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Chockstone Forum - General Discussion

General Climbing Discussion

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Chockstone Gathering

7:40:05 PM
ahh, bob......maybe you should just come from the topropes neil will set up......if you climb as...."good" you type, i'm a bit worried..............

8:11:25 PM
On 14/10/2003 nmonteith wrote:
>So Jaq, how is the Fosters sponsorship looking for this event? :-)
Ha - good one Neil, wish I'd thought of that!

So Jac.. About what Neil said....

8:28:39 PM
Is anyone attending from up Albury / Wodonga way and interested in a passenger to share petrol costs / driving ?

I'm looking to go if the transportation is available ...

I am contactable on my email in the user profile.
11:30:29 PM
no dont warey alrob i do climb better then i type im just no to good at school in the gym i climb at about a 15-16 on good days i have climbed a copple of 17's and out door i climb about a 13 i have done a 14 but i sconed it but yer i might be up fore some top roping if some one has a copple set up
cya bob

9:16:33 AM
spell checker!!!!!! - or translater please.

9:21:04 AM
surely young Robert is yanking our chain - yes?
9:54:07 AM
I'll try and bring some beers... I recently sold a heap of it. See how I go...

..::- Chris -::..
10:41:13 AM
Anybody got room in the car for Saturday, for a bumbly with his own rack and gear from North East Suburbs (Templestowe) and want to share fuel etc.
I am very entertaining esp when i try to climb slabs, I'm going to do a few climbs but more coming along to catch up with people / meet people,
(the social aspect......)

Chris : )
11:07:42 AM
I just added a "chockstone gathering" topic to the looking for other climbers forum, maybe everybody needing lifts or offering can add themselves there?

Chris, you're welcome to come with me if needed but I'm leaving from Carlton, there might be somebody closer...

11:26:39 AM
Bob is that how u say troll?

11:31:46 AM
My apologies.. have had the opportunity to have a short holiday (5days) so am heading to the Gramps thurs-tues, hopefully there will be a 2nd instalment?
hope everyone has fun!

12:22:22 PM
On 15/10/2003 Rich wrote:
>Bob is that how u say troll?

I think there really are people out there like Bob.
I recently burnt myself replying to Daithi on this forum, so am now much more prepared to give the benefit of the doubt.

Besides it matters little, as long as he enjoys his climbing and is pleasant and safe company to be with. Not that this is a criteria for in/exclusion but who knows, ... down the track he may contribute more to our sport than any of us, or climb way strong ... such that he is an inspiration to us all; (but I still would not want to have the job of publishing his memoirs)!

Personally I find contributors like dinkum on the Grampians re-bolting thread equally hard to believe, but for different reasons!

Spellcheck does not seem to be an option on my internet. I guess I'd have to work offline in Word or something then cut and paste to have that option?
12:45:39 PM
Watt Well Spill Czech Dew Four Ewe?

..::- Chris -::..
1:02:26 PM

Some of us don't need a spell checker.... ComSci Maths people....hehehe

- Dodgy, I'll get back to you tomorrow, just going to check with work, straight after I posted the post about car pooling, a rumor of working on sat was hinted, Hopefully just a rumor.

2:24:25 PM
Translation of chris's post for those of you who can't decode decimal:

"Hope to see you all at the gathering !!!"

2:29:27 PM
On 15/10/2003 ..::- Chris -::.. wrote:

Hope to see you there as well!
From someone else with far too much procrastination time...

3:19:19 PM
On 15/10/2003 Alex wrote:
>Translation of chris's post for those of you who can't decode decimal:
Isn't it binary - or are they essentially the same thing?

3:29:09 PM
On 15/10/2003 dodgy wrote:
>Watt Well Spill Czech Dew Four Ewe?
Good one dodgy. (Subtle and to the point)!
I hate using it anyway because it wants to overly americanise my English ...

3:39:43 PM
Ooops yeah binary, *slaps himself awake and blames a lack of sleep*

..::- Chris -::..
3:47:10 PM
hehehe oops i'm destroying this topic, anyways didn't actually think anyone would
bother decoding it. Decimal is base 10 and Binary is base 2, it is Ascii to Binary.
and No i won't teach Bob binary.....

.-= Something for the crypto climbers out there =-.

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