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Another troll part 2
8:09:07 AM
I Just tried to reply to the Queenslanders going soft thread and it is blocked..... what tha???

I was out at Frog last weekend and didn’t see any bolting out there (thank god!). Rest assured not all us brissy climbers have rocks in our head..... I for one hope never to see routes bolted at FB and will certainly be removing them if I see one (except for the chains that are at the tops of some of the climbs for belay stations of course). I know a few other brissy climbers who would also agree with me, so rest assured there are brissy people who would be vehemently against bolting of FB. That said, I haven’t heard of any plans to bolt FB..... let's hope it never happens. I guess it is one of the dangers though that come with our spot becoming so popular and "trendy" over the years (i shudder sometime when i see some of the climbers out there now days!).

9:09:54 AM
Read the post at the bottom at that thread. It is all a troll by someone who is banned from this forum.

That's the reason the thread is now locked and the reason the initial thread was deleted.
11:24:15 AM
Ok, no probs. Good to hear that no bolting is planned for FB.

8:54:09 PM
I don't think that NO bolting is a good thing, there are definitely bolts that need replacing, as they all do at
some point, and there is also potential for NEW climbs that require a bolt/s, the problem were if
somebody decided to RETRO bolt a climb that was not originaly put up with that bolt/s.
10:23:58 PM
The latest that I have heard from Frog is that the rangers are very much against bolting and are looking to make an example of anybody they catch doing it.

I would like to see some of the abseil anchors replaced (as the trees they are attached too are dying). But I will not do any bolt work out there with the current attitude.

Oh well.

Safer Cliffs Vic
10:44:37 PM
Frog is up there with Ben Lommond as an area that gets almost zero attention from the bolters. There has been only about 3 new routes established in the last 10 years, and these only included a handfull of bolts. SCV probaly placed more bolts last weekend than anyone has placed at Frog this decade. Its not a problem, and its highly unlikely that it will ever be a problem. It is not steep, it is not the right style. It will never be a sport crag. I talked to the rangers when i was there and they did seem to have a minor gripe with bolters - but their attention was squarly against the development at Greville rather than Frog. They were most worried about loose rock and vegetation removal than the placment of bolts. Lukicly for us the loose rock and vegetation was removed from Frog by the anti-bolting old guard (Rick White ect) in the 60s.
one day hero
9:53:27 AM
Man, this shit is getting taken way too seriously!

If Hexy can come up with yet another bogus personality and manage (with just one post!) to get 10 banana benders jumping around, I say good on him.

And it's not total drivel either, this is a valid topic for discussion. Probably less annoying to start it with a troll than with one of Bomber Pro's yawn inducing factsheets.

C'mon, you have to admit that the Totem Pole joke got pretty funny after a while, let him back in!
Chockstone Moderator
1:41:02 PM
A record number of Chockstone users voted to have this troll removed from the forum. If you combine
the number of votes that he has received under the different aliases he has used (Edward Sillypants etc),
then he has hundreds of ‘vote off’ votes to his name. The moderators agree that there is no point
continuously banning this user then each time allowing him back into the forum 10 minutes later under a
new alias. Thus we have also begun deleting his posts to discourage him. Chockstone welcomes his
creative and thought provoking input, but asks that he keeps to a singular topic so as not to overwhelm
all the other forums with his extreme waffling and trolling. Provoke away in your own little space all you
want, but please don’t disrupt the majority of users of this forum. We will continue to delete posts and
ban this user until they co-operate.
1:58:27 PM
Nothing is serious, we all die in the end, lighten up. I vote in for sillypants.
chockstone moderator
2:22:28 PM
Libel can be serious. Don't forget the infamous incident of the two Kens threating to take the Victorian
Climbing Club to court over an article written in their club newsletter several years ago. There was
withdrawn guidebooks, official apologies, official retractions. Don't think it can't happen on forums.
Targeting particular people like an anonymous bully doesn't win friends. It might be funny to outsiders -
but to the actual people being mentioned it can be hurtful and annoying. Especially when it's not based
on any resemblance of reality. At this stage any posts by our particular serial pest friend will be deleted -
regardless of content. A ban is a ban.

2:29:25 PM
If someone wants to continue talking to this guy see here:

5:51:02 PM
On 9/10/2007 nmonteith wrote:
>If someone wants to continue talking to this guy see here:

He'll just get ignored on Cragx.
chockstone moderator
7:49:05 PM
This topic has been moved and un-locked for your enjoyment One Day Hero.

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