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Chockstone Forum - Gear Lust / Lost & Found

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Ultimate Gear Lust Tool
6:16:16 PM
This is a project I have been working on for a while.

Rack Simulator allows you to create any rock climbing rack and graphically analyze the protectable area of the rack. The system also provides you with detailed statistics regarding the weight of the rack and an approximate cash value.

I am defiantly looking for suggestions so let me know.

- Mark
12:12:29 PM
Include biners, offsetts, RP's and other stuff. Would be nice to have a function that included active and passive in the one graph. Could possibly be in different colours to show the active/passive split. An add a custom piece function would be nice and it would update your data base for you.
10:45:00 PM
Yeah, as the gear obsessed freak that i am i set up my account and went to add my wild country rocks - but u dont have them listed!

Great idea and have obviously put a bit of work into it but i reckon you need to add a wider range of gear.

An ultimate function would be to link it to database so that it tells you if you have sifficient pro to do a particular climb :) !!!
2:41:47 PM
You always have enough pro, just maybe not enough balls.

2:47:21 PM
Woah!... i never thought i'd find a site more confusing/ugly than
I hereby by the power vested in me, grant you the un-usability award for outstanding achievment

Most of this was during the account creation part...
I ended up on a completly different website after i got through it
Still once i got into the thing i was kinda impressed
Needs a few more types of pro still...

3:22:12 PM
Like the concept - agree with others that more gear is required.

It'd be interesting to completely spec out a multi-pitch that most are likely to know (e.g. Bard) and see if a particular rack does the job - or start with the climb and show the minimum gear required.
9:02:12 AM
Thank you for the critiques so far. These do help in the development of this tool.

If you could specify what difficulties you have when creating a user this would help allot. I have tried to make this process simple and it is difficult to see the 'obvious' problems when you developed a tool. Once again thanks!

Also when you say 'more gear' please specify. If you know a URL which contains stats on the equipment that would help as well.


7:52:28 PM
I reckon this is really cool and great for newbies that want to buy "essentials".

You need to add more gear though, I have a whole bunch of Cassin & HB stuff (cams, hexes, wires) that's not listed. - they also used to make tri cams with a single finger pull trigger but they're not listed on this site.

I can't find the old Cassin ones online anywhere...I got them ages ago (12yrs?) thru a mate who was coming back from the Czech Republic...


8:59:42 PM
>I reckon this is really cool and great for newbies that want to buy "essentials".

>I can't find the old Cassin ones online anywhere...I got them ages ago
>(12yrs?) thru a mate who was coming back from the Czech Republic...

That's to save newbies from speccing horrid old Czech gear
6:15:31 AM
Update: Biners have been added to the

2:22:54 PM
That's great. I often find myself stuffing biners into a crack when I can't find the right sized nut

6:07:06 PM
What about jammalots and the spaghetti cam, as seen on Qurank. Help us out Phill, I can't seem to find it.

6:17:49 PM
Hold up, here she is:
7:05:07 PM
On 23/08/2005 gremlin wrote:
>Woah!... i never thought i'd find a site more confusing/ugly than

i'd agree with you on that....not sure why for aussie climbs they can't have anice simple database of climbs like or supertopo where people actually post comments!
1:22:21 PM
Could anyone be specific about what is confusing. I am trying to work on this but it is hard to determine what is not obvious when you programmed it.

6:19:31 PM
i didnt find it that confusing once i got my account set up.

It is better already since you have added some more gear
but you still need to add more i reckon: RP's, Micro Rocks, etc, etc.

cheers, dave

6:23:20 PM
Personally i didn't have any trouble navigating, it was just difficult.

You might want to create a central account login position, say with a picture of a rack (with note or pictures of the gear you have already added).
You click on the type of pro you want, then this takes you to the add multipule pro menu, then choose the brand, this takes you to the add menu.
Then add what you like.

Perhaps have a picture of a chart below the rack, this pic will take you to the gear/space filling analysis.
6:58:21 AM
Aren't the micro-rocks the same thing as 'rock on wire' by Wild Country:
Or am I wrong? Is so if you have a link I could use as a reference that would be great!

NEW UPDATE Added sub-racks: A sub-rack is a collection of a portion of your main rack. This allows you to design a rack for a specific climb. This tool has two advantages. 1) It allows you to plan for your climb. 2) It allows you to search for racks of climbs other users have designed.

Try the tool out (just login like normal) and let me know what you think. Useful? could changes make it more useful etc.

1:12:19 PM
Yeah micro rocks are the same however they are the small sizes: 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75.
i am not sure now that they have released a new range of Rocks whether they still make these (they should though)
anyway you can find the dimensions at

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