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how to ask someone out on a climbing date
2:38:56 PM
hello friends,
a dear companion of mine that i'll refer to as joe O is deeply in love with somone that he feels professenaly involved with (ie linked through sponsorship.) he doesnt know how to approach her yet and has frequintly admired her from afar.
there already friends and he wants to go that step further (if you know what i mean) and is not sure if she feels the same way about him.if anyone has any ideas please help. :(
2:42:30 PM
is that joe oconell? are you talking about a certain JM? i think you should just go for it dude, youd be beautiful together, what a team!!

2:46:24 PM
joe o and jac i thought the same thing..haha yeh tell him to go for it, shes to old for me ;-)

2:52:45 PM
ma ha ha ha. Joe will kill you 'kenny' - as will Jaq.

2:53:19 PM
On 3/08/2004 tasch wrote:
>OMG is this place turning into a Dolly forum?
Seems like it.
Mike B. will have to set up a new Forum Topic for the 'lost souls' and the 'frustrateds' that are coming out of the woodwork on this site ....

kenny (profile)
> "i've got a bike..."
& Melanie Saffka has a pair of roller skates if someone else has the key!

Is kenny the new hextroll or what??

Damo (ask Aunt Edna Beverage!);
I thought Jac was a self confessed lover of chocolate, ... not all that other stuff you mentioned.
>camp at the old swamp with one sleeping bag?
Obviously you have the mosquitoes already clued in to your shenanigans!

2:56:22 PM
Ee grasshoppers and whippersnappers, ye all listen here.

You've done the right thing coming here for advice........

An old classic.

As you are belaying her on that grade 30 that you are both redpointing (which you offered to put the draws on), you pull out a picnic hamper that you had cached at the cliffs the night before. If you can afford it buy bottled wine instead of cask. If the budget is tight I recommend the Queen Adelaide Cabernet Sauvignon - at most grog shops you can get it for under $10. A decent cheese, a brie or castello or the like and crackers. Olives, antipasto, etc - You can get all of that in a jar from the supermarket for about $6-$7. If you want to make her feel really special, try bringing along a small tape player with some nice mood music - if you can fit it in the hamper. put your arm around her as the sun sets.

She should be really impressed by that. In the small talk that follows she should be coming around to your charms. Make sure you look at her when she is talking, nod as if you understand, look serious when she's serious, and likewise, laugh at her when she says something funny - use her laugh as the cue.

Then, on the way home, stop by the old swamp, and, you brought all the gear so you can camp. However, only take one sleeping bag and mat. That's the key, it never fails.

Good luck

3:02:32 PM
i have a strange feeling like jaq might have something to say on the topic....

3:04:11 PM
I sense an impending death.

3:09:20 PM
This is easily Kenny's best work since 'Islands in the stream', 'Endless love' and 'Roll with the punches'.

3:36:34 PM
On 3/08/2004 tasch wrote:
>OMG is this place turning into a Dolly forum?

Not quite as good as the Vouge forum eh Tasch? ;-)
3:38:55 PM
Wow Kenny you really do know me so well... I know a guy called Ben C who is always in a predicament like this. Just last Easter he was commenting to me how much he was in love with a certain girl from Victoria (formerly tasmania) who is going out with a strong melbourne boulderer (aka JK). Ben is also always talking to me about this girl in the Blue Mountains... I think her name is Monique. Whenever I talk to him it's always monique this and that... how her name rolls off the tongue like a sweet french pastry, and when he goes to the crag with her, he can think of nothing but her petiteness against his pasty body. Maybe that's why a well known climbing photographer was so anti a certain route that he did.... hmmm. Perhaps there was something going on behind the scenes?

3:42:28 PM
totally oarsome! this is what this forum has been missing for sooo long.

4:19:30 PM
On 3/08/2004 nmonteith wrote:
>totally oarsome!
Sounds to me like there are a few people out there who are up creeks without their paddles; (marooned in their relationships?)
If one oar can turn them on, so be it that history will say;
"We met on the Chockstone Website and from there it progressed to marriage",
... a belay for life :)
4:54:08 PM
ooops! didnt mean for the characters of this story to be revealed, meant nothing but some good advice and now it seems ive spilt the beans on something BIG!! oh well jo ol boy, you'll thank me in days to come, good to know you have all our support.
4:57:28 PM
Are you keeping secrets again Joe!

We thought you two would make a great couple sharing "CRACKERS" by the fire!!! (ha)
5:10:47 PM
On 3/08/2004 kenny wrote:
now it seems ive spilt the beans on something

sorry for spilling the beans kenny. didnt mean to let the cat out of the bag on this big secret but it seems everyone already new. good luck mate. xxooxx ;)
5:22:43 PM
Very entertaining reading for a Tuesday afternoon! My compliments, Toby (oops I mean Kenny!)

Hi Damietta - a few lessons in dating Victorian climbing girlies:

1. I like your idea about stashing a picnic basket, though it would most certainly be ravaged overnight by the skippys and the possums. May I suggest a good sturdy plastic tub with a secured lid :-)

2. We haven't seen many sunsets lately. It's been all clouds and rain in Victoria. One could be sitting around all evening waiting for the sun to set!

3. Don't you KNOW who Joe O IS?? He's very busy being a famous climber. He doesn't have time for seducing girlies. His time would be best spent getting his sponsors to secure a girlie for him and then just slotting in at the last minute ha ha ha ha ha

4. "Mood music"??? Matie! Matie! This is the climbing world, not the CBD. Surely you know that the best way of impressing a climbing girlie is to offer to do the camping dishes, thus relieving her of the need to clean a filthy trangia in the freezing cold winter water.

Hope this helps! :-)


5:54:41 PM
this is totally f---ed... that's my last comment.
7:36:49 PM
This is the best thread in ages...
Hey Joe just to lead on from Damo's comments perhaps when your putting up the draws you could place roses in each of the draws...if its a top out have the picnic basket at the top accompanied by a string quartet and a skywriting plane writing messages complimenting such a strong lead, of course with rose petals leading to it and a view of the sunset, then tie a knot in the rap off rope so your fair maiden gets stuck and you have to rescue her...

7:50:07 PM
On 3/08/2004 adamk wrote:
>..if its a top out have the picnic basket at the top

Are you crazy? No-one tops out anymore. That is so old-school.

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