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4th Chockstone Gathering
4:34:45 PM
The Saddle is off limits private property, BBQ can't go there (w/o permission). I *think* there's public road access into Split Rock down the West (Hume) End - if so the BBQ would be within 100m of Split Rock, The Castle, and several other good little areas down that end. But not so convenient to Sparrow Slabs!

Not sure about the route near Finger Lichen Good, the developers have been hassled for this info and more but I'm still holding my breath .... (hint, hint)

best not to sware at the soirée Tel!

5:42:28 PM
haha,... thankyou Mr Monks, I did a spell check on word and still wasn't convinced of the spelling, best write it down for future use.

As for the after 14th november date, if I am not working great, if I am working well I will quit for that day, apologise the next and I should still be gainfully employed for future gigs.
3:14:41 PM
Ok, here's some beta on Tenneriffe. Climbing of all grades, best climbing between 16-25. Crack climbing, slab climbing and even some face climbing. Most of the rock is OK to good but there is some dodgey rock. Be wary of some of the grading as many routes have only had one ascent. Travel time from Melbourne approx 1 hour 20 min. Some bouldering has been done around Sparrow Slabs (couldn't find the original Tempest and Co bouldering mecca past Layback to Glory) but huge potential for more.

The best area with the most diverse climbing is the central area from Vertigo through to Casle Rock. Also beyond casle rock is the classic Layback to Glory.

Access and parking for a large group could be a problem if we don't organise something with one of the adjacent land owners. The owner of the Saddle Area is a mate of mine from primary school (way back in the decade that fashion forgot). He has a cautious acceptance of climbers but it quite adament that there is to be no climbing on his property. I may be able to organise to have the BBQ on his property. There is a level site near Shaky Corner that has good access to all areas. We camped there before on a VCC trip. I usually throw a slab of beer his way if he makes his property available.

Second option is at the far end near Lamb Rock, Outside Line etc. Access here is via Tim Simmonis' property. He is cool with climbers but access via his property has a couple of limitations. Firstly he is strictly religous so Sunday is not a good day. I'm sure he would be cool with Saturday and I also think he wouldn't mind people camping the night provided they leave quietly and discretely on Sunday. The second limitation with Tims property is that the access road passes right past his kitchen window. If we were to access via his property I think we should car pool as much as possible, perhaps meeting on the corner near the highway.

The third option is to have the BBQ in the (small) carpark below Sparrow Slabs. There is only room for about 2-3 cars here and one or two further back. I think THE BBQ will just about fill the carpark on its' own. If we were to have it here we would need to leave our cars down near the Hwy and car pool to the cliff.

Summing it up I think the first option will be the easiest if it doesn't push my friendship too far. Only catch is that I will be in Western Australia for all of November so wouldn't be available until 12 December.

6:49:55 PM
I'll be in the Bluies from the 7-19th Dec then Nowra till the 24th. So earlier is better.

(By the way your all welcome to come to the Bluies 7-19th, $120 a week food lodging, fuel at the crags, the lot)
7:16:42 AM
I guess no date will suit everyone. Mid to late December is getting close to Christmas and January everyone should be away climbing. If you want to set a mid November date I'm happy to make the initial inquiries then let someone else follow it up from there. To get the most out of a day at Tenneriffe it helps to have a couple of climbers that know their way around. Shouldn't be a problem finding a couple for mid-November. I know Steven Wilson is keen to sandbag some unsuspecting folk up some of his routes.


9:03:43 AM
for what it's worth:
distance from melbourne?
if this is such an issue, go to a climbing wall or what about buildering in the cbd? barbeque? well teppanyaki comes close.

go for good environment and good climbing
a friday overnighter and drive back sat night, with option to stay on until sunday if so inclined.
for barbeque location problems: who doesn't have a trangia or a whisperlite?
a useful lunchtime recipe for the eager climber
one chicken
seasoning (optional)
three rocks
towels & bedding

place one small round rock and two larger flat rocks in fire.
when hot wrap them in alfoil.
put round rock into chicken.
place flat rock in each 'chicken armpit'.
wrap chicken in alfoil.
wrap in towels and whatever else that comes to hand with insulating properties.
go climbing.
at lunchtime unwrap the chook, not only well cooked but moist and succulent.
doesn't matter what time you decide to have lunch.

thus speaketh signor nonsequitor

10:09:31 AM
Robins previous post mentions Sundays could be a problem at Tenneriffe. So if Teneriffe is the preferred location suitable dates would be,
Saturday 20th,
Saturday 27th,
or Saturday 4th December.
Unless other options arise well, I suppose most popular date is it

I tend to agree with Robin in that any further into Decmeber and we are into Christmas mode.

6:43:48 AM
Sunday is only a problem if we were to use the west end property for access. First choice would be to access from the east, near Sparrow Slabs. Also Steven Wilson is not available on Nov. 14 but any other weekend day would be fine.

11:31:09 AM
Sat 27th sounds good to me.

10:14:52 AM
On 12/10/2004 A5iswhereitsat wrote:
>Sat 27th sounds good to me.

Sat the 27th of November is coolie with me. What about everyone else?

11:52:26 AM
sat 27 sounds fine to me too (and my chicken)

12:57:44 PM
sounds good
4:24:22 PM
Fine with me

4:47:04 PM
Unfortunately it clashes with this:

I'm disappointed. You guys should have known this is being held on the same weekend (or maybe you did...)

In any case, I'll try and get out of it early

12:49:24 PM
After boldy proclaiming proposed dates, I can now no longer do any of them as both Saturdays have three shows booked, so for me there is no getting around it. The only day I have is Sunday the 29th, I leave it to the powers that be.............

8:30:22 AM
Sat the 27th of Nov is still a goer!! Who else is able to make it??

1:12:39 AM
anyone wanna fly me back from taiwan for the weekend? (maybe i'll just astral travel, or something...)
4:24:17 AM
anyone wanna fly me back from mexico for the weekend....Why are there no generous multimilionaires reading this forum...

Online Now
4:10:54 PM
On 28/09/2004 climbau wrote:

>Car-pooling is definantly doable! Plus cheaper!
>So....Bec, Dan, Climbau, & A5iswhereitsat. One more and we have a North-East
>crew Straight outta tha Eeest Sieed!

Hi all, I'm in N.E. (Albury). Would be very happy to meet more climbers from around these parts, and also to head to Teneriffe with someone that knows the area (call me soft, but i'm not keen on bush-bashing for hours like Dan and I managed to do the other weekend at Pilot) :/

1:40:31 PM

Sat 27th Nov. is still the go, at Teneriffe.

Ordered your Chockstone T-shirt yet ?
(I hear its all the rage to take it off in the gym ... Anyone vote for a Chockstone beanie design ??)

Lets hope the weather is obliging ...

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