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The Domain Sydney
3:25:01 PM
There are some super outcrops in The domain in Sydney. Is it possible to climb on them?

Has anyone ever tried and been warned off?

Here are links to the legislation that covers this area:,%20Regs%22,%20Exact%20Phrase%3D%22Royal%20Botanic%20Gardens%20and%20Domain%20Trust%20Regulation%202002%22,%20Search%20In%3D%22Text%22&fullquery=(((%22%20Royal%20Botanic%20Gardens%20and%20Domain%20Trust%20Regulation%202002%22)))


4:24:32 PM
define "super outcrops".
by that do you mean a combination of some or all of the adjectives "smooth, seepy, sandy, brittle, short, dirty"?
I'd be interested to know which you find "super outcrops" (without using previous adjectives as part of your "super" definition).

4:51:33 PM
I've worked 5 minutes from the Domain for the last 3 years and I haven't seen anything worth climbing. if you just want to go bouldering than just go for it.
5:26:05 PM
Michael, Iou an email and catch up! The bit of rock closest to wolloomooloo bay hotel has a chipped traverse on good rock and some up problems. Traverses starts LHS off the ring. Revberse lap mid 20s

5:31:35 PM
On 16/11/2011 widewetandslippery wrote:
>Michael, Iou an email and catch up! The bit of rock closest to wolloomooloo
>bay hotel has a chipped traverse on good rock and some up problems. Traverses
>starts LHS off the ring. Reverse lap mid 20s

In 3 years I've still not bothered with that traverse even though I must have walked right past about 30 times. I guess it looks ok but not very popular - bring a brush to clean up the sand and salt. The other lumps of rock are either sandy, dirty, blank or too slabby. I certainly wouldn't be roping up anywhere in the park - I'm sure that is considered illegal.
8:37:25 PM
The area that I am referring to, from the perspective of 'bouldering' (jeez you have to choose your words carefully in this place) are the 'fairly significant' overhanging / undercut sandstone outcrops along the edge of the footpath overlooking the OH and The Bridge on the Westerly side of Mrs MacQuaries Chair

Yes, they are sandy at present and probably brittle in parts but they do look a lot better than Queens Park from a bouldering perspective

I have visited the Wolloomooloo traverse a few times and the prospects here look much better (more interesting)

Clearly it is a highly sensitive area, but like Balls Head with The Opera House and The Bridge as a backdrop it is a location that might be incredibly photogenic and also a bit of fun - like the 2 fun dynos on the sandstone walls at the bottom of Macquarie Street - just where the sandstone walls that run around the back of the Opera House begin

Anyway, back to the original point - the rules relating to offences in The Domain quoted in my original post do not specifically outlaw bouldering or even roped climbing for that matter

Does anyone have any experience of bouldering here and drawing heat from officials or rangers etc?
8:57:30 PM
the one only 50m from the pointiest point of mrs macquaries chair? ha!
see the list i started with :-P

5:59:08 PM
On 16/11/2011 nmonteith wrote:
>I certainly wouldn't be roping up anywhere in the park - I'm sure that is considered illegal.

But you sinking loads of bolts into the rock in victorian national parks is OK ? WTF!

6:31:51 PM
On 17/11/2011 jammin wrote:
>But you sinking loads of bolts into the rock in victorian national parks
>is OK ? WTF!

And your point is...?

Domain = thousands of tourists & fitness freaks literally walking under this rock everyday (on top of this rock is the #1 photo position for tourists who want a sunset pic of the opera house + sydney harbor bridge - get in the queue early to avoid disappointment)

Grampians = 60+ years of climbers placing bolts in well established and internationally recognized climbing area - usually well away from any dangers exposed to tourists.

NSW parks service are militantly anti-climbing in the Sydney area. Doesn't help when we have front page stories in the local paper about "rock climber" guys rope jumping at North Head.

9:23:09 PM
there is plently of quality bouldering within Sydney, you'd have to be pretty freakin desperate to wast your time pulling on choss in the domain

5:03:40 PM
On 17/11/2011 jammin wrote:
>On 16/11/2011 nmonteith wrote:
>>I certainly wouldn't be roping up anywhere in the park - I'm sure that
>is considered illegal.
>But you sinking loads of bolts into the rock in victorian national parks
>is OK ? WTF!

