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What happen to Ming ?

4:33:30 PM
Any one know what happen to Ming ?

E. Wells
6:45:09 PM
No , but I'm not just anyone.

7:22:20 PM
So who are you ?
10:07:00 PM
He finally found some mercy?
11:04:03 PM
On 21/10/2014 Martym wrote:
>He finally found some mercy?

8:43:38 AM
What do you want to know? (reluctant to put out too much info about a guy I dont know)

I was first on the scene and helped with the 'rescue' (probably to strong of a term.....)

Got his gear back to his camping friends that arvo with the help of 2 bloody ledgends - A hippy PE teacher from melbourne and a guy studying teaching at newcastle - sorry forgot your names.

A big thankyou to the Ambos, Police and SES who all did an awesome, prompt, efficent and professional job!!!!!!!

Hope he is doing well.

Hairy Steve.
9:36:05 AM
Having been gently prompted by those involved in the rescue efforts, Ill try to give a rundown ithout giving too much away, I am sure there are a few curious people. Not too much that can benefit the 'community' -but Ill add my totally unsolicited advice at the end.

Ming injured his ankle on a pretty big fall on Skink - out on the end of the flake - the belayer was still in the watchtower crack cave as they were linking pitches.

I was climbing with a 10 year-old up salmander - so my first priority was little Sam, as at the time of the fall Ming was quiet and the extent of his injury wasnt clear to anyone.

We topped out, then I got sam and his dad Adam off down via the rap route of the face, before turing attention to Ming.

He had been lowered to the bolted station on the top of auto de fay. I cruised on down to him, when for the first time realised he was in a bad way. I got Adam to call the Ambos, and scratched my head to try and come up with the least painfull way of getting Ming down.

Spent the next half hour prepping him as best as I could, then lowered him off down the slabs. Then I got the belayer off. (after that I lowered him to the ground c: )

Ambos were soon on the scene and did there thing, then SES with stretcher carry down to the road.

A few thoughts.

Injuries and traversing routes are very tricky.

At a busy crag, If you have an injury as obvious and bad as this one - yell for help. I could have been with Ming 30/40 minutes earlier if I had of known that something is wrong.

I did my best on the lower of Ming - but would do things differently next time (hope there wont be a next time) I rocked up with just a rack - not knowing what I was in for. I splinted one leg against the other, as I had nothing with me that would help. But I should have used the rap line to 'tag' up some stuff from the ground to splint and pad his leg - which would have made his descent a bit more comfortable.

Ming is a bloody tough bugger thats for sure. He was a fantastic paitent throughout, I hope he is well on his way to a good recovery.
11:17:39 AM
Just curious, is there are reason you lowered him and didn't do a tandem abseil?
12:05:26 PM
A few reasons.

1 - I have never done one before.

2 - once i took the rack/all the crap off his harness he could bumslide down the slabs pretty well. If he was hanging off my harness I thought he would have bounced around a bit more.

3 - If It was just too uncomfortable for him I would have had a much easier time hauling him back up to the ledge (I had a traxion rigged into the system ready to go in case of this event) Prussicing would have sucked balls.

4 - the belayer was still lashed in the cave in the baking sun after a VERY long stint in there, and needed to be belayed/lowered down too. Would have been a bit mean to leave him there.
12:53:13 PM
Thanks for the reply.

12:57:26 PM
On 22/10/2014 sleake wrote:
>4 - the belayer was still lashed in the cave in the baking sun after a
>VERY long stint in there, and needed to be belayed/lowered down too. Would
>have been a bit mean to leave him there.

Obviously without a rope?

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