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John Ewbank - RIP
12:34:38 AM
Ted Cais told me the very sad news this morning.
I will never forget John Ewbank.
With all my sympathy to Johnís family from Corsica.
7:07:11 AM
I am shocked to hear this news of John's passing!
John was a dear friend of mine, and I have many fond memories of climbing with him, especially
since he was such a colorful character.
I knew he was recovering from surgery, and had a quick chat with him, only a few weeks ago, but he didn't indicate anything was wrong.
Way back in 1970, I spent a week with John, doing some of his classic's including Goliath,
on Dog Face. I will NEVER forget the incident of me leading the crux A3 or 4? pitch, and inside this expanding flake, a spider came out as big as my hand! I really don't like spiders.
I yelled down to him that if this spider comes out any further,( it was only inches from my nose), that I would jump off, and I really meant it.
He tried to convince me that I was imagining the whole thing!
I kind of tapped on the rock, with my hammer, scaring the spider further into the crack, and hurried by. When we got to the top, John admitted that there are, in fact big spiders on Dog Face.
I have some great photo's of John climbing Genesis, at Mt. Piddington, and will make an effort to get them scanned, and posted here, at a later date.
John climbed up here in New Hampshire (USA), just 2 years ago, and we did some of the classics. He managed to get up a few 5.10's, ( 21), even thou he hadn't been on rock in years. He would be glad that I mentioned that, since he certainly still loved climbing.

I will miss him dearly; especially since he is the 1st of my close climbing mates to pass away.
10:58:00 PM
John had a natural gift for writing:

Check this out on the U.S. climbing site Supertop:

7:04:01 AM
With added linkylove:

9:09:51 AM

And also

Heading to up the Dog for a bit today and hope to see others tonight . . .

8:53:57 PM
While watching nutstory's link to Apres la Revolution (a personal favourite as is the Sychophant's Song on the B -Side (Young chockstoners might have to ask their grandmother what that is), I found this as well. Never seen it. John doing the Hollywood Go Go on the Big Gig in 1989.

12:21:41 AM
At least got onto the Dog briefly - albeit on rappel, but left my mark all the same . . .
Unfortunately most of the important attendees were pre-booked or late notified; plus the Ewbank Room, and Mt Vic Pub itself has suffered the ravages of time and foreign interests and is no more. Fortunately the various photos are recognised as important and are being maintained by the current owners with view to being returned to some suitable part of the premises at some point. One compatriot and local Russ Taylor swore he'd take the photo of him on Flake Crack down if they dared to put it up in the current 'video games' room . . .

Anyway Johns memorial in New York will be yesterday at 2pm in New York which makes it 6 o'clock in the morning over here - so if you are up at that time and you hear mountains and cliffs seem to crumble and fall, and feel the ground shake a little, don't worry . . .
12:56:57 AM
As I type this, the memorial service is 5 hours from now, in NYC. It is Sunday morning here in the U.S.

A big snowstorm is just ending, but it didn't hit nearly as bad 300 miles away, in NYC.

There will be at least one experienced climber there, Rich Romano, who will represent the tribe.

I'm still heart-broken over this!

John had such a great time climbing up here in New Hampshire 2 years ago,.I wish that I had taken a few pictures of him, at that time, but I never expected this to happen,

2:53:58 AM
On 16/12/2013 Macciza wrote:
>plus the Ewbank Room, and Mt Vic Pub itself has suffered the
>ravages of time and foreign interests and is no more.

Do you think John would have appreciated being remembered via something like the Ewbank Room? Can't help wondering if there's interest in seeing what might be involved in making something like that permanent i.e. approach a local Blueys pub (ideally the Mt Vic pub, if it's a going concern) and seeing what it would take to make a permanent Ewbank Room (or similar) possible.

I'm a little remote to help out directly, but I'd be more than happy to kick in some $$ to help preserve John's legacy (in a way he would have appreciated).
9:27:10 AM
If a collection of the best lines at Piddington, the Wolgan, Bungles and Dogface /Echo Point were not sufficient memorials, the Imperial Hotel should stand as it was the only pub to get a special mention in the 1967 Guide. I could never work out whether "the climbers are usually be found in the lounge of this establishment" meant JME thought they were too reluctant to join in cliff development with him or merely prefererd relaxing to climbing. Sadly John is no longer around to ask, though I suspect it was the former.

