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First time dislocation

11:04:12 PM
Hey guys,
playing around on TR today, I popped my shoulder out of place briefly, well, I think I did. It felt incredibly
weird, definitely what I would imagine a dislocation to be.
It didn't really hurt a whole bunch, but now, a few hours later, its a bit tender to move. Its not swelling any noticeable amount.
Any immediate action other than RICE?
How can I stop this from becoming a habit? Stronger muscles? Take up chess?


12:22:54 AM
I think I've done this a few times, hasn't bothered me in a long while though.
I would rest it a little then ease back into things. Also work on getting more strength into
them. I guess just be careful with them and avoid really weird movements or

8:13:54 AM
Starting with all the usual caveats about medical advice and I'm not an expert, I am somewhat experienced in destroying shoulders.

If it felt like it was in a different position for a while; not just an in and out pop, then it sounds like a classic dislocation. Was your upper arm perpindicular to your side, and in line with your chest?

Anyway, I had a reco last year, and had an excellent physio to boot. His best piece of information is definitely ice while it's sore, and just some non painful range of movement work, until the mobility comes back. Once you're not so tender, but maybe a bit weak, start working up through 3 sets of 10-15 push ups, on a bench if it's too hard to start, or on your knees on the floor, aiming to be able to do a one arm pushup. But, make sure while you're doing them you're very slow and deliberate, turning all the muscles on, and 'roll your shoulders out' as far as you can at the top of the stroke. This helps activate and strengthen the littler rotator cuff muscles. Wouldn't say I was doing one armed push ups yet (it's 14 months since the reco) but I've been pretty slow/lazy about it.

11:44:05 AM
it actually sounds like you've had a subluxation, not a full dislocation which most often requires reducing (putting it back in) at hospital.
there's pro's and con's to both in terms of the type of damage that they cause to your shoulder, though of course, it's better not to have either occur.

best bet is to see a sports doctor and/or physio.
r.i.c.e it and let the ligaments settle down before you climb again or you may cause an even greater injury.
also, you want to be doing 'rotator cuff' exercises. these don't make you look cut, but are muscles which stabilise the shoulder joint. there's a number of exercises to do.
they focus on internal and external rotation. the weakest position for the shoulder which evanbb is referring to is 'abduction with external rotation".
whilst climbing, if you can focus on drawing your shoulder blades together, this is helps stabilise the shoulder. exercises such as inverted rows are good for this so long as you are focussing on drawing and pinching the shoulder blades together and not pulling yourself up with your arms.

12:22:50 PM
On 14/06/2009 jaebo wrote:
>it actually sounds like you've had a subluxation, not a full dislocation

I was wondering about that as well. When i was young, skinny and weak though, I dislocated a few times and got it back in myself. Then I often went for a little spew i the dunnies. As far as I know it's essentially the same mechanism; the humeral head sliding off the glenoid labrum (the cup) out of the rotator cuff, but the sublux doesn't go quite all the way out, sort of wobbles on the edge and goes back in. In a dislo it gets right past the edge, and then pulls 'back into place', except that it's not on the cup now, and squishes in against the edge of it. This feels 'wrong' initially, but doesn't hurt a whole lot. Half an hour into it though, the fun starts to decrease exponentially.

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