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Stung by something at Araps
2:28:56 PM
Whilst climbing Surface to Air (17) at Araps on Saturday, I reached into a pocket and felt a sharp pain on the palm side on my little finger of my right hand. It looked like a splinter from a plant or something and as I climbed higher and got into a good stance, I pulled out what I thought was part of small plant splinter out.

Well, within about an hour or less, and for the rest of the weekend, my right hand swelled up to the point where it was hard to see the bottom three nuckles of my hand. Other than being unable to jam very well, and despite some pain, I was able to climb for another 1.5 days.

Have climbed Surface to Air many times before, and have not noticed anything there of concern. No bees in the area at the time. Hand is still swollen and slightly painfull with some inflammation which is not spreading and I don't feel drousy etc.

Cause: Nasty plant or insect like a spider?? Cure??

3:01:55 PM
Had a similar experience in the organ pipes, but I managed to see the culprit. A brown scorpion - so it might be that?

At the time my life flashed before my eyes, I started getting short of breath as I struggled to the telephone booth to call for an ambulance for what was surely the last day of my life. I spoke to a Doctor, and when I described what happened, he paused and said that it was no worse than a bee sting and then hung up.

Immediately I began to feel better..;..
6:12:37 AM
Such swelling is an allergic inflammatory reaction. It can be cause by almost any organic intrusion to the body. Bee stings, wasp stings, nettle, peanuts, etc.

This occurs to a friend of mine on this Saturday too. Bull Ant in climbing shoe! Monday morning her foot was swelled up like a balloon. Naturally no climbing was possible.

So yes. It could be anything. I prescribe rest and over the counter antihistamines.

(I don't bulk bill. Please pay the receptionist on the way out.)

7:45:07 AM
I'd go with ant sting too. I've had a few lately that've caused me trouble. One on my arse after the little guy crawled up the leg of my pants and one in the middle of my back. The one on my back was better because I couldn't reach it to scratch so it didn't get as aggravated.
12:37:49 PM
Maybe a wasp but more likely a bull ant got into your pocket, one of the nastier species like a Jack Jumper or the big ones I know as inch ants. What you found may have been a mandible and the bite caused a typical amount of inflammation. If you were hypersensitive to Jack Jumpers (a few percent of people are) and didn't know it, it could have been a medical emergency. A climbing partner of mine has to carry an EpiPen at all times when climbing, etc, although she's now undergoing a desensitisation program.
1:04:10 PM
Sounds like a bee sting, there were a few of them flying around last weekend despite the cool conditions and you may have just been unlucky.

1:07:55 PM
Isn't the mega nasty bees nest on Collision Course just right of Surface to Air?
2:22:09 PM
I hear that it is, despite attempts to eradicate it. A couple of Nati locals have been having a go from time to time, according to my reliable source.

There's a notice up at the moment that bees are on Toccata, and last year when I was on Iphigenia there was a hive.

There's a separate thread for this of course.

5:58:59 PM
On 12/06/2012 nmonteith wrote:
>Isn't the mega nasty bees nest on Collision Course just right of Surface to Air?

I know of one person who got stung on the forehead just as he was setting up for the crux on Collision Course... that was on the 11th of April this year. I asked him to rap and clean his own gear.

10:39:51 PM
did the splinter look like this?
The stinger left from a bee looks a little like a splinter.

10:29:35 AM
I got stung by a scorpion recently, which was pretty similar to what you describe... but I don't think there was anything left in the wound.

Hurt like a bastard though.

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