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Wierd stuff found on climbs

11:08:43 AM
The Norwegian Blue parrot story reminded me of one of the weirdest things I ever found when bolting a new route...

Rap bolting a steep cave route in the Grampians (Centurian Walls). Halfway down the route ((aiding downwards) was a horizontal slot about 10cm wide - not a ledge just a slot. In this slot was stuffed a full sized dead green parrot??! There was no perch visible for a bird of prey to sit around eating or nesting in this slot. It was a 45 degree overhung wall. The wall below and above was pretty blank I can't imagine a large lizard being able to get up it. Or a snake. It had me totally baffled. The parrot was in pristine condition as well - like a museum specimen. Partially mummified - no insects had discovered it.

Anyone else found weird stuff halfway up a climb? Or even at the base? I keep thinking one day I'm going to discover some serial killers lair out on one of my random bush bashing crag hunting trips. I've found a few dope plantations... pretty freaky when you're out by yourself alone and haven't told anyone where you are going.
Karl Bromelow
11:20:35 AM
I found a dead guy once. Not really weird but it made me feel weird. I ran to the nearest public phone and called the police. They all came dashing up the hill in their panda cars, sirens wailing, lights flashing. Not much happens in the area to rouse them from their desks so they must've been pretty excited. The first officer to reach me at the crag asked how I knew the fella was dead. I said "Look at him! His face is blue, he's half naked in midwinter and his hands are clenched on his chest!". Unconvinced the copper gave the poor man a kick to the lower right leg which recoiled, rigid with rigor mortis. "You're right, he's dead" muttered the bobby. The cops then drove me back to the station to make a statement. I suppose I must have been a suspect, initially.

11:21:10 AM
Yeah found a Holden Commodore hanging by its wheels at one area in the Mts. A failed attemt to push it over I guess.

11:26:46 AM
There is a little figurine of Santa with his trousers on the toilet in the back of a little cave on the top of the second pitch of big nose, pierces pass.

11:31:48 AM
On 28/06/2012 benjenga wrote:
>There is a little figurine of Santa with his trousers on the toilet in
>the back of a little cave on the top of the second pitch of big nose, pierces

I suppose a golf ball hidden in the pocket on "A Very Nice Sausage" at TP is not that exciting..
11:59:14 AM
My dead body tale - Nowra in 97. Not on a climb but below though...

1:06:06 PM
found a frog in one of the pockets about half way up still life @ tp once day. Alive & well hiding from the sun.... almost squished him when I put my hand in there

1:24:46 PM
On 28/06/2012 grantoss wrote:
>found a frog in one of the pockets about half way up still life @ tp once
>day. Alive & well hiding from the sun.... almost squished him when I put
>my hand in there

Same story but half way up alien space monsters. Cute little fellow.
1:37:51 PM
7 or 8 pitches up Washington Column I saw a tiny little frog staring at me out a thin crack

Eduardo Slabofvic
1:43:34 PM
I found a headless and handless statue of Jesus and a fob watch stuffed into the crack on a route in the Dolomites.
1:54:50 PM
Carpet python 2/3s of way up the great wall.

red bellied black hanging out of some thing above theory at frog

another in ethicman's dilemma

unidentified light brownygreen snake on arkearton at frog

king brown trying to climb my rope on icarus, moonarie

now i think about it, almost all of my close snake encounters seem to be at frog or moonarie. not that snakes are weird things, but they are far more heartstopping to encounter than frogs!

There was also a goanna on that 25 r of deliverence. When Gareth yelled out,"there's a goanna up here", i figured he meant at the top of the route. when i pull into the last bit of crack, i realise the goanna is actually in the crack. like less than a metre in front of my face in a 4 camalotish crack. His claws looked big. they were very close to my eyes. he wasn't happy. i got out of there almost as quickly as getting away from the snakes.
2:00:09 PM
Snake on exit pitch from Elizabethan at Buffalo.
Hummingbird at Red Rocks trying to lap nectar from my rope. Must have been just the right shade of blue.

Eduardo Slabofvic
2:03:46 PM
Snakes in cracks in Kweeeeenzlairnd aren't weird, they're ubiquitous.

2:04:47 PM
Possum half way up a climb at Mt K.

2:29:26 PM
I got bitten by a bat sleeping in a three finger pocket at Cut Lunch Walls in the Grampians. Angry little critter - like a baby gremlin hissing!

Eduardo Slabofvic
2:43:24 PM
I grabbed a Bat that was hiding in a pocket on a route in Laos

2:48:55 PM
Gecko in a pocket at a small urban sydney bouldering spot. The bloody thing squeeked and squealed when I stuck my fingys in the pocket. scared the crap outta me.

2:50:27 PM
Bird pecked the hand of my seconder in Flake Crack mount Piddington during the layback section down low. Made him fly out of the layback like he had been power punched in the chest.

Does finding M9 halfway up Devilled Cream at Buffalo count?

2:58:40 PM
Weta in horizontal cracks on Uno at Mt Somers. Not uncommon, but I had never seen one before. They are giant!
3:04:56 PM
Monkey at petchaburi. Not happy not cute. Found out why guide carried a length of steel pipe. Only told after about b virus.

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