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F****d up wrist- therapy?

B.A. Baracus
12:12:49 PM
I recently stacked my push bike at high speed. Came away with some juicy grazes, but most distressing was the wrist sprain I sustained. It has been two weeks since the accident and the wrist is O.K. for some things (roped climbing) but not others (bouldering/ arse wiping). Assuming you've had a similar injury, what has helped you (collective as in "y'all") recover rapidly from such an injury. I want to wipe my arse again soon!

12:22:38 PM
considering you can't wipe your arse, I'm suprised you've got anyone willing to beley you ;-)
if it is just a sprain (2 weeks seems a little too long for just a sprain), rest and anti inflammatories would be the go (I'd say too late for icing). But I'm not a medical expert. I would suggest seeing a physio. There's a good one in Langwarrin if you're from Vic. He's a climber, so knows the moves etc. PM me if you want his details.
12:23:30 PM
If you cannot do rote tasks, such as ablutions, I suspect that you have a break. Grab a book and some nibblies and get down to triage at your nearest public hospital, perhaps?
12:27:55 PM
Go to the vet. Say your dog has kennel cough and ask for a big bottle of dihydrocodine cough syryp (strawberry flavour). Goes well with vodka.
12:32:46 PM
Also if you're self banging do it straight into an odd sock. Saves the twist associated with wiping. As for your backside I sugesst you use an up and down motion rather than an in and out or circular one.

12:33:04 PM
can you bend your wrist back 90 degrees? if not, then good chance you've broken your scaiffoid, and are in for 4 months of plaster. If you can, there is still a chance you've broken one of the other little tiny bones in the wrist. Either way, visit your gp, who will refer you for an xray. Don't worry about the physio yet.

B.A. Baracus
12:41:12 PM
Old sock? Should have a few of those. Is it O.K. if it has holes? By the by, thanks to all for your advice. Will see GP.

3:55:33 PM
don't know where your based, but i'ev broken my wrist an unfortunate 4 times in various mtb accidents. There is a hand specialist attached to st vincents that does nothing but these types of breaks. They are the people to get referred to if it is a scaiffoid or other serious break.
4:01:30 PM
i wouldnt be quite so alarmed as ado but i would not climb within 2 weeks of such an injury.

i am weeks into a ice skating incident involving the wrists myself and have stayed out of climbing. that's bouldering, easy trad, gym, everything. i would imagine mantling and/or hand jams would be one of the most painful things to do right now and anything even remotely dynamic. initially i would have suggested lots of ice and compression and just rest. it is really frustrating and depressing but you cannot push it not if you want to be able to use your wrists again in the long run. i don't really see the difference between bouldering and roped climbing in this case as both will have very similar impacts on your healing process.

if you can't even wipe your ass then you definitely shouldn't be climbing. 2 weeks may not mean it is broken but if in doubt could be good to check by getting scans. most wrist sprains take 2-6 weeks to heal properly and longer if you rush it
it is a very delicate part of the body.
4:31:21 PM
dmnz is right.. Two weeks doesn't seem to be a long enough time for even a mild sprain to heal properly, especially if you kept climbing on it. Ligaments have a very poor vascular supply, that is poor blood flow, hence, any injury, even only subtle will take a long time to heal properly. Let alone a joint that takes as much impact as the wrist does during activity.

Let us know how your x-ray goes, now will be the perfect time to show up a scaffoid fracture... Just don't wait to long as it may necrode and cause all sorts of problems.

B.A. Baracus
10:42:42 AM
11:09:51 AM
you can still rest, protect and compress

strapping the wrists is good for the last two

resting it, well, you will just have to stop climbing for a bit

11:12:52 AM
3:14:36 PM
speed, hard surface, fall over forward = pain

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