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Report Accidents and Injuries

Lucas Trihey
10:08:47 PM

21 January 2007

The Australian Accident Register website records accurate details of accidents and serious near
misses in the outdoors and adventure community. The reports are carefully researched and are
assembled with input from emergency and medical services and where possible the victims and/or
others present.

Names are not listed on the site and the wording is non-judgmental. The purpose is to encourage those
involved to step forward with accurate information so that the resulting reports are a useful educational
tool for readers.

The site is widely referenced by educational groups, commercial operators, recreational climbers,
canyoners, paddlers, bushwalkers and mountain bikers.

The site is also used by the media and has helped improve the accuracy of their reporting of past

Until recently the site was being run on a volunteer basis and covered accidents in the Blue

The site has now been set up to cover national accidents and a site manager has been appointed to
help assemble and write the reports. All reports will be checked by the editorial committee.

For details on the site, the editorial committee and how it is funded please visit http://

Anyone with an accident report can do so via the report page at

Accident reports can be viewed here

*Chockstone members will see reports on a couple of accidents listed on the AAR that have been
mentioned here recently - the groundfalls at The Tower (Gramps) and Birdnest (Blueys).

1:12:26 PM
Excelent stuff.

Are you going to make any attempt to "back-fill" the register with non-nsw accidents that have happened previously?

Any thought to developing a table-based summary of each accident? I think this would serve several purposes - first a quick way to "filter" accidents - eg say I want to look at all acccidnets that occured while abseiling - to find their causes. One of the tables fields could be; 'activity' which indiactes what the person was doing at the time of the accident, walking, leading, seconding, soloing, abseiling, bouldering etc.

A second use of a summary table would be to identify key info or missing info from the accident. Eg - was the climber wearing a helmet or not? What level of injury did they recieve, did they require hospialisation?

Anyway, great work.

Cheers, Richard

1:21:45 PM
This is a sobering website - but well worth delving into. Thanks for the work guys!
Lucas Trihey
9:00:39 PM
thanks for the feedback - we don't have the resources to "back fill" the non-NSW accidents from
before we went national and apart from that it would be very difficult to get reliable reports together
once the trail has gone cold. So regrettably - no.

regarding the use of stats - for now we'll be assembling the reports in a way that useful stats can be
drawn out of them later. But remember that the AAR is intended to be primarily a feedback resource
for learning from the events that lead to an accident. if good stats can be extracted later that's great
but it's not our main focus. we feel that the strength of the AAR is in the reports being a good way to
learn from the mistakes and/or bad luck of others.



9:35:58 PM
On 22/01/2007 nmonteith wrote:
>This is a sobering website - but well worth delving into. Thanks for the
>work guys!
I second that.
Thank you Lucas for bringing it to our attention.
I hope it becomes a truely national source of information, as the larger* the database the more valuable the information contained in it.
(*Not that anybody wants more accidents to happen).

12:55:55 PM
... bump topic to front page, due to unfortunate series of reports* on this site (Chockstone), recently.

(*It would be good if they are part of the bigger statistical database).
Lucas Trihey
9:50:01 AM
thanks fellas - yeah it would be great if there was a wider awareness of the site so that people at
accidents (whether victims or witnesses) could send us a brief report via -
I'm sure there's lots of accidents (with potentially useful lessons) taking place that we don't hear about

7:45:42 PM
Have just been looking at the site and read the compiled report. Excellent work guys, it's great to see blame/criticism-free constructive reporting and commentary on outdoor accidents so that others can learn from them. Thumbs up!

I think the Mountain Safety Council is trying to set up something similar in NZ but I don't think it has got off the ground yet.

3:26:29 PM
For the outdoor edders out there, this may be of interest - just looking at the Age online and see this story:

Seems the poor kid had a tough time getting 000 to help him out too:

5:54:51 PM
I'm amazed that he could not find water in the Bluies. I'm staggered at 000's response.

11:54:14 AM
Does this still need to be pinned to the top of the forum now that it is defunct?

The groups are still accessible here:

12:42:50 PM
On 29/01/2010 ajfclark wrote:
>Does this still need to be pinned to the top of the forum now that it is
>The groups are still accessible here:

Have you also got a link to its 'defunctness'? I remember reading a reference along that line not long back, but can't find it now for verification x-linking purposes.

2:28:30 PM
Sure. See this post in this thread.

2:37:04 PM
It's really sad seeing all these good online resources slowly being taken offline or not maintained.

3:30:18 PM
Thanks for the link/s ajf.

Rest in peace AAR.

On 29/01/2010 nmonteith wrote:
>It's really sad seeing all these good online resources slowly being taken offline or not maintained.

... Welcome to the ranks of 'been around a while' nmonteith! Some have seen this sort of thing before! ~> ie the changing pace of technology, changing faces of enthusiasm, and all that...
Perhaps in the future someone will mine old technology sites (including Chockstone?), to retrieve lost gems.
Lurking Dave
4:58:44 PM
Thats what the internet archive is for :-)

Shocking what you can dig up from the late 90's.

11:00:53 AM
looked with interest some time back.Just clicked in and am shocked at the apparent demise of AAR. How come???

12:12:54 PM
If you look back a few posts I think I linked to the other posts about the AAR folding up.

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