'll just jam together here :P
4:01:06 PM
On 3/03/2005 Bourge wrote:
>Wow, a website dedicated to outdoor folk dating:

I think Bourge's World could fill that niche in the Australian climbing scene. I'm sure those pics you have already posted have aroused the juices of Chockstone users. You yourself must have been inundated with many expressions of interest.

5:13:32 PM
On 3/03/2005 simey wrote:
>You yourself must have been inundated with many expressions of interest.

Sadly not, I'm afraid. It is a lonely, nomadic existance, being Bourge. Besides, I'm an old man.

More news, stories, good times, to come team

7:53:42 PM
On 3/03/2005 Bourge wrote:
>Sadly not, I'm afraid. It is a lonely, nomadic existance, being Bourge.
>Besides, I'm an old man.
>More news, stories, good times, to come team

10:20:26 PM
From the snow world, for those interested

Torah Bright has continued the great form she demonstrated on the Torino 2006 Olympic site two weeks ago, winning the Nippon Open in Fukushima, Japan, at the weekend.

Bright displayed all her skills and style in the super pipe event to beat a world class field, including reigning Olympic champion Kelly Clark of the United States and Clarks compatriot Hannah Teter, another major player on the world circuit.

The 18-year-old Australian showed her class by out-pointing 50 competitors to take the victory and $US20,000 in prize money, plus an all expenses paid trip to the US Open next month at Stratton Mountain, Vermont.

It was great to get the win, said Bright. I came to Japan very determined to bring home the gold, so obviously I am really happy with the result. I just love competing in Japan and the Nippon Open is one of the most respected events on the snowboarding calendar.

On the FIS World Cup circuit, Bright has secured a podium finish in six of her last seven world class competitions.

I feel like Im really starting to generate some momentum in terms of my results, said the Cooma local. I feel very confident that I am progressing well in the early phase of my Olympic preparations. I have a very heavy competition schedule this year, so there is ample opportunity to really hone my skills and perfect my tricks in the lead up to the Winter Games in Italy.

Bright will return to her base in Salt Lake City today for a well-earned rest before beginning preparations for the World Super Pipe Championships (March 11-13) and US Open (March 14-20).

Torah Bright on the podium in Bardonecchia, Italy (Image: SPORTCOM/OWI)

10:27:31 PM

While I'm surfing, I came across this website, it's got a whole heap of cool stuff on it including some great photos

10:39:40 PM

It's late night Bourge here, here is a piccie to send off to sleep.

11:33:45 PM
i saw torah and her little sis abbie at perisher once, they were absolutely shredding, and they're HOT as!!
and on top of that, i leave for NZ in less than 3days
8:54:17 AM
Ask Torah and her sister if they want to work in the Natimuk cafe.

11:07:16 AM
On 4/03/2005 neats wrote:
>Key Words:
>corse = course
>insturters = instructors
>talking him salph up a bit = talking him self up a bit??
>tryed wall eventuley = tried wall, eventually??
>go = got
>hand = hang
>hole "i dont want to put much presher on my right arme" = hole. "I don't
>want to put much pressure on my right arm"
>tryes = tries
>get out he ends up horasontle left foot = get out, he ends up horizontal
>sid = side
>alse = else
>arme = arm
>woops = Whoops
>easer = easier
>farster = faster

Thanks for the translation neats, and keeping us in line! This is vintage neats, cool, calm, no messin. Funny though, I didn' even realise that there were mistakes until you pointed them out..........

Chockstone remedial English lessons will be held every week, facilitated by our dynamic and approachable tutor Neats. Our climbers will not be able to fill in sponsorslip application froms if they cant spel.

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