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reliable retailers?
3:44:55 PM
Has anyone had any experiences, good or bad, with I've used them several times in the past and it's always been fine. However this time, I got my postage confirmation email, then nothing. It's been over a month, and I've emailed them twice to get a tracking number or just to know if it's been posted at all, but nothing!

3:50:17 PM
have used gearexpress.COM a fair bit and really good. when i type in .biz into the same page it all looks legit.

could that be a scam??

4:00:06 PM
They've been using both domains for a while now.
White Gold
8:40:05 PM
Been awesome for me. Never had a problem with them for 3-4 of my orders. My first order arrived in 7 days over the Christmas/new years period! The rest were usually between 7-14 days.
.biz & .com are the same people.
Did notice they were starting to take longer to reply last time I ordered. Instead of being with in 24hrs it was 3-4 days. Took a mate a week to here back from them, after a follow up email on his behalf. Have they withdrawn the money yet? Otherwise you could try rock hardware ;)
9:39:41 AM
Last time I checked my credit card hadn't been charged. I'll try one more email, then go somewhere else. I'd hate for them to charge my card right after I buy the stuff again!

9:41:31 AM
Maybe try from a different email account? If you're using a Hotmail one, it might be getting stuck in their spam filters.
10:03:11 AM
Tried different accounts and no response. I mate also had trouble, didn't hear back from them after a month! Oh well, off to find another

11:48:06 AM
Strange. I have ordered from them a number of times with great sucess and no problems.
The only thing I do not like about them, is they do not have a good ordering system regarding charging your card. They always try to contact you before processing an order, and while I appreciate the added security and personal touch, it does get a little frustrating when it takes them several days to contact you then another 7 days to read your affermative reply.
10:42:53 AM
Any news on your order DanMac?

I just checked and my order from 13/09/12 has been charged from my credit card, however after a super delayed email exchange over weeks (which has now been silent on their end for over 2 weeks) I have gotten no info on whether (let alone when) the order is being shipped... Beginning to feel some heat.

2:13:12 PM
roughly what do they tend to charge for shipping to aus?
say for a set of quickdraws and some biners?

Big G
2:52:20 PM
mostly 40-50 for postage - so the value depends on the gear you buy.

3:32:45 PM
On 1/11/2012 MarcusfromHamilton wrote:
>roughly what do they tend to charge for shipping to aus?
>say for a set of quickdraws and some biners?

It can be really steep if they use their normal post though I usually ask the more user friendly retailers (gearxpress, mtn tools, bentgate, summit hut etc) if they'll use the much cheaper, US Postal Service priority mail international service...

Only had one rejection so far...

I was a big buyer of gear in the US though must say there are so many items in Aus at a similar price to OS, you might as well touch base with Steve from RockHardware before buying gear OS. Touch base with him and see if he can look after you...

9:50:35 AM
Finally got my gear this week. After a month of radio silence they sent me an email with a vague apology about the "extremely poor communication" above the usual template about enjoying your gear.
Postage was $62 via USPS, for a pair of shoes, 4 biners, and some slings.
I probably won't buy from them again...
10:19:39 AM
On 2/11/2012 DanMac wrote:
>Finally got my gear this week. After a month of radio silence they sent
>me an email with a vague apology about the "extremely poor communication"
>above the usual template about enjoying your gear.
>Postage was $62 via USPS, for a pair of shoes, 4 biners, and some slings.
>I probably won't buy from them again...

The radio silence is quite common, especially if they don't have gear in stock, they'll just wait till they have it in stock then send it. I had this problem with La Sportiva shoes, since there's pretty much a world wide shortage when we ordered they didn't say anything. Gave Blake a call and then he looked as said their was a shortage and it would be an 8 week wait. Without me calling he / their wouldn't have contacted us ...

Postage sounds a little steep, but it's not really their fault. From what I can see La Sportiva climbing shoe boxes are designed to fit into a USPS box size, two pairs fits just nicely into the size up. Basically if you get something that requires a box around those sizes you either pay ~$40 for the single, or ~$65ish for the two box size (assuming you don't go over the weight limits). We paid $65 USD in freight for two pairs of shoes and five biners. To be honest, not defending the radio silence, but the freight they can't do much about.

Big G
11:05:15 AM
>We paid $65 USD in freight for two pairs of shoes and five biners.

given that my last pair of shoes (large sizes not available in australia) was more than $100 cheaper from the states - you've probably still got a bargain

12:03:47 PM
On 2/11/2012 DanMac wrote:
>Postage was $62 via USPS, for a pair of shoes, 4 biners, and some slings.
>I probably won't buy from them again...

Mate that's harsh.... Look up freight forwarders or ask them to use USPS priority international.
9:20:47 AM
The postage I wasn't too concerned about as it will still cheaper than buying here. It was more the radio silence. If I had an email on day 1 saying it would be 6 weeks wait while they wait for stock, then I wouldn't have made the OP it all. The worrying part is when you email 3 times, knowing you have confirmed your credit card details, and hear nothing!
9:41:04 AM
I bought some stuff off them a couple of years ago, the postage seemed a bit steep so I emailed and asked them why (for the small, light thing it was) and they offered to send it a different way that was about 20% cheaper. Most other retailers won't do that.

US$62 sounds a lot, but it would probably be similar from here to there, and as posted above, to some extent their hands are tied. Some retailers make a profit on their shipping, but I doubt that's the case here. All these retailers need systems to deal with their volume of shipping, and that system may not give the optimal deal to every single customer, but is the most time and cost-efficient from their end of things.

We also need to remember that for all these US online retailers, international sales are a small percentage of their business and for many it's just not worth the hassle.

The lack of communication is poor, for sure. But did they know it would be that long a wait in the beginning? Often the manufacturer tells everyone it will be 'a few weeks' which turns out to be three months (or more, see Petzl Lynx crampons) and everyone gets stuffed up.

10:02:12 AM
If the shipping is steep, find a frieght forwarder. A lot of these companies offer free shipping within USA; you can often find a freight forwarder who will send it to Australia for less than $30.

Usually I just find a few friends who want random things. If you can wait a bit splitting $60 shipping between 3 or 4 people works out ok.

12:42:59 PM
I use

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