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Anyone tried Deuter traveller 80/10?
3:45:52 PM
In the market for a pack. Did the rounds of Kent St in Sydney and came up with the Deuter Traveller 80/10 vs a Tatonka Yukon 70. Basically easier access style travellers pack vs an indestructible more hiking style. And dollars - $480 for the Deuter in the shops vs $270 online for the Tatonka.

Anyone have experience/knowledge/hot tips on cheaper deals?

4:25:57 PM
I have a Macpac Torlesse:

(I have the 65L, but 75L seems closer to what you're after). It's good. It has the front zip things so you can get into the middle and bottom, but also has some more hiking pack-like features than a standard travel pack. I haven't bought any Macpac gear since they set up their own shops, so can't comment on how quality has/hasn't changed.

I think most people will tell you that a pack that fits you is the best pack. What do you want it for?
10:21:32 PM
Those 2 both fit very comfortably. Only other one which fit nearly as well was an Osprey something or other. But it had some retarded restrictions on the inside which meant you couldn't open it into 1 compartment.

I tried on a Macpac glissade and a Gemini 75. Both pulled my shoulders quite hard into the sockets, even when fitted properly. Was a pity since a friend of my ma's (who'd been sponsored by macpac) said they used to be awesome.

Will mainly be used for cragging (hence the easy access travel style), with the odd bit of hiking with heavy loads. I tried both packs with 20kg+ and they felt good even with that weight.

9:17:30 AM
I ve had a dueter bag for years now and I cant kill it. Its been a great bag (though 50+10 and a little smaller than what your looking at) and I would recommend the brand to you mate.
1:37:22 PM
Cheers guys. Went back again over the weekend for a further play and pretty convinced. Now I just need a good online store to avoid paying ridiculous Kent St prices! :P
11:28:37 AM
Deuter make great products.

Phill you should check out

When you register you also get a 10% discount code.

12:18:26 PM
Philtown, the osprey packs dont have a zippered divider! They use a ladderlock which can be easily undone. Lighter and less failure prone than a zip. Its really easy to miss.

9:58:57 PM
Yep, you can buy it online. I am sure that is a great way to treat the shop staff who probably spent ages with you, fitted you, gave you advice when you had no idea what you were wanted and then subsequently when you went back to try the product again in the shop. When you buy retail, you don't only pay for the pack. You pay to see it, handle it, compare it with other packs, try different sizes, see how it fits your back and you pay for someone to help your choice. You are just exploiting the retailer and giving them no reward. It is pretty rude way to behave.

There is no way retail prices can ever match online prices and you shouldn't expect them to. How much for example, do you think it costs to rent a store in the middle of the CBD? Or to pay staff? Or to import small amounts of stock and pay import duties etc on them. I don't have issues with people buying gear online. I have serious issues with people going into a shop and bleeding them dry before buggering off and being a complete online cheapskate.

Oh, and btw, in 5 years time when you want to replace your pack, or boots, or rope, don't go looking for quality advice and products in any Australian store because people like you would have forced them to shut down.
5:13:39 AM
Hi I know this is a long shot as the original post was posted a long time ago. Did you end up getting a Traveller 80+10? If so, please let me know of your experience with it.

I live in South Africa where choices on backpacks are very limited. There are some well known brands such as North Face, First Ascend and the like but shops only have 40-50L for them and don't have bigger ones. There is one shop that happens to have big sizes in Deuter. In fact I have only two choices. Air Contact Pro 70+15 or Traveller 80+10.

So it boils down to exactly what you said "travellers pack vs an indestructible more hiking style"

I tried them on and they both have nice well padded shoulder and waist strap and felt good but I never know how they feel with stuff in and after hours of carrying. I like the idea of being prepared for hard core backpacking but I really like Traveller as it seems to be so easy to access due to the big front zip. Aircontact pro has a front zip but small. With Traveller it seems like I can just throw in everything. And it is a backpack. I will never buy a suitcase. I am a backpacker!

It is not that I go to a jungle or a snow mountain to camp for a month but I still like to have one with which I can comfortably go on a few day camping trek. Aircontact is equipped in a way so I can put through water hose, store an ice pickle and what have you, but I donít know how much I need them.
I know it all depends on what kind of backpack I do and some people say 40-50L is enough and 80L is overkill. I had an 80L backpack before, and I am a guy so I don't need so many clothes but still it didn't take much at all.

Traveller doesn't have side pockets where I can put and take a water bottle without putting if off the shoulder but I don't know if that is an issue. and maybe not so water proof either. but you can put clothes in a black bag and then put it in a backpack right? I did so in Patagonia.
Does anyone know anything about Traveller 80+10? What is the reason for it not being listed under Trekking? Does it hurt your back after a while? Not durable?
If anyone uses this and give me some information I really appreciate it.
Thank you

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