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Chockstone Forum - General Discussion

General Climbing Discussion

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For th Chicks out there!!

1:28:50 PM
Climbing/babies : thoughts opinions ideas bring them forth. I love to climb, i love to travel, i love to get that ice axe out when i get the chance but feels like it might be all over forever when/if miss baker arrives on the planet. Im putting it out there for all the chicks who love to climb and appreciate the possible changes that happen compared to if tennis ect is your passion. what are your thoughts ??

1:38:04 PM
EDIT; I am completely retarded and need to learn how to read. Please disregard my original comments below, not in bold, for the drivel they truley are.

Sincere apologies Bel, I misread your post and posted a stupid comment thinking I read 'Babes' instead of babies. Apologies again for the reference to Miss Baker the space monkey. She was one of the first two monkeys who returned alive from space.

In relation to climbing while pregnant I've known quite a few friends wives who did, though my wife, who wasn't too enthusiastic about climbing to begin with, happily gave it up as soon as she found out she was pregnant. Snowboarding on the other hand.... She'll never give that up, kids and all. I believe I read somewhere about Monique Forestier climbing while pregnant, and still climbing hard post baby.

Again, my apologies Bel. Best of luck with Miss Baker.

On 27/01/2012 bel wrote:
>Climbing/babies .....

>Im putting it out there for all the chicks who love to climb...

Back on my soapbox: I feel this topic is sexist;) I'm a boy and love to climb too. Heh heh heh.

And isn't Miss Baker , the space monkey, dead? Or is there another Miss Baker to worry about?

Eduardo Slabofvic
5:32:37 PM
I can't comment, I'm completely barren. But my brother in law traveled for several years - yes years, with a wife, two boys, and two surf boards.

Oh, he had a change of cloths as well.

You'll probably have to give up climbing and take up some pathetic excuse for an out door activity, like bouldering.

Buy yourself a beanie, and one of those yuppy all terrain prams and start wrestling some pebbles. Learn to whack on endlessly about how great it is to get your body weight off the ground for a micro-second or two. Cultivate an interest in attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder to compensate.

I think you will have great opportunity to sandbag (if that rock climbing term can be transferred to bouldering) people by leaving all those pooey nappies shoved inside certain holds - that reminds me of the good old days at the Glen.

God luck.

P.S. Madam Mao Mao and I were about the only childless pair climbing at Kao Lao Liang
5:53:28 PM
Check out the alpacka thread as there is nothing wrong at all with a chick in a wet tshirt.

8:03:34 PM
I think it really depends on your babysitting options - if you have none (like us) then it's really hard to get back into it (especially after a c-section). But seeing a mini carbon copy of yourself, standing up in his cot and calling "mama" makes up for it. Climbing can wait :)

2:12:36 PM
I think any one with kids can have some insight into this topic. The comment on baby sitting is very relevant - we had some about 2 km from Arapiles campground - so managed some climbing post mini-me's. Another relevant factor is who is your climbing partner. If it's your husband - then either you need to find another partner and they look after the kids and then swap, or it's back to the issue of baby sitting. There's nothing physically stopping you climb just as much - but it is harder to organize, so it comes down to motivation and logistics. Cheers.

Organ Pipe
2:56:26 PM
I've got a 10 week old and my wife suggested (without coaxing I promise) that we leave the bubb with her folks on a Wednesday night and she join me a Nunna for a climb.

She figures it kills both the 'get back into shape post pregnancy' and 'spend adult time together' birds with the one stone*.

Bless her :)

*well... plastic more accurately.

1:13:41 PM
I climbed with a couple who celebrated their child's 2nd birthday on the beach on koh phi phi while climbing. mom or dad climbed with a friend while the other watched the bub, then they switched. They were there for over 3 months, and they stayed in budget accommodation the whole time.

if you want to keep doing the things you love with a baby, you will find a way. might have to modify how you do it, but it can be done.

2:11:31 PM
I saw a couple toproping in the gym the other night with a pram in front of the belayer. Fortunately the gym has plenty of space and a relaxed atmosphere.
11:17:53 PM
Climbing and travel, and life in general for that matter, hmmm, yep, definitely harder in many respects since the bub popped out three years ago. Wouldn't change it for the world. I was expecting a lot worse -- in terms of impact on my climbing/lifeless. I have been surprised that some of the travel hasn't been nearly as hard as I thought it would be with a bub, she has broken the ice and created some really positive experiences, actually we've all had heaps of fun at times -- except for the time she got her toe caught under the revolving door in Barcelona, poor darling. These days Monique seems to be climbing better than ever, can't say the same thing for my own climbing unfortunately -- though I prefer to blame old age and ambivalence more so than Coco for that...