Its a pity the publican has chosen to turn the "Ewbank Room" into a games room, maybe we need a Ewbank memorial guide iphone app in retaliation - just for the gamers. I was sorry not to be able to join Macizza on 14th but i'll be resident at Mt Vic on 26th for a while so iI will raise a glass to John. 28th Mac ? with Russell of course.

I first met John in 1973 when he was teaching 2 teenagers to climb at Mt Piddington. A day or so later he led them up Gently Mine at Mt Boyce. He was happy enough to let Eric Hinder & I tag along behind his entourage on the second pitch which we were too scared to lead. Try it without clipping the bolts (which weren't there in 1973); you'll get my drift. Giles was one of the two trainees btw.
11:58:40 PM
I am unable to post a few photo's here of John, circa 1970, at Mt. Piddington, on Genesis. The files are too big, but here is a link, if you wish to see them:

There is also a photo by Greg Child, on the same site.
9:57:32 AM
Nice tribute by Rock and Ice Magazine:

9:07:45 PM
Johns Final Send . . .

Johns wishes were to return to Australia, to the cliffs he knew and loved from his youth , ,,

On the 21 June he will finally be laid to rest in the Bluies, at a commemorative gathering to be held on Mt Solitary, accessed from NarrowNeck via Ruined Castle . . .

A dinner/tribute is also being planned for that night at a local venue, with further details to come.

Please pass the word out to all those who may like to make the journey and get together to commemorate and celebrate the life and climbs of John Ewbank . . .

More details as they come to hand but mark your diaries and plan your trip now . . .

1:40:23 PM
Elaborating on Macciza's post above, the following details supplied by Bruce Cameron:



The official ceremony and the scattering of the ashes will be at 1330 hours on top of Mount Solitary knife edge ridge. [Rain, hail or snow!!] At the same time people with crook knees and older less agile folk can meet at the main Dogface Lookout [Cyclorama Point] for a secondary meeting/ceremony.

We want everyone to bring a large piton or bong as a clap-stick!!

I think it best to meet at the Narrow Neck/Golden Stairs car park at 1000, but this will depend on individuals. The ceremony will start at 1330 and finish about 1400 to allow people to walk back to their cars.

A wake will be occurring at the Gearin's Hotel from about 1700 hours in Katoomba...but will not run too late.


PS This is the weekend of the Winter Magic Festival so parking in Katoomba CBD will by no means be magical!!

11:01:21 PM

I sent you an Email, with pictures of John, but your mailbox is full. My message was rejected.

E. Wells
7:57:18 AM
For those attending on Saturday just a heads up that the golden stairs track head parking area has been really congested with cars every weekend lately to the point where people are parking all over narrow neck road so car pooling or an extra klm or two walking may be a wise option. Even better an early start down furber steps and under dog face to meet track?!

4:20:37 PM
Perhaps we/someone can organise carpool from DogFace parking
I hope to stay overnight on the cliff - will have fixed lines for any who want to rap in
Doggie Party @ 2nd belay of Gigantor anyone ??
Also some comms might be handy for between the groups
Failing that smoke signals will have to do
Also i will have a selection of fine pitons on the day for those without


4:21:36 PM
Also anyone up for a climb on the dog that weekend?
Lots of possible options - drop us a line ...

10:43:11 AM
>The official ceremony and the scattering of the ashes will be at 1330
>hours on top of Mount Solitary knife edge ridge. [Rain, hail or snow!!]
>We want everyone to bring a large piton or bong as a clap-stick!!
>A wake will be occurring at the Gearin's Hotel from about 1700 hours in

Am miffed that I can't be there, but will clap a piton and bong on some stone at 1330 hrs in a simul-solo rememberence, as I appreciate my heritage.
Later at 1700 hrs I will continue the memory with a whisky toast...
Vale to an icon of Australian climbing.

4:45:46 PM
I was among the fifteen or so people who gathered at the Dogface Lookout as part of the commemorative and the lookout railing rang out a cacophony of sound when the pitons and bongs (not the plastic type!) went to work. 'Twas probably loud enough to be heard across the valley on Mt Solitary.

I'm now back home (Sydney) and preparing to raise a glass at 1700.
Cheers M9.

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