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TR - bolting blues
1:59:18 PM
Plan: Bolt a bunch of routes on great little overhanging cliff I came across a while ago

Reality: sucks...

Fill up petrol drill, fail to notice petrol dribbling into boot of car. No worries, itíll evaporate and my food will be fine...

Wonder why I smell petrol the whole way up to the cliff. Think itís just a result of my spillage, but upon reaching cliff, remove drill and notice entire contents of petrol tank have somehow leaked out. Luckily I had the foresight to put drill in a thick plastic bag, so manage to pour what I can back into the drill, but due to spillage and evaporation down to half a tank. Should be plenty for two routes worth of bolts I think to myself...once the drillís dried out...

Tis one thing to rock up to an established cliff and bolt a new line. Tis another thing to work out where routes should go on a virgin bit of rock. Waste time faffing. Then the sole of my shoe falls off.

Tis also a risk buying cheap chinese drills for $200. For some reason, fuel tank lid refuses to seal and petrol continues to leak. Abseiling down and keeping drill clear of rope is proving to be a challenge, but not as much a challenge as actually drilling. Ten minutes per hole is not how it should be. Two and a half holes later I give up. The rock is just too hard, Iím nearly outta juice (which continues to dribble out), and my shoulders feel ready to explode from holding the heavy mofo. Spit the dummy, uncomfortable walk back to car, drive home for consolation beers.

After a few, have a quick fiddle with drill and discover the trick to actually turn the hammer function on (instructions useless thanks to indecipherable translations). Wonder ruefully how much easier my lilfe woulda been had I discovered this a year ago. Drink more beer to avoid ruminating over a wasted days effort...

But it wasnít really wasted. In between cursing drills, china, and everything except my own incompetence, I got to watch eagles soar by, waterfalls tumble down mountains, and marvellous views all around. And once the leakís sorted (or eat humble pie and borrow a mates pansy electric number) I have an excellent reason to go there again...

2:18:45 PM
Sounds like a standard day out bolting new routes..Id love to say it will get easier and more fun...but it wont, shit always happens...but the 5 days btw weekends you forget about that and do it all again....enjoy.

2:26:48 PM
You get what you pay for. That was a name of a route i ended up hand-drilling when my cheap Chinese petrol drill didn't work as expected.

2:34:45 PM
On 12/08/2013 f_abe wrote:
>Wonder ruefully how much easier my lilfe woulda been had
>I discovered this a year ago. Drink more beer to avoid ruminating over
>a wasted days effort...

Ha ha. A year?

E. Wells
5:08:19 PM
For some stupid reason my first effort was a long traversing roof climb....I reccomend something not so steep to get the handg of it all, far fewer c-bombs. In the unlikely scenario that a line correlates with a rap line it can even be enjoyable. There is an olympic level swimmer with the surname 'seabom' , I think her name is Jessica. Thats cool.
9:07:39 AM
On 12/08/2013 f_abe wrote:
>drive home for consolation beers.
>After a few, have a quick fiddle

err whatever turns you on dude :p
10:41:23 AM
f_abe, for all the advantages of petrol (no running out of power in the middle of the day and initial outlay) if i get another drill ill go battery i think. They are quieter, dont burn your leg/rope and are light enough to drill up under roofs etc. Nothing worse than hanging on a rope trying (in vain) to start the bloody thing.
Sounds like you are having some classic type II fun though, keep up the good work! Look forward to checking it out when im next up your way.
2:39:36 PM
Anotehr amusing TR - thanks :-) But sort your shit out - am having visions of a crispy critter twisting on a rope after leaking petrol drill ignites...

6:27:08 PM
With a modern drill and two batteries it is usually my arms and daylight that run out of juice before the drill does. 40+ holes over two batts in volcanic rock is what you should be getting from something semi decent.
6:34:50 PM
yes, modern hammer technology is much much better. Even so, I getting miffy when holes were taking 30 seconds in hard trachyte at The Gib, too used to sandstone.

6:56:27 PM
Yeah but you can use expansions and climb right away..assuming your not to stuffed from bolting.

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