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Bourge's world
9:50:40 PM
On 11/03/2005 Bourge wrote:
>I guess the best alternative is just to post the link to the photo URL
>in question. Is this sort of thing kosher?

Yes, that's perfectly fine by me! Although http.. etc.. doesn’t look very sexy does it? Actually posting the page URL might be even better.
>great photo Simon, I like how it captures the water...
You do!? Excellent, most happy to hear that somebody appreciates that. It did take a lot of concentration to get that bit right…
>Or should the link be to the webSITE not the image URL?
If you can link to the actual page then probably yes.

I’ll post some more to the copyright thread when I get time, but it’s usually really easy to get permission to use pics for something like a forum, and assuming it’s OK to use the shot, then I use the trick of linking to the actual photo on the other server. For example
< IMG SRC=”>

Now everyone can appreciate the water.

Just a general comment. As I’ve said on a few occasions, I’m quite happy for my pics on my web site to be used on this forum, so permission isn’t needed from me beforehand – assuming no-one abuses this.

10:46:54 AM
Cheers Simon,

Damo's back......need I say any more, the place is suddenly out of control

11:43:22 AM
On 16/03/2005 Eduardo Slabofvic wrote:
>Don't forget about the film night in Nati on Easter Saturday, aka “Goat
> The feature
>presentation is the excellent 1957 film “The Mountain”. Staring Spencer
>Tracey (as Hex) and Robert Wagner (as Bourge). It is the dramatisation
>of Hex’s and Bourge’s attempt to reach a plane wreck in the French Alps,
>I can’t say too much, but you’ll know how Bourge got that eye patch.

Ha! Yes it was long time ago. Not many people know but the eye patch comes from a misplaced poke from Hexy during a nightime fit at camp high on the mountain. The rest of the climb was pretty hard after that, with only one eye and all, with Hex calling me Cyclops (the nerve of im). I won't spoil the ending, you'll have to attend the movie night for the thrilling, pulsing climax

5:26:10 PM
What the hell happened to the "wanker" himself

Oh I see.....

3:48:47 PM
Now what happened to my thread.......

Ah, here it is.......

8:45:33 AM
What happened? You make a sudden brief appearance only to disappear again.

I've been jonesing for some Bourge action and was looking forward to some swashbuckling tales of your exploits in the high peaks and between the sheets.

I also heard that you were providing some personal coaching to Warney during the Ashes series.

Hopefully we'll see you back soon. Things are getting dull around here.

Bob Saki
10:40:10 AM
On 23/09/2005 simey wrote:
>What happened? You make a sudden brief appearance only to disappear again.

yeah very half assed Bourge, if you're going to undertake a project just see it through mate!
some raconteur you are>

3:16:48 PM
Bourge’s world

I stepped out from the Maserati sports car like a modern day Michael Knight/David Hasselhoff - only without the black leather. I was greeted by admiring glances and envious looks from the throng of passer-bys and randoms gathered outside the Indoor Climbing Wall. Bourge time.

The music from the Alpine blasted out over the carpark

"I think I saw your body before I saw your face.....
Push up, your body, your body, next to mine..
Gotta make that sexy boody mine
And baby, baby shake that ass
I love it when you feel like getting nasty...."

This was my first appearance at a Bouldering Competition and I planned to make an impact. I was not well known in that particular climbing community at the time but I soon would be. I stopped to check my hair in the titanium tint rear windows - "looking good big boy" I told myself. Just one problem, the mullet needed a bit of teasing. It reminded me of a quote by Jason Gillespie, before he was dropped from the test squad: "The mullet is all business at the front, and party at the back". I gave it a bit of a ruffle up so that it stood up at the back, a look popularised by David Beckham in 2004 – a classic retro style with punk - I had read it described so in a men’s magazine.

In the reflection I could see the Cossey brothers arriving in their Bashed-up Kombi-van. I chuckled to myself and gave them a wave, they waved back but I could see their disappointment that I had turned up to this competition on their turf. I heard over the rumble of the engine of the old Volkswagen “Oh Sh## Bourge is here”.

