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Team Wollongong
5:53:34 PM
Hi everybody !
I'm in the area of Wollongong for a while and I would like to meet some locals and discover the available climbing/bouldering spots near the city (30 minutes).
9:50:35 AM
Good place to start would be to speak to the regulars at Hangdog climbing gym.

There is climbing at Mt Keira and a bouldering spot somewhere up behind town also with a lost world feel - cave and slightly overhanging walls... (I can't remember anything more about the spot like name or access, as I went there only for a day many years ago and this was just a few days after I found a dead body!! So my mind was still a little distracted)

Gunta Skirtpulla
10:25:55 AM

We're a pretty friendly bunch at HD so drop in and you should be able to get some beta on the local areas.
Right now most locals are hitting the Blue Mtns on the weekends so you might be able to hook up with
them or the less fortunate ones like me, just training on plastic, campusing and drinking way too much
2:55:51 PM
Well, you don't climb/boulder outdoor on week days? Is it because the rock is too remote to get there after work? Or is it because you are too effraid to fall on a pile of dead bodies (Dalai scared me) ! I may want to settle in Wollongong, but not if I have to climb on plastic on week days.

2:57:30 PM
Mt Keira is 15 minutes from the centre of town!
2:59:42 PM
On 23/11/2005 jack_lasportiva wrote:
>Or is it because you are too affraid to fall on a pile of dead bodies

Don't worry Jack, that was at Nowra and it was only the one body...

Gunta Skirtpulla
3:02:08 PM
Too busy with work & renovating my unit right now. For locals with more time, yes, climbing/bouldering
after work or uni is very easy, especially with daylight savings - Mt Keira is a 10 min drive from the CBD
of Wollongong.
No, the spot Dalai is talking about hasn't seen much action recently, mainly because it becoming too
overgrown with veg & a really bad mosi problem.
Mt Keira - sandbag city - but lots of fun sport routes, mixed routes up to 24/25 plus home to a lot of fun
easy and hard boulder problems.
3:15:18 PM
On 23/11/2005 Gunta Skirtpulla wrote:
>No, the spot Dalai is talking about hasn't seen much action recently,
>mainly because it becoming too overgrown with veg & a really bad mosi problem.

Gunta, whats that spot called? I only went there back in 96 with Wobblebuns (is Chris still around and climbing?) and crew.

Did a FA of a V5? which started on a flake under a horizontal roof and cut out and up a vertical headwall...

3:23:12 PM
Gunta, you must be really busy, you're not even going to the gym on tuesdays! Looks like your working a lot today, like me... I wish!

Gunta Skirtpulla
3:24:16 PM
I'm not sure of the the whole areas name but the two main sectors are called the slabs and the cave is
called the body shop.
Chris is married and mortgaged I think, not on the scene anymore.
Robbie Le Breton is really the only one left, but is now living in the mountains.
Your problem sounds like fun, have to go check it out on the next cold day through summer (??) or next
3:25:56 PM
Thanks for the update.

Gunta Skirtpulla
4:21:35 PM
Bonjour Sticky Frog.
Yes, very busy.
Will get in for a boulder tomorrow (thurs) nite.

hopefully catch you then.

P.S - get back to your research !!

7:39:57 AM
Hey Jack Attack,

Team Gong is Cool, but Team Shire ROCKS.

Move 40 min up the road, for unlimited local crags and some of the best bouldering in NSW. Close to the blueys and Nowra.

8:05:46 AM
Yeah Bundy, and Katoomba is a great place to live if you want to surf, close to some great surfing breaks on the South and central coast.

Gunta Skirtpulla
9:36:09 AM
come on boys, don't be fighting over Jack.

But I have to agree with Bundy - the shire is the best spot for easy access to urban bouldering.
However, for uncrowded good surf spots and the quickest access to Nowra, Wollongong wins hands
BUT...the mountains does have more consistent weather for year round climbing.

2:51:07 PM
Just a shame there are no waves up here Johan. My quiver is sitting up the coast gathering dust at the moment, can't wait for the opportunity to get the big red 7'4" out on a big day at Forries again, after I have sent of course, and who knows when that will be.

Gunta Skirtpulla
3:13:39 PM
A mate of mine from the Gong did ",,flesh" on the weekend.
Said it was a super route.
When i'm finished renovating, might have to jump on that before heading back to DF & shipley
3:33:00 PM
Nice one, my draws will be up ther for a while mate so go for it. Best 28 in the mountains some reckon.

6:55:48 PM
heya jack!!
im josh, remember me? :P

talk to paul meharg, georgie or mark a...i think you actually met them yesterday?? they were the guys on bernie (the traversing thing on the left of main wall)
ill send ya their # if ya want?

7:44:29 PM
On 24/11/2005 Goodvibes wrote:
>Yeah Bundy, and Katoomba is a great place to live if you want to surf,
>close to some great surfing breaks on the South and central coast.

Katoomba is too way too far from the Glen and the Waves.

Long live team SHIRE !!

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