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Beal Superdry Rope Question - strange noise
6:42:44 PM
Bought a Beal Superdry 10.2mm 60m rope not long ago and have used it on about 4 climbing problems. Was up at Araps over the Christmas/NY break and was rapping off a climb when my rope started to make, and I hesitate to use this word, a slight and very tiny 'snapping' or ' popping noise as I was coming down. I am not easily freaked but I have to say the heart rate sped up. Noticed also that the rope seemed to be flattening out. The sheath, from the start, did seem to have a bit of movement in it compared to other ropes. Ended up using another rope to climb with. My partner thought it could be the rope stretching and settling in and this did cross my mind when I was coming down and we shall have a closer inspection of it. Still, I would be interested to know if anyone else has had this occur, especially if it is a Beal rope. Grateful for any feedback.

6:45:49 PM

It's the sheath stripping off the core as explained in other forums!

soon you'll be able to do double raps with it!!

just kidding :-)
6:51:37 PM
Great! Double the fun for half the money.
3:48:08 AM
Is it the pink one?

I've got a beal 10.2mm and i get more of a creaking noise when weighted.

i would also add that beal ropes are notorious for not holding their shape well....mammut every time for me now.
8:19:49 AM
Yes, pinkish lilac. It seemed the more I slowed the rap down, then it would pop/snap.

9:52:07 AM
you know my rope makes a farting noise as well

but then it may not be my rope
10:32:15 AM
I'm sure I've heard that echoing across the plains

unless that was just the frogs
11:12:32 AM
I had what sounds like exactly the same thing with my new beal rope when first using it at Moonarie.
While getting fairly spanked on a route, my partner says 'hey, can you hear that noise?'. I thought he
was kidding, but when he was toproping it later I could hear the same thing.

I ended up concluding that it must be the rope rubbing on the rock as it stretched when weighted - but I
was unconvinced.

Seemed to work fine though - but I made sure to send the route next shot so I didn't have to test it out
too much...

8:56:03 PM
I wondered about this too....anyone else?

Cheap rope though....
8:11:49 AM
I have a Beal Edlinger that I bought about 6 months ago. I haven't noticed any noise but it has flattened out too as is now oval shaped over the length of the rope. I guess it's from passing through the belay device but I've never seen a rope do that before.
Mike Bee
8:51:45 AM
I've found Beals last the shortest period of time out of a few different brands that I've tried (Edelrid and Bluewater too). I've had some massive sheath slippage on one, and some flattening on another, and on a friends too.

Organ Pipe
9:03:06 AM
I picked up a Beal Edlinger about 6 months ago too and it also deforms when weighted.

The core deforms to an oval or eliptical cross section instead of a tubular shape.

It relaxes back to being tubular and nice and supple afterward. I've had similar questions about this behaviour since I first noticed it.

9:12:19 AM
Your rope is a Beal *something* with superdry or goldendry treatment, the "-dry" part is the coating on the materials to stop water absorption.

Apparently they wear off after a while so I think it stands to reason that they could make a noise depending on what type of material was used.

Having said that, I have a Beal Flyer II 50m with superdry treatment. Never been washed and only been used on maybe 30 routes+ rappels. Its only now starting to loose its "plastic" feeling, though I never noticed any real noise besides a bit of a creak sometimes when weighting it before a rappel.

Also, I have most definitely noticed the flattening of the rope during a rappel. I asked about this when I first started leading and using the rope and was told its normal and nothing to worry about. Its not a problem.

Overall, Im not too thrilled with my Beal. Think Ill try Sterling or something else next. maybe we need a "what rope is good" thread

Big G
9:22:17 AM
I have a Beal too. After a fall or lower off it seems to stiffen up and be more like wire (in an oval shape). Sometimes after a long rap or a biggish fall I can get it to stand up like some kind of rope/snake charmer. After this, i give it a flick and it returns to normal.

12:38:51 PM
I got the same rope Gavo. Think I'll spend more money next time. My rope even came oval shaped. Soft catches though.

1:17:44 PM
Damn. I was going to sell you mine.

4:31:38 PM
On 16/03/2011 Gavo wrote:
>Damn. I was going to sell you mine.

Anyone wanna buy 2 really awsome, completly noise free, totally round beal flyer 2 ropes?

4:59:57 PM
mine really is noise free.

Its a perfectly good rope actually, and bloody near new.

Im getting a 60 though

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