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Someone trashing Lake Huntley

10:22:34 AM
On 1/02/2012 Phil S wrote:
>Huts with coal flown in? Where? The Overland track?. I think it's a bit
>different out there - it's a bush highway.

WTF kind of statement is that???? impact is impact. you can't imply, "walkers don't impact, those places are already impacted upon so it doesn't count"

Im well aware we all impact slightly, minimising it is key. people just need to stop and think for a few seconds. personally i don't like whats happened up at lake huntley. but I'm sure some people may not like the fixed anchors I've installed. so I'm not going to get too high up on any horse when it comes to what user groups holier than thou.

please can we all just follow Rule #1:

DONT BE A DICKHEAD (applicable to all real-life situations)

as for toiling up there, I'm going to be ordering a bunch of WAG bags soon. they're a carry out system commonly used throughout the US and on big-wall routes. i think carry-out is the best option as the reality is very few of us toilet PROPERLY in the bush. ill try to get some extra's so hit me up if you want some to use(if your nice to me i'll even give u a fresh one :P). or even if you just need beta etc!


Phil S
7:08:07 PM
On 1/02/2012 Phil S wrote:
>Huts with coal flown in? Where? The Overland track?. I think it's a bit
different out there

On 2/02/2012 sliamese wrote:
>you can't imply, "walkers don't impact, those places are already impacted upon so it doesn't count"

I'm not implying that walkers don't have an impact. Only that the Overland track is VERY busy - to the point that a booking system and relatively hefty fee has been deemed appropriate if you wish to walk the track during peak times. There are huts and then there are huts for private guided parties. These facilities are not available in The Tyndalls so yes, there is a difference.

8:08:28 PM
So who is organizing the working party to start on the Tyndall hut?

Phil S
9:42:32 PM
That'd be great. A nice snug log cabin made from the cuttings of the landing area.
8:40:54 PM
I was in the big group of jumpers last year (not sure where 20 came from but maybe half that?), and while I didn't see the bottom of the cliff due to poor cinditions i do know that we caused no undue damage. SOme of the boys have not spent much time in wilderness areas and had to be told basics but we ensured that rubbish and waste was carried out, that no fires were lit, that we walked on existing trails in single file etc etc so get off your high horse and don't pass the buck along. We left you extra food and gas in the cave with your existing stash too, enjoy!
tas alex
11:17:55 PM
You know there was no undue damage? how do you know this if you havent seen it?
High horse or not, to be honest if you havent seen the bottom of the cliff you havent seen any of the damage at all. There is no damage at the top of the cliff other than track erosion from extra use, which is not specific to any user group. The forest at the bottom has been destroyed in the landing zones and track, no undue damage my ass.

Your group told staff in a Hobart outdoor shop there was 20 of you.

extra food and gas in the cave? was this in the rock compartments in the cave behind the chairs? thats not my stash, parks carried all that out a few weeks ago
tas alex
11:25:17 PM
Oh and dont worry about the fires that was visiting climbers who have been talked to and will not be doing it again.

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