Before I entered the climbing gym I grabbed a few phone numbers of some girls waiting outside. I might give them a call a bit later on if I was bored after the competition.

The trophies were lined up on a table in the foyer of the climbing gym. I picked up the largest trophy – open men’s. I was concerned that the trophy was not large enough to fit my preferred font. The winner’s name, my name, should always be in “Bookman Old Style” Font and should be printed in full. I made a note to remind the organisers before the trophies were engraved.

I kicked back with a mineral water while the rest of the competitors filed in. The Bouldering wall, compete with brand new acromats, awaited behind a cordon. That's where I would do my golden work.

I could see people admiring the mullety goodness that I was projecting, it made the $280 I had spent on the one-off styling product worthwhile............

9:23:29 PM
Pure gold Bourge.

But I am a bit concerned... I do recall a recent girlfriend telling me that she had spent the night with some guy who had the hottest mullet she had ever seen. And that the sex had been so amazing that to sleep with me again would only be a disappointment in comparison.

Looking forward to your next installment.

Bob Saki
10:14:25 AM
you have rattled your dags in fine style here!
Do you require an entourage? if so I'll throw my hat in the ring to be your sungalsses cleaner or chalk bag filler!

Eduardo Slabofvic
11:08:19 AM
On 24/09/2005 simey wrote:
to sleep with me again would only be a disappointment

All women say that Simey.

12:13:14 PM
Yeh Bourgey's back boyz (and girls)
Fark has Hexey got the record for the most number of posts in one week? I send him a flaming, steaming surprise on the front doorstep as congratulations, well done mate (PS don't forget to look out for the stop sign when ya out driving). After some initial disbelief on behalf of the general Chockstone punter, I think our boy is back - the new style is refreshing and invigorating, although it took a while to grow on me. The initial shite and spray is maturing into sh##s and giggles.

Well what a week it has been. Every time I flick on the tele I'm confronted by adds extolling the shite about the new IR reforms - fark, enough! How much taxpayer money do these pricks use up for obvious propaganda - probably more in a week than the entire turnover of a small western Victorian Hamlet in a year, including the unemployment benefits. These IR reforms have hit so hard that all the barmaids at the pub I was drinking at last night couldn't afford tops to wear.

More blowing up, quakes in Paki, mudslides in Mehico (the real mehico), fear about an overdue flu pandemic.

Fark, it seems like the only place I should feel safe is paddling with the white pointers off Adelaide Beach or grabbing a nice chunk of warm, baked quartzite, a coupla hundred feet off the deck with the sun on my back, and cool pints awaiting at the pub after, and fiesty/hungry possums awaiting in the campsite for an after dinner rumble. Speaking of which, fark it's been a long time since I got down dere to that place, I hope it's keeping well.

With that I will sign off with the quote of the day, from Hall an Oatz

Smoking guns
Hot to the touch
Would cool down
If we didn't use them so much


12:34:20 PM

>I guess Simons Calander doesn't conflict with our sponsor RH - so thats a good reason to let it pass. I'll warn him to minimize the commerical links and 'high pressure sales techniques' a bit. ;-)

Well if itz OK for Simey...

Insist on the best - cold pressed by Bourgee's missus, as only she knowz how - a fresh light taste of Italy - direct from the farm gate to the table. Excellent in salad dressings and with crusty italian bread. The Taste of Bourge's farm

Bob Saki
12:51:57 PM

>I guess Simons Calander doesn't conflict with our sponsor RH - so thats a good reason to let it pass. I'll warn him to minimize the commerical links and 'high pressure sales techniques' a bit. ;-)

in my view there have been much contradiction, misinformation and controversy circulating in relation to this issue you've raised with all the cynicism it's due.....................
needs to be discussed further and rules set or just let free speech reign regardless

10:08:42 AM
Here's some goodness - enjoy!

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