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Ice Gear OS
Bob Saki
11:06:28 AM
Hi Folks,

I am off to US for a few weeks mainly skiing but will climb a few peaks and hopefully hit some plastic ice at Clear Creek Canyon.

I have tried contacting Aust Customs, US Customs, Aus Quarantine.

I plan to take my ice axes, crampons, screws, biners.

US customs/consol say no problem comming in but laving the US with the gear someone mentioned I may have to oay somethig on gear I own?

This also opens a general question; if I buy new axes and new alpine clothing when I leave there will they charge me again for gear I have legitimately paid for and gear I brought over from here?

I haven't been stateside for a while but had no concerns in NZ, Europe etc...

11:33:11 AM
? Just make sure it looks used and no-one will care. Remove all labels and post them back separately if you are really paranoid. I've never had any problems lugging copious amounts of climbing gear overseas. Just remember you are legally allowed to import up to $1000 worth of gear into Australia without paying any taxes (I think?) - and I'm sure Customs has no idea on how expensive climbing gear is. Stop worrying!
Bob Saki
11:36:24 AM
Thanks mate, I will chill out.

11:45:13 AM
So the $1000 import rule applies to new items?

Just so Im clear.. if I go to America, walk into a shop, buy $2000 worth of gear, remove all the tags, and fly back home, I might have to pay tax on it?

I reckon I would be so agro about that! That means they get to choose when its new and not! If you buy something over there, you now own it, its in your possession, and its age, be it a day old and unused, or 50 years old, shouldnt be a factor they should be allowed to consider?

Am I wrong?

11:48:38 AM
If it's unused you're importing goods into the country, standard rules apply.

1:18:26 PM
I understand but saying "unused".

Ok example. You go overseas, you need a laptop so you buy one. 1 week later you return.

Visually, it could be assessed as brand new?

1:32:31 PM
If I'd used a laptop for a week you'd know. For starters it wouldn't be in the original box.

1:35:27 PM
to both the previous comments, I dont want to know exactly how the item would appear used after a week!

But if its not in its original packaging, wouldnt it be the same for climbing?

Say you buy a whole new rack, take the labels off EVERYTHING so its ready to take to the crag... can they legally charge you import tax? If so, I reckon thats crap.

If its in packaging, I can understand, though I dont like it. But if its out of packaging, what the hell. If its a day old or a year old, or 50, its not to decide.

Also, what if your rack got stolen over there, so you got a new one. You have to pay extra for it?

I had hopes of getting stuff overseas at one stage, though thats a moot point now

1:50:43 PM
The difference between a set of nuts that's been up a route and one that hasn't is pretty obvious. Just take the tags off and drag them along the sidewalk a bit.
2:50:04 PM
To be honest i think customs people at airports are much more interested in any animal and plant products you might have than where you bought your laptop. If you have any climbing gear the main thing is to clean any mud of it....otherwise they will do it for you, as i found coming back from Nepal once.

3:00:33 PM
I purchased thousands and thousands of $ worth of gear overseas and brought it back. It's all fine! Just remove the packaging.. Obviously if you keep it in the wrappers then you can (theoretically) re-sell it as new in Australia (probably on Chockstone!). Thats why they are charging tax on it - because you could make money off it in Australia.
7:02:41 PM
personal used gear is never an issue

obviously new is, cos that's an import business potentially and since they can't be sure then they will tax you to be safe

if you're going for an ice trip, I imagine you'd want to use all your new toys straight away, otherwise you'd prob get them all scratched up on the lovely uniced crags around here!

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