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Nerve entrapment
7:13:15 PM
About a year ago suffered a cubital tunnel (ulnar nerve) issue. Was after some rock climb training after having just been doing alpine. Took 8 wk to recover and the hand surgeon I saw (after nerve conduction confirmation) was very dismissive of my reasoning - inflammation from xs work for me. Now I have just climbed a moderate alpine ice route 500m and have carpal tunnel issues R>L. Less drama than the ulnar nerve was. My rationalisation is too much work for my level of condition therefore some inflammation and swelling (read Im not keen on surgery) Have any of you guys heard or experienced acute onset nerve entrapment related to activity?

7:18:25 PM
Are you seeing a Myo/Physio for maintenance??
7:29:41 PM
Ah no, and convince me as to why I should
9:07:40 PM
I'm wondering if greater use of articles and less use of abbreviations may make your posts more intelligible? That was really painful to read.

I have carpal tunnel syndrome. It did build up over a few years before i got it diagnosed, but I had also been climbing for about 15 years before i had any symptoms at all. It did correspond with my climbing harder than I ever had before, but it was also irritated by driving and computer work. On the good news side, wearing the world's sexiest nightwear, wrist braces, basically reduced it to almost no symptoms. On the not so good side, having shoulder surgery demonstrated that it was climbing related because I had absolutely no symptoms in the 6 months I had to have off and now I am climbing again, I have a few symptoms again. There's crap all a physio can do for it. Try the wrist braces. I was dubious as to how effective they would be, but figured at least they would save me from being woken up by numb fingers, and actually, they somehow improve things in the day as well. I definitely won't be having surgery as long as the braces keep it under control and I can still climb lots.

9:15:42 PM
On 23/09/2013 Wendy wrote:
>On the good news side, wearing the world's sexiest nightwear, wrist braces,(snip)

... too much info!
Heh, heh, heh.
10:07:14 PM
sorry I couldn't make that pain free for you, on reread makes okay sense to me and let me assure you I reckon its more painful to have had either of the entrapments I have had! And Im interested in those who have had these issues crop up out if the blue so to speak. I would not consider myself disadvantaged in researching this area, I understand the simple conservative measures. Im interested in hearing if others have had what amounts to an acute onset of this condition
6:39:58 AM
I had a trapped nerve, came on suddenly, gave pain at the elbow. Pain wandered around like a puppy. Trapped in shoulder. Stretches sent it packing.

Always see people from a few different disiplines, if your curretn option is surgery.
11:48:02 AM
I had a trapped nerve, so I let it go...........

Duang Daunk
12:03:16 PM
On 24/09/2013 jdb wrote:
>I had a trapped nerve, so I let it go...........

You're sure it was a nerve?
10:51:42 PM
I sorted mine out. Had the symptoms but not the nerve issue but everything around it from being too tight and out of alignment.

It's relearning to use the body by using the deep muscles in the back and core rather than just pulling with the hands.

Having strong mobile wrists, strong scapulothoracic muscles, coordination and mobility. Hint, if you can't do pushups on your wrists without it hurting you need to sort it out.

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