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importing goods from USA
8:53:02 PM
i know this is a little of topic but I guessed this is where the answer will be found! Any advice about how to import cheaply from the USA. to ship heavy packages (35kg in total but broken into 2)? any advice appreciated. will not be being shipped from a store.

9:10:52 PM
On 27/04/2008 ajfclark wrote:
>On 27/04/2008 Olga wrote:
>>Did you get customs fees?
>I was wondering the same thing earlier this year before I ordered some gear from the US so I sent an email to customs. They got back to me in a day or so and told me that rock climbing equipment came in under general imports and if the value of the goods was less than $1000AU they would be released without attracting import duty or GST.
>If the value was over $1000AU the goods would attract a 5% rate of import duty and 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST). The import duty would be paid on the purchase price of the goods and the 10% rate of GST is paid on the combination of:
>- The purchase price of the goods
>- The import duty paid on the goods
>- The cost of freight and insurance into Australia
>There are other requirements if the value is over $1000AU that I don't recall around signing declarations and so on. If you need any further details is the address I contacted.

8:52:11 AM
$1000AUD is roughly equal to $750 USD def something to keep in mind when filling out paperwork on both sides.
If the two boxes add up to $1000AUD and arrive in the same time period you will still get charged GST. send them about week apart if that is the case.

9:27:59 AM
I think he is asking for advice on actually SHIPPING the stuff, rather than paying import duty.

Does anyone have any experience with dealing with freight forwarders who ship stuff from the US to Australia?

9:32:19 AM
Glad this topic has come up! Its been driving me nuts trying to find people who ship outdoor stuff to australia...

Cant get new model shoes or equipment because we have to get it through local suppliers, yet the local suppliers wont help you (let alone reply to emails!) or order the actual products in.

I'm also trying to order an Organic Pad from the states, but apparently our shipping restrictions wont allow them??
9:41:34 AM
2 x 17kg parcels should not be a problem unless they are really bulky / big.

Over the last six or seven years I've bought around AUD$5K-10K worth of gear a year from the US (why
enrich Australian middle-men and shop drones selling two year old gear for too much money?).

The only time I looked at freight forwarders they were way too expensive for something so small as 35kg.
Regular US post is fine, but it depends what you're shipping and how fast your need it.

Check out for their postage info. USPS is surprisingly good and I often send parcels
of 15kg or so back from the US to home when I'm travelling there.

Yes, over AUD$1000 not only attracts GST etc but also mucho paperwork and going to the office etc. Or
getting an agent to do it and paying even more.


11:11:51 AM
on the same question, my housemate is struggling to get a kayak into aus at the moment. it turns out it isnt as easy as just sticking a stamp on the deck.
8:42:47 PM
If that Kayak has been paddled in N.Z he's in a whole lot of paper work and money misery. Theres some nasty weed/algae in their rivers and customs are taking some pretty hefty measures (rightly) to keep it out of oz.

10:21:13 AM
no broblems there, its a brand spanker jackson, I think a 4play - maybe a 2.

1:25:37 PM are really good. Order on a day when the dollar is good, and request that they charge you immediately (otherwise you will be charged when the goods ship, and the dollar may drop in that time}. Ship via UPS - quick, cheap, and to your door in 2 days from shippping date. You can also track it online which is a real bonus. Keep the order under the AUD$1000 mark or you will end up paying GST and the package gets held up in customs. There is nothing so sweet as a big box of gear turning up on the doorstep...
5:21:05 PM
And wait till the US stores have a big sale and go nuts. REI and Backcountry has lots of sales, If you signup to REI email newsletter they give you 20% off one item.
6:36:02 PM
thanks to everyone here. Yes it was the actual carriage issue I have been struggling with. Th eperson I am dealing with has apparently been quoted US$1000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for postage. I will pass on the other reference to follow up.

10:07:45 PM
so the reason has cheap stuff is they pay their staff (im an ex-staff) crap wages and their is zero job security.

i would try to buy from MEC in canada and see if the prices are comparable cause they treat their people better.
10:31:01 PM
The shipping costs are really about how quickly you want to get hold of it. Have it delivered by ship is the cheapest as it goes by volume not weight but it would probably be about 2 months before you receive it. If you need it sooner the only thing is air freight and the cost of $1000 sounds high for 35kg. Sorry no sugestions of who else to talk other than looking up internaional freight on the interweb.
11:08:56 AM
On 21/05/2009 freesolo wrote:
>so the reason has cheap stuff is they pay their staff (im
>an ex-staff) crap wages and their is zero job security.
>i would try to buy from MEC in canada and see if the prices are comparable
>cause they treat their people better.

MEC has expensive shipping
11:24:46 AM
a link for everyone to the customs page

12:51:33 PM
Hey Martyn this service might be worth looking in to - VPOSTASIA
I have never used it but it sounds pretty good and might help you out.

The US retailer delivers to an address in the US and then this company take care of the shipping. They claim their charges are cheaper. Sounds dodgy but looks ligit from the website and I seem to remember that I heard about it through an PayPal e-mailer which would suggest it's reliable and reputable.

Anyone else used it?

9:44:48 AM
Well I feel sorry for the Backcountry staff, but damn they are good value!

My order will be here today, and was only finalised on Thursday. La Sportiva Solutions and SIX C4 BD Cams including express postage for $670AUD! cant top that!

9:55:15 AM
On 25/05/2009 JimboV10 wrote:
>My order will be here today, and was only finalised on Thursday. La Sportiva Solutions and SIX C4 BD Cams including express postage for $670AUD! cant top that!

Was that from (10% off c4s at the moment) or (25% off c4s at the moment)?

12:16:57 PM
backcountrygear... i would be PISSED if you had told me that and I had gotten it from the other one! lol

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