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Drone photography
Swiitch drone photo
8:09:01 PM
Hi guys

I'm a keen drone photographer. I'm looking to shoot some serious rock climbing action

It's for personal use and I can provide and footage to you

I live in Victoria and I'm happy to fit in with your schedule

If anyone is interested let me know do we can tee up a time

The footage will be edited and added to my website

Ben rancie

8:40:51 PM
Do you have permits to operate inside State/National Parks?
9:18:59 AM
For non-commercial use he does not require a permit for filming 'above' parks. CASA regulates airspace.
Only need a permit for takeoffs and landings within the parks.
2:18:59 AM
TBH You may find the climbing community is fairly anti-drone.

I'm in the, don't use the drone unless you have everyone at the crag's permission.

At a place like the grampians, that can be very hard, as other crags are often within earshot.

Many climbers complain about the noise generated by drones.

Your offer is obviously friendly and well meaning, and I'm sure you might find someone to take you up on your offer, just something to keep in mind.

12:41:08 PM
Currently it is illegal to fly a drone over National and State parks, not sure how to get a permit to do so either.
1:49:45 PM
On 12/08/2017 D.Lodge wrote:
>Currently it is illegal to fly a drone over National and State parks, not
>sure how to get a permit to do so either.

Parks Vic site has details about permits. Quite impractical for hobbyist pilots however.,-licences-and-permits/filming-and-photography

And so we're clear, D. Lodge's statement is incorrect. The Parks adminstration(s) do not control airspace. Any more than I can stop helicopters flying over my property. (wish)

7:54:30 PM
Giday Steve. I have it from a good source that Drones are banned in State Parks and National Parks. PV also has it on their website. I'm not exactly sure where it sits in the regulation but I think it probably falls under section 73 - operating annoying or disturbing devices - 10 Penalty Units (approx $1500).
9:07:54 PM
gfdonc's posts correctly state the position. This post from cliffcare contains a notice from Parks concerning drones in Parks. Refer to that for the official position.
6:39:07 PM
Not wanting to get in a tit for tat argument here. This is off the PV website, with RPAS being remote piloted air (somethings).

'Recreational use of RPAS by the general public is prohibited on Parks Victoria managed land. The recreational use of RPAS is not permitted under Parks Victoria regulations and visitors should refrain from flying them or they may receive a penalty infringement notice.'

It is likely you will only get a warning the first time round but a fine is possible. Also, I was just wanting to make the point that you don't have to control air space to have power to ban drones. You are both correct that it is not illegal if you have a permit.
10:39:57 PM
As I understand it, the penalty notice you might be issued with concerns takeoffs and landings "of aircraft" on PV land without a permit. The key bits in your quote are "on Parks Victoria managed land".

PV considers RPAS are aircraft hence the infringement.

I suggest given the date of the original legislation and the size of the fine (roughly 2x the amount for running a red light, in my view a far more serious offence) the regulation was intended to apply to manned aircraft. However that's just my opinion...
12:25:33 PM
I have a mate who has a Drone business and from what I was told and have read is that you can't land, fly and take off a drone in a state & national park without approval and a fee from PV. There is also evidence of this with notice's placed at Araps clearly stating that "you cannot fly drones" within Tooan State park without a permit and approval from PV.

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