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Training/Injury Seminar

Phil S
1:09:35 PM
Yeah, Count me in as well.
Perhaps, if you are still considering bringing the festival to Sydney, the content could be expanded a bit to make the trip worthwhile for you and the extra expense worthwhile for participants. I think I can speak for many when I say that there's a lot I don't know.
1:39:40 PM
Dom and I have decided to drop the cover charge and make admission by donation. We dont want people who are strapped for cash to be cut out.


4:19:22 PM
I've added this to the Upcoming Events on the main page. Julian if you'd like to email me a copy of the flyer I can put it up as well.
8:17:49 PM
12:51:33 PM
thanks to everybody who came along last night. the questions at the end were all great; if there were some people who did not get to ask there's, i am happy to field them here.



1:05:12 PM
Thanks to you and Dominic for giving the presentation. I appreciated your explanation of pulleys and I've definitely decided to pay more attention to warming up properly.

8:50:25 AM
Thanks again Julien and Dominic,

I appreciated the chance to have a quick chat to you both afterwards.

Damos (the tall, shy guy at the back)
8:02:06 PM
no problem, sorry i did not get to chat for longer. there were a lot of people trying to have a quick word, or ask a question. hey, who is in charge of cliffcare? i have some money for them.


10:52:25 AM
Hey Julian,
Write up a cheque or money order payable to Victorian CliffCare Fund, then send it to Victorian CliffCare Trust GPO Box 1725, Melbourne Vic 3001.
10:48:00 PM
A cheque you say, i would need a cheque book for that! i saw one of them last week. one of those fancy double ones. thanks for the info, much appreciated. i will get a money order from the post office.

7:58:12 PM
Thanks again for a great talk Julian.

One question I just thought of is what do you think of taking glucosamine sulfate as a supplement?
I had a few people in the US recommend it when I was there. It is commonly taken to help with arthritis, but do you think it could help with tendon repair?

6:12:43 PM
On 19/07/2004 benc wrote:
>Thanks again for a great talk Julian.
>One question I just thought of is what do you think of ... this new/it's always been here disease called ' macro-degeneration' or something like that---- apparently the eyes are the only part of the body that can't process vegetable oil , canola , mararine,etc,etc,etc and thats why ' older ' people gradually get 'poor eye-sight '...

fascinating stuff,Luv HEX
10:31:19 AM
Hey Ben. Good question. There is little research done on this so it is difficult to give a definitive answer. However, the theory behind glucosamine fairly much dictates that it should be advantageous for tissues of similar make up to cartilage. The biochemistry of it is rather complex (and I really dislike biochem) so I wont go into it here. Suffice to say that tendons and ligaments fall into this category. It basically works by encouraging water and nutrients to enter the tissue. Most of the current research has looked at hyaline cartilage (the shiny surface at the end of many bones; inside the joint). This is what is damaged in osteoarthritis; it basically dries up and cracks. A sponge without water is perhaps a good analogy.

When a tendon is torn, it also needs water and nutrients to heal. Up to a point, the more of it, the faster this will happen. The catch here is that, unlike OA, which is a degenerative condition so does not spontaneously heal, a tendon is likely to heal in a few weeks. And that is about how long GS takes to really start acting. It works by encouraging certain cell populations within the tissue. This takes time.

So to answer your question, for a seriously torn tendon or ligament, I would say there is nothing to lose. If it just a slight strain, I would not bother.

10:38:04 AM
hi steve, i am not sure i follow your posting re ocular degeneration form oils. are you asking me something or looking for more info?


2:15:04 PM
Julian --- thanks for re-focusing my vision on what the #@$%& eye DO mean ! --- wasn't really sure myself...

I was referring specifically to Macular Degeneration (v-s-v , ocular histoplasmosis etc,etc,etc )

' Proffessor Paul Beaumont believes the increased incidence of MD is due to the increase of vegetable oils and margarine in our diet ; We are probably sitting at a time in history where we can make a greater difference to the number of people going blind than at any other time. We have to get the message out there that vegetable oils are sending us blind '

Apparently , ' cold-pressed-extra-virgin-olive-oil ' is the best thing to put in ya cooking-cauldron ; and avacardos for spreading on ya toast...

Save the canola for spraying on that bouldering traverse...

Thanks for your diplomatic reply , Luv, HEX (and steve)...

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