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Flock Hill closure

7:00:21 PM
I know some of you are planning your trips to Castle Hill Basin soon, Unfortnuatly issues regarding access to Flock Hill have raised their ugly heads again. In short, open access to Flock Hill will cease as of 1st January 2006. Access will then be by prior permission only and on a visit by visit basis. For the full story hit the link.

7:57:13 PM
I think this is worth posting here... letter from Mark Fraundorfer, the co-leaseholder for Flock Hill


We have decided that as from 1 January access to Flock Hill will be by prior permission only, on a
visit by visit basis, and we will no longer allow open access. It is unfortunate but a few have spoiled it
for the rest. The reasons are as follows

Continued damage to the boundary fence between Cave Stream Reserve and Flock Hill by trespassers
climbing over or under.
Disturbance of lambing Ewes recently by trespassers (Merinos abandon young lambs if disturbed)
Dogs with visitors
Gate to track being vandalised, lifted off hinges cut locks etc
Trespassers abusing staff asking what they are doing on the property.
Large numbers of metal bolts permanently drilled into rocks by climbers defacing in particular the
summit rock of Flock Hill mountain, the iconic rock that is now known as Aslan's rock and featured in
the up and coming The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie. Such bolts are an eyesore and an act
of vandalism in our view.

In addition we have contracted an operator to run movie site tours from 1 January with Flock Hill
Station receiving revenue. Therefore any one on Flock Hill not with the official tour will need to have
our specific permission and carry proof of this on their person. We intend continuing to welcome
genuine trampers and climbers such as your members but they will have to contact me in advance
with their intentions and date of visit(s). We hope to later have a visitor centre based at the lodge
which will make this easier but until further notice it will be by Email to me.

Please contact me if you have any questions

9:37:02 PM
so if we watch the movie we should try spot the bolts on the rock...?!

Super Saiyan
10:28:11 PM
10:29:35 PM
Unfortunate, but totally understandable.

10:38:02 PM
Perhaps trip re-arrangement is in order!
11:09:29 PM
Doesn't sound like an unworkable arrangement. The leaseholders are well within their rights to completely ban access, yet will be still allowing visits. Credit has to be given that they are still willing to permit climbing!

Super Saiyan
11:14:43 PM
True that! please please please let us climb there!!!

gunta skirtpulla
12:18:07 PM
Ahh.. the issues of Hueco Tanks in our own backyard.

12:28:10 PM
Sounds like the same situation of half of the better Queensland crags..

The Elk
3:22:42 PM
When I was over there earlier this year it was completely banned to climb at Flock Hill at all, permission was later granted to a couple of people who sought permission from the landowners.
I think this is a fair deal. Seek the permission, if you get permission; great, if not; don't ruin it for the rest of us who are hoping to climb there in the near future as well.
And besides... there's so much bouldering at Spittle Hill and surrounds that it will keep you busy for a good few weeks.... trust me!
Happy sloper slappin'!

6:14:49 PM
Ceartinaly, the lease holder is well within his rights to set whatever access rules he wishes. By and large, climbers care profoundly about Flock Hill, infact the whole Castle Hill Basin. You only have to go there once to know how lucky we are to have access. I'm sure most of the reasons mentioned in the letter don't apply to climbers. The people responsible for dogs on the property, upsetting sheep , damage to the boundry fence, etc would almost ceartinly be non climbers accessing Dry Valley and since the movie, Flock Hill, from The Cave Stream car park. What bites is that we are being penelised for other peoples actions that we have no control over. Something else that bites is ignorant accusations like this...

>Large numbers of metal bolts permanently drilled into rocks by climbers
>defacing in particular the
>summit rock of Flock Hill mountain, the iconic rock that is now known
>as Aslan's rock and featured in
>the up and coming The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie. Such bolts
>are an eyesore and an act
>of vandalism in our view.

These bolt have been in place for more than a decade, well before the block became an "icon"

>In addition we have contracted an operator to run movie site tours from
>1 January with Flock Hill Station receiving revenue.