Welcome back bommer I missed your wit and sage advice - like that time you said if I kept a rope log I'd double the life of my rope.

I opened my eyes and listened, and I too now believe, like you do, in those fairies that come and fix all the broken bits in your rope every time I use my magic pen to say what I did in my magic book.

Like my daughter says, "you can't see fairies if you don't believe in fairies". I believe bommer, I believe.

7:32:52 PM
bommer where are you???????
11:27:16 AM
Not helpful responses at all really

The potential is greater than you all give credit - especially in the context of a lunchtime or after work burn for city workers or people that like to get away from the gym in the evenings

But flaming and negativity is pretty much par for the course here
11:49:51 AM
I sometimes go for a lunchtime run around the botanical gardens and the Domain and see plenty of boulder-able rock.

Most of it is way too visible to be worth the risk though.

Where were your pictures taken?

1:12:16 PM
On 30/11/2011 michaelc54 wrote:
>Not helpful responses at all really

Well this is a Victorian forum...

>But flaming and negativity is pretty much par for the course here

and we are talking about sydney .... so what exactly did you expect? :P

1:37:29 PM
ODH returns to form with all guns blazing!
2:01:30 PM
OHD... You know what happens when you stop having your medication. Can you please take them and when feeling a little calmer please go back and tone down your comments?

Note I agree with the underlying message to leave these blocks well alone, just not in the manner you presented your arguement.
2:04:58 PM
On 30/11/2011 One Day Hero wrote:

>Listen, [personal abuse deleted by Chockstone Moderator], everyone else is trying to explain the facts of life to you without making you feel bad about doing stupid things. Its clearly not getting through, so I'm happy to expain it my way.

>There have been a bunch of very motivated, very talented, and very desperate climbers scouring sydney for rock since the 60's. Do you think they somehow failed to notice the outcrops at a famous tourist location, 5 mins walk from the city? No, of course not! Every sydney climber who's ever gone exploring has checked out that stuff.......including me, and I lived there for less than 6 months and my favorite pastime is hanging shit on boulderers.

>So, either you're a whole lot smarter than everyone who's ever climbed in sydney, or you're [personal abuse deleted by Chockstone Moderator] and have absolutely no consideration for the discretion required when dealing with land managers.

>That grunder you're all excited about is utter garbage, which wouldn't be worth climbing on even if there weren't concerns about getting the parks people shitty. But, added to that, you're going to risk souring relations and possibly making access to actual good climbing more difficult.

>It is stupid, and selfish, [edit plus personal abuse deleted by Chockstone Moderator] Is that more helpful than the other responses?

Come on, Damien... get over yourself. I think this is the sort of thing which should be moderated. Pretty much straight personal abuse. Surely it's time ODH had a little time in detention, eh, Mods?

On an extra note. I have recently been involved in a case of internet bullying, and ODH's comment would fit right in that category. The only difference in this case I was involved in was that the perpetrators were 13 year-olds.
3:20:56 PM
I absolutely disagree with the notion of leaving this place well alone. The rules that apply to this area are in the link at the top of this thread and climbing does not appear to contravene the rules.

It is my intention to go and have a chat at the park office prior to climbing in this area to clearly understand what the sentiment there is.

The reason that I originally posted here was to find out if anyone had any prior knowledge regarding this area, sure the outcrops are obvious and we have had a twilight 'check' of the location .

If we are allowed to climb in happily other areas we should be allowed to climb in public places unless there are obvious environmental or public safety issues. As climbers we should not have to operate in an out of sight, out of mind manner.

As for the NSW / Victorian comment, I think that we all understand that this forum is Victorian centric but if it is truly focussed exclusively for Victorians then all of the NSW stuff should be moderated out.

As for the tone of the responses above............!

3:30:44 PM
My 2c. I reckon bouldering in this park is probably fine, no ones going to stop you since to the layman its just people scrambling on the rocks. But as soon as you whip out the rope I reckon the problems will start. The area is actually incredibly commercial (weddings, triathlons, fitness groups) and I imagine most of these user groups probably need permits to conduct their activities. I imagine Parks will probably consider roped climbing something that needs a permit. Think Bridgeclimb.

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