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how to ask someone out on a climbing date

8:36:54 PM
On 3/08/2004 Damietta wrote:
Make sure you look at her when
>she is talking, nod as if you understand, look serious when she's serious,
>and likewise, laugh at her when she says something funny - use her laugh
>as the cue.
>Then, on the way home, stop by the old swamp, and, you brought all the
>gear so you can camp. However, only take one sleeping bag and mat. That's
>the key, it never fails.

Good one Damientta, I was laughing out loud!!!!

11:08:40 PM
Perhaps Kevin L could give us some pointers...

9:31:23 AM
On 3/08/2004 Joe wrote:
>this is totally f---ed... that's my last comment.
Now come on Joe mate. Is this truly how you want to be portrayed. Your acting like a school kid. you think she's a bit of a sort and now the cat is out of the bag. Just let her know how you feel mate and get this sh*t over with. You've always had issues expressing yourself. Just take her to taipan wall where it will just be the two of you and tell her how it is. Treat em mean keep em keen
9:34:45 AM
On 3/08/2004 Joe wrote:
>this is totally f---ed... that's my last comment.

I heard there may have been a SNAC (Sensitve New Age Climber) lurking, I was obviously mistaken

11:42:53 AM
This thread seems to have (de)generated quite a bit of flange desire...

(naughty but nice grin)

12:30:28 PM
ive heard that chicks luv broken noses on their men. hehe

12:36:54 PM
awe, come on guys. give joe a bit of a break. ok, so maybe it didn't work out so well when he tried to bust a move on little hahn

but hey, we all know what he's gotta do, just jump back on that horse and keep a riding!

11:09:28 AM
That photo looks like it was taken at the year 7 social. Which school?
1:24:25 PM
hey joe dont get all angry and upset this is what happenend to me in high school and i ended up marrying the lass.
what i find helps is commenting on how beutiful and ladie like her hands are and feet wouldnt hurt either.and some poetry might be good as well, maybe soething by the harold twins.
1:34:26 PM
poetry, of course.your chose of the harold twins is perfect.
can i give an idea joe?
they wrote this in 1883.

"trough the tulips swaying and past the rolling hills,
over the cotten moors and above the rising rocky tors,
im still standing here waiting for you my darling all,
i wil wait forever for my love shall never fall."

thats not a bad one .im shaw she'll love it champ.
1:45:40 PM
mention your cat, i have a cat, it is orange. mmmmmm orange. i looove cheese!

2:06:14 PM
This sounds like merciless payback.
What did the poor fellow do to deserve it?
(or is it just the usual Aussie aggressive affection happening here??)

2:17:05 PM
tall poppy syndrome at its worst

2:35:49 PM
That's it Joe you need a horse mate. Then try the same thing you tried with Hahn. Take her to the local community hall for a song and a dance and tell her all about your cat like Benjo said. Putty in your hands mate, putty in your hands.

2:52:41 PM
This thread is brilliant

If there were a 'top ten threads of the year', I would like to nominate this one.

However, Poor Joe. I can relate, though. I have been the victim and perpetrator of many such pranks in my youth and these things hurt, believe me.

Some advice to Joe.

Grit your teeth and take it like a man, put your head down, train harder, channel the rage into your training, wait, and before you know it someone else will be the butt of everyone's jokes.

Believe it or not, the modern sophisticated climbing lass will understand the blokey prepubescent style, but how you handle this situation is key. Let her know that you're one step above. Play it cool, approach her with an air of cool, easy indifference. Act like the rumours are not true. Pull out a hard send over the next few weeks. Act a bit mysterious - wear sunglasses inside and goretex on a sunny day and when she asks why, tell her you can't talk about it. When you're at the crag use the 'faraway look' whenever you can (practice in front of the bedroom mirror) as though there's something on your mind. Take up an interesting hobbie outside of climbing - like birdwatching or dancing. Buy a surfboard (but you don't need to use it). Always have a few lasses hanging around (even if you have to pay them). Leave well worn copies of Nietzche and Dostoyevsky lying around, then........when she least expects it.........out with the picnic hamper......

gogettem tiger!!!

PS don't forget chocolate

4:06:43 PM
that, my dear damienetta, is by far the funniest shit i have read in a long time
well bloody done!!
8:05:06 PM
this thread has probably stepped over the 'line' now

9:11:11 AM
I have asked the 'victims' of this sledge if they wanted me to lock or remove this topic. They didn't seem to care that it was left active.
10:34:12 AM
when i'm trying to seduce a spunky climbing chic, i always take her on a date to the royal hotel and have a romantic counter dinner and a game of big buck hunter. works like a charm!

4:17:48 PM
On 13/08/2004 HEX wrote:
> Thanks for being a good sport/sort Tasch
> Luv HEX
Tasch 13/08/04
>YAY! Hexie loves me again!
Hex 13/8
>I never stopped, babe --- how could any-one resist (snip)
>(Even more) Luv, HEX...

Where will it all end?
Is this another Damo-esque short story in the making??
Should we change our icons to nm 'flies' on the wall???

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