This is the crux of it . There is no money in boulderers but there is in bus tours. Unfortunatly the result is, the people who use and care most about the area are now considered a nusence. Before the movie, no tourist knew or cared about the summit block of Flock Hill. Even if the boulder field looked interesting from afar, it was too much hard work to get there. Again, the lease holder is well within his rights to diversify. It wouldn't be the first time farmers have been involved in tourisim. I am waiting to see if these paying customers are prepared to get off their fat arses and hike up the hill to see "Aslans Rock" or if they think their money buys them a ride up the hill. It's too steep for anything but 4X4's at present. Maybe the flood of tourist money will buy another road, this time right into the boulders. I'm sure it wouldn't be consideres to be vandalisim, more like an investment.
Of more interest to members of this site, even limited access will be of no use to anyone who does not have easy access to the internet. If you are staying at Cragieburn camp, it may not be worth your trouble to drive 30km to th nearest computer to ask permission then travel back there a few days later to print a copy of the reply so you can show it to a flock hill staff member on demand. If you actually get permission.


6:44:05 PM
gary, are there any climbgers groups that have been working with the landowners or is it all just informal correspondance??

flock hill is an awesome place, its such a shame to see corporate bullshit flying around it.

7:13:29 PM
Okay Josh, get off the forums, go take some piccy's sell them and make lots of flock hill and let the masses enjoy....but before you do all that come around to my joint and give me my gear back...I need it for sunday.

7:13:52 PM
The NZAC were instremental in getting open access after filming finished. They are corisponding with the lease holders again. NZAC is the best group for the job I think but what worries me is sometime down the track, NZACmembers might be the only ones allowed access to Flock Hill. I don't begrudge the lease holders the chance at some income, I just object to being treated like a piece of shit on their shoes all of a sudden.

7:37:24 PM
yup fair call.
please keep us updated if possible about anyadvances/changes in the situation!

and yeh rod im coming around in about 20 mins on my wayup the hills... cya soon bra!

4:46:59 PM

This is what the whole access ban boils down to.

" We have exclusive access to the locations we visit and this is to protect the stunning high country environment is which this movie was filmed...."

But as long as some Narnia geek has $1100 to have his fat tourist arse flown up the hill, they are happy to land choppers among the boulders. I'm sure that will have no impact on "the stunning high country environment...."

Anyway, have a look for yourselves. Maybe make a booking. Could be the only way you will see Flock Hill for quite a while.
10:03:42 AM
The contents of a letter to climbers has been posted on the flock hill access blog.(14/12/05)

It reads:
Flock Hill Limited

Notice to Climbers seeking access to Flock Hill Station

There has recently been confusion and negative publicity with regard to access for climbers wishing to
boulder on Flock Hill.

Because of large numbers of people trespassing on the property, as well as issues of safety, we have
decided that as of now, climbers wishing to access Flock Hill will need to contact us at
in advance of their visit. A safety notice will be issued and the attached form should be returned and a
copy of it carried as proof of permission.

Sometime around March of next year we will establish a visitor centre at Flock Hill Lodge were climbers
can obtain permission, receive the safety notice and sign in and out in the visitor log. This will simplify
matters and allow for spontaneous visits rather than having to seek permission well in advance.

Finally we are asking that permanent climbing bolts are not drilled into the rocks and that a total fire and
smoking ban is observed. No dogs or vehicles are allowed for obvious reasons.

Mark Fraundorfer, Lloyd Ferguson

Please all read and comply.

Maybe we can inundate them with so many requests in advance they find we are there (with permission)
before they have people booked in meaning they then have the hassle of recinding it or finding us!!!
10:05:25 AM
As for the managing the beauty ... I have some polystyrene rocks at home I found up there. The area is
littered with cut out camera platforms that were not replaced and piles of turf from these often piled behind

10:06:28 AM
Sounds like a sensible and good arrangment for a private property crag. I hope it all work out.

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