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Hand Care

5:25:46 PM
Does it help repair tendons? I have blown the tendon on my left index finger (so late nights at the office surfing the Chockstone forum have replaced bouldering sessions, damnit)

5:33:03 PM
yeah im keen on scoring some of that magic cream as well,
hook us up.

5:36:00 PM
yeh i'd put my hand up for a pack if there's some coming over?

5:49:34 PM
That was actually serious. The bloody thing (finger) went off with a crack about two weeks ago and it is still sore. In the past I have just taped and climber through it but this time it is different
5:56:15 AM
Hoofmeister blue can be purchased in NSW at saddlery shops. I was using it for a while - it smells REALLY BAD.
8:49:46 AM
Hoofmaker is a different product to Hoofmeister and is made by Straight arrow. It was originally developed to heal splits in horses hoofs (Damien - heals skin not tendons).

Has a nice fragrance also...

11:18:14 AM
fellow horses
here is the site for the stuff.

pump pack -
smaller pack -

jac - who is the potential courier.
by the way - coming to melbourne during week 24th -28th may for work and need a place to stay - i dislike hotels. just a corner on the floor is fine. any offers?

11:20:33 AM
That second link in particular is just plain hilarious.

"Ladies - want hoof-like hands? Try Hoofmaker!"

11:48:54 AM
here's some more tips from i found from a search..

Old style bare knuckles boxers used to use a mixture of salt and vinegar to toughen the skin on the knuckles and areas of the face prone to cuts.

Here are some other tricks:

Zinc oxide - Homemade is best because most is packed in petrolium based oils that dont penetrate and clog the pores. Can be had at pharmacists in powder form and made into a cream.

Tannic acid: Full strength is used in rust proofing metals. I dont know how strong you can use on skin, but diluted with water or vinegar and a small amount of salt might work pretty well. Probably best to heat it and soak the fingers in a small amount of it.

Benzoin: This is found in the health section of supermarkets. Its a tincture that leaves a sticky residue that is usually covered with a bandage. It also leaves a protective coating for abrasions.

It doesnt take very long to see tougher skin.

2:03:43 PM
we've got our spare room back beefy, your more than welcome to stay. e-mail me or call.

2:14:05 PM
wikid thanks - should confirm by monday.
4:11:10 PM
Hi beefy,

ta for the links. The courier? I'll give you a clue; he's french. Very good friend of yours, yes?

You're welcome to stay at my place also.


4:16:48 PM
Ahhhhh no. mmmm - not too interested in dealing with dodgy couriers.what has the infamous frenchman been up to over there.
will try to get you some HM though. thanks for the accom offer. will let you know next week.
4:22:05 AM
I find palmers cocoa butter formula with vitamin e cream works well at keeping my tips in good condition and stops cracking and splits. To get them tough though you have to climb and climb. Or , Ive heard the stuff that amputees rub into their stumps is the dogs bollocks, don't know what its called never used it....

11:01:10 AM
if you cover your hands in petrol everynight before you go to bed, and then just before you start climbing you put a 30/70 mix of almond meal and vaseline over your entire body it helps to mousterise and keep you from falling off. let me know how you go....

(on more serious not if you put anhydrous wool fat -available for a couple dollars at any chemist- on your hands and then put some of those white cotton gloves on before you go to bed, it softens the callouses and helps repair rips/cracked skin etc. thats what i used when i was training 30hours a week for gymnastics and it works very well)

5:05:16 PM
i dont no if your all gonna laugh at me for saying this but here it goes.
apparantly, i havnt tried it, but if you pee on your hands while showering it make your hand get tougher. has anyone else heard this?

10:22:27 PM
no...i cant say ive heard of that method, but i suddenly feel very dirty!! im going to be back online after i've had a shower...
ripped up hands can be dealt with, but hands that smell like piss are going to be a serious detriment to your chances with the blackheath bakery chicks
10:22:56 AM
I've seen the frenchman at Buandik on a number of occasions. I suspect as a result of the small amount of time left to clean up unfinished business at Millenium Caves b4 the track closes for the winter.
10:31:39 AM
I have made a couple of enquiries over the weekend for getting Hoofmaker sent out by surface mail from either Canada or the States. Postage varies from approximately $16 CAD (almost 1:1 with AUD) for one 900gm pump pack down to just over half that per unit if the order is for 10 units (unit price ~$13 CAD)

Curious to how many would be seriously interested if an order was made to get multiple packs into the country?

10:47:06 AM
If this is "the stuff" I am in, does it last for ages ?.. if so two packs, if not four
thanks dalai

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