As well as old age, I think careers, mortgages and living a long way from climbing does more damage to your climbing. As much as I hate to admit it I do have a sneaking suspicion after all these years that there might be a little more to life than just climbing.
11:23:14 PM
when your just pregers but not fat tight tshirts an no bra. Best boobies in the world

7:26:24 AM
This popped up on facebook this morning:

8:09:23 AM
Hey Bel

I was at a first birthday party last weekend and was told by the host that there's a woman in her mother's group who goes bouldering/climbing at the Grampians with her husband and their less than one year old child. Every second weekend! Apparently they've been doing that for a number of months now so it sounds like they didn't have to wait too long after the birth to do so. Similar to one of the other examples mentioned, they go with a group and take it in turns.

As i am neither with child or planning on having one anytime soon I didn't chase up the connection but if you want to be put in touch let me know.

In the meantime Carrie Cooper's blog appears to be an excellent resource:

8:13:35 AM
Actually, this is a better link: and the video titled, '39 Weeks' is worth a watch.
8:32:55 PM
On 1/02/2012 ajfclark wrote:
>This popped up on facebook this morning:

"Mom of the Year" by the London Daily Mail? I'm not understanding why the person standing next to the belayer is unable to look after the baby while the mother is climbing!

It's an unnecessary risk that cannot be justified. Sure there are risks associated with everyday activities such as driving a car to work but we accept that risk based on the benefits that the activity provides - earning an income. To justify her actions by stating that there are experienced climbers around is irrelevant, especially when the baby is strapped onto her back and without a helmet...

Life is about balance and adaptation and if the mother in this photo is trying to illustrate that, she is failing miserably - the only thing being illustrated here is a lack of common sense.

8:50:18 PM
>I'm not understanding why the person standing next to the belayer is unable to look after >the baby while the mother is climbing!

Are you serious?

FFS shes TR'ing. I wouldn't trust 95% of the kidless muppets that I climb with for 1 second with my kids. It is way safer to TR with bubs on your back than leave em with them at that age.
9:05:15 PM
>Are you serious?
>FFS shes TR'ing. I wouldn't trust 95% of the kidless muppets that I climb
>with for 1 second with my kids. It is way safer to TR with bubs on your
>back than leave em with them at that age.

Bomber Pro, why would you be climbing with people you don't trust and describe as “muppets”? Maybe you should reconsider the decisions you make in your life.

9:36:08 PM
On 1/02/2012 beryllium wrote:
>>Are you serious?
>>FFS shes TR'ing. I wouldn't trust 95% of the kidless muppets that I climb
>>with for 1 second with my kids. It is way safer to TR with bubs on your
>>back than leave em with them at that age.
>Bomber Pro, why would you be climbing with people you don't trust and
>describe as “muppets”? Maybe you should reconsider the decisions you make
>in your life.

My life decision was to climb only with muppets cos they make me feel good about myself. Nothing more self satisfying than rocking up to a belay and tellin da muppet that I poked up it that, "That's a shit belay".

Or even better, sending the muppets off on some sketchy route that is WAY over their limit, then (no shit this is hard for me to write cos I am giggling SO much) - after they have whipped all over the place on shit gear - leading up it, ostensibly to clean it, but just cranking through to the top on the same shit gear that they used. Why do I do it?

cos I am

Da bomb

PS. For all you muppets that believe in me - my bottom is still a little sore but getting better by the minute. Gotta love the ice packs.

11:07:13 PM
On 1/02/2012 bomber pro (aka Useful) wrote:
>Why do I do it?
>cos I am
>Da bomb

You're a bad man Useful.... Beryllium, take everything said by 'Bomber Pro' with a many grains of salt. He's hijacked another users name and is being a sausage.

11:14:52 PM
On 1/02/2012 Miguel75 wrote:

>You're a bad man Useful.... Beryllium, take everything said by 'Bomber
>Pro' with a many grains of salt. He's hijacked another users name and is
>being a sausage.

But it is so entertaining!

And sausage made me giggle too.

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