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Sam and Frodos climbing adventure

2:03:49 PM
It all started on a beautiful sunny Thursday. I met up with Sam in Katoomba, far from the shire. Since we both had been travelling all morning, Sam from the mid north coast and myself from the centre of Sydney, decided lunch was in order. Now what the name of the bakery where the lovely salad rolls were purchased was called, completely escapes me. It was the one just up from Cafe Treehorne. While munching down the rolls of delight, we consulted the guide book. On good information, we to head to Mt Victoria. New York to be exact. Parking Ubertron, the mighty Subaru Liberty beside the road we exited the car and sorted through the gear. Soon we were off, packs on backs, down the perillous track of steepness down to the mighty fallen mossy tree that marked the fork, New York west to the left, New York east to the right. To the Left!!!!

Now the Blue Mountains climbing guide forgot to include pictures of the walls at New York, so there was much squabbling over what the heck we were climbing. Eventually Sam and I agreed that it was Spoonbender. A nice 15. I went first, leading up the 15. First lead for some time. Sam, not to be out done, decided to lead the 15 as well. It must be said that he did so really well. Making me feel a little inadequate. Afterwards, Sam was compelled by the 19 next to Spoon bender. What the hell! Sam gave it a go. Although it wasn't clean, pulled off a couple of great moves. Then I, not to be out done, gave it a go. Again not clean, made to the top. Feeling good with time against us, we packed up and headed back to the car. Now, the guide book also says something that makes heaps of sense in retrospect. 'Walk for five mins down the hill (which doubles in height on the return journey) to the fallen mossy tree.' The hill doubled, tripled in height! Talk about sweating. Once at the car, we headed to our accomdation, good to have family in the mountains......

That night my Uncle commented on a bird song, saying that it was a rain call. Despite telling him to shut it, he continued. Next morning, it freaking rained. And rained. And Misted. And Rained. Bugger. We decided to head to Katoomba and have lunch at Treehorne's while I pimped Sam's helmet (Photo's avail on request!). After lunch headed home. There we decided to bail on the mountains and head to Nowra. A quick drive back to Katoomba to grab a climbing guide and we were set. Next morning, at rediculous o'clock we headed south. But the weather followed us. Nowra was painfully damp. But, one phone call later and we headed for Canberra. Thankfully all was dry by Lake George.

So it was to Kambah rocks. We had been told that it was a short couple of hundred meteres to the wall from the car park. 2.2Km later we realised that it may have been a bit further. So we set up and gave Sometimes Charlotte (19) a go. After a bit of grunting and much pent up frustration, nailed it. We gave another one a go but the name is gone. So never mind. I think it was a 15....... But that time, the clouds were gathering and we decided to leave. Back at home in my warm and dry house in ACT we formulated the next days plan. Mt Coree.

Next morning, being the Sunday, we pilled the gear in the back of Ubertron and headed for the Brindabella's. After driving straight though Picadilly Circus (no signs!) we turned around and found the right turn onto Two-Sticks rd and headed for Mount Coree. Now, fellow climbers, once we turned onto Mt Coree rd, a road that would take us to the summit, we discovered the biggest understatment I have ever eccountered. The guide says 'the road to the summit can get a little rough'! A LITTLE ROUGH!!!! OMFG!!!!!! After having our brains rattling inside our skulls with us praying to pretty much every god we could think of, we stopped at the 'last bend' a short walk from the summit. The road wasn't a little rough, it was FREAKIN ROUGH. But the Ubertron stood triumphant!!!! All hail UBERTRON!!!!

What a view. Mt Coree was beautiful. Especially with all the new growth coming in after the 2003 fires. So we consulted the climbing guide and picked our routes. To the WINDY WALL! After setting the rope, we warmed up on a 13. It must have been the thin mountain air, but we decided that the 18 (Diabolic I think?) was the next to conquer. With a little grunting both Sam an I made it up clean. YAY for us. But then Sam, booked with a dinner engagement deciced that he was done. What the heck I thought. It had been a pretty full weekend. Sam cleaned up the anchor and we headed for the mighty Ubertron. The road down was a little rough. Not as bad as the ascent though. I ended up walking down the bad part moving the larger boulders aside.

We made our way back to the house of me, where I checked Uber's brakes (aircraft techo training kicking in!) due to the really hot carbon smell wafting from them all the way from Mt Coree to the Brindabella Rd. Nope, just hot. So, after a Coopers to settle the nerves Sam headed off. Tonight Mum's, tomorrow, Melbourne. Thanks again Sam. Had a blast.

That is about it. But remember my fellow climbers, you may need more than a grain of salt to get through some of the guide books!

Thanks for reading!!


The Rock Hobbit

5:31:42 PM
Interesting trip report, ... but where was Merrie, or Gandalf or ...

11:03:51 AM
They ditched us and headed for Mordor. Something about a ring... Bugger the ring, there's climbing to be done.
1:35:37 PM
Mt Coree: getting a little cool now.
The more normal route these days is up Curries Rd (turn R down in the valley, just after the end of the bitumen, but look at map, e.g. Google Maps first).
Warning: there has been a fair bit of logging near the base of Curries Rd, and I havent been up for a while; there are gates at the bottom and top of Curries Rd which are sometimes locked.
All the dirt roads here get chewed up by weekend 4WDs keen to get their annual mud badge.

1:39:14 PM
First time I went to Corree we pulled over about half way up the hill and walked up, admiring the large sharp rocks and the sensibility with which we made the decision not to drive any further. Upon arriving at the turn off to the climbing area at the top we were amazed to discover a mazda 121 (that old bubble type) sitting proudly on the side of the road. At that stage I realised how undignified an experience being castrated must be.

1:54:50 PM
The Ubertron stood up to it really well. It's a 91' model with the adjustable height. It worked a treat. But we did get a couple of jaw drops when people saw it parked on last bend. But retrospectively, probably take it much slower next time. It's all part of the adventure really. Live and learn! Youre right though. I don't fancy a trip up in a 121. That's just crazy.

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!!!!!

8:18:02 PM
Thankyou very much for your trip report. I really enjoyed reading this

Steaming regards


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