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Fire at Victoria Ranges Gym

6:16:32 AM
Apparently the Vic Ranges Climbing Centre has been fully destroyed by fire overnight.
The fire spread from the Paper factory to the rest of the complex. This is sad news.

An early report from during the night is here, but I'm sure more accurate info will come to light this morning.:,4057,11363263%255E1702,00.html

7:07:37 AM
Bloody Hell!

7:24:37 AM

News at 7 reports the fire still burning.

Doesn't sound good.

8:32:58 AM
we argue over bolts and the cliffs fall down, we dont wear shirts and the gyms burn down, it hink its time to get off the forums and go climbing before it all diappears...

8:33:45 AM
Umm 2 threads on same topic ......... get with it fella's, a few too many at the pub last night hey :)

Moderator: The other topic has been locked :-)

8:59:05 AM
[from the age]
Huge blaze destroys paper warehouse
November 12, 2004 - 8:04AM

The owner of a paper warehouse destroyed in one of Melbourne's biggest ever fires early today has vowed to rebuild.

The fire, which broke out at Lombard The Paper People in Mount Alexander Road, Flemington, about 1am (AEDT) today, has destroyed much of the business and the adjoining Victoria Ranges indoor rock climbing centre and pistol range.

They are all owned by Claude Lombard.

Mr Lombard put the damage bill about between $15 million and $20 million.

"We've been in business 40 years and we are devastated," Mr Lombard said.

"We have lost all of our Christmas stock. We have branches in other places, in other states, so we have got backup stock and our clients will be serviced but it won't be easy.

"The warehouse has never been as full as this."

Mr Lombard said he hoped the company, which employs more than 70 staff, would be back to work within days.

"We're a very hard working company," Mr Lombard said.

"The staff will rally, it will be a few days and we will be back in business. We're pretty positive, we're pretty gung-ho about things.

"The offices haven't gone, the fire walls did their job, the show room has been saved but is more like a swimming pool.

"The family is devastated but we are pretty positive and we'll bounce back."

There was one bright spot in the disaster for Mr Lombard.

The company's prized mascot, Harry the c--katoo, was saved by firefighters who also freed an avery of canaries at the back of the warehouse.

"There's a lot of happy canaries flying around today," Mr Lombard said.

Shocked staff not contacted by the company have begun arriving for work.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) said the blaze had now been brought under control.

A pall of thick grey smoke is hanging low over Melbourne, blanketing the suburbs of Kensington and North Melbourne and the nearby Royal Park.

MFB investigators, arson squad detectives and WorkSafe officers are on the scene and Mount Alexander Road remains closed to traffic.
9:03:30 AM
at least they saved the c--katoo.

9:30:10 AM
we visited it this morning and the whole place is destroyed and in case anyone was wondering there doesn't look like any chance of salvaging any holds..

so whats the consensus from the flemmo regulars: altona or nuna?

9:35:55 AM
Consensus is Altona.. you know that rich :P

Wonder if they had fire insurance? Maybe a new gym coming our way,.

Rat Man
9:42:05 AM
Yeah, that sucks bigtime, but look on the bright side. If they do rebuild they can make it a really first class gym. They were already charging first class prices.

Any news regarding the likelyhood of the gym rebuilding? A facility that big is an awfull lot of $$$ to get going again. It would be a great opportunity to grab the insurance cash (if there is any) and bail.

9:46:27 AM
Given that they've finally started building the Verve apartments in the city...we might just see a new city climbing gym in say...2 years :)

10:04:25 AM
On 12/11/2004 Rat Man wrote:
>It would be a great opportunity
>to grab the insurance cash (if there is any) and bail.

10:20:42 AM
does anyone have any idea what will happen with memberships. I have about 8 or 9 months of membership remaining. at 650 for 12 months thats quite a lot of money.

10:41:25 AM
On 12/11/2004 scratch wrote:
>Consensus is Altona.. you know that rich :P

What over the bridge and far away? Sounds like way too much hard work in traffic!
>Wonder if they had fire insurance? Maybe a new gym coming our way,.

Def have insurance but I would doubt it that you would see them starting a new gym considering the plans for the verve gym but hey you never know - maybe another one.. still it would be a fair while off.
10:43:34 AM
it could be worse, at least Ive still got a job.

comiserations and good luck to all those who are temporarily out of work. Vic Ranges employed a lot of casuals who are probably arent entitled to very much.
11:57:11 AM
Latest news is that the building appeared to have no fire protection?!?

12:06:26 PM

12:34:12 PM
It doesn't say no insurance, just 'no fire protection' because there were no I wonder how that affects claims?

12:35:42 PM
This is an unfortuante occurance, and as I know George fairly well, I know he will be devastated - understandably - as I would be. My condolences go out to George, his wife and kids.

In the immediate term, if any VR customers had prepaid memberships (1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, etc), if you bring proof of purchase* to Cliffhanger, we'll give you the rest of November at no charge, and then I'll work out a deal for you. No idea what that is yet, but I'll will work something out.

Jac also mentioned to me this morning, PUBLIC TRANSPORT concerns, try metlink

Otherwise bus 414 from Footscray stops at our door, or train to Newport and bike up Blackshaws rd.

* proof of purchase can be VR cash register receipt, EFTPOS/CC receipt, Credit Card Statement...

1:12:48 PM
so, the police are after a guy seen wearing a beanie, but no shirt, running from the building in the early morning...

Who had 12 months pre-paid membership?? (Read the above !!)

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