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Huge rack for sale. Cams galore!

2:38:06 PM


Thatís it. Iíve given up traditional climbing. I have kids now, no time, no partners, a novel to write and Iím going back to uni. Itís sad but I have to move on. I need the money for a four month trip to France (and everyone knows you get deported for not using bolts there). I want to get rid of it all in one big lot.

Free Image Hosting at

One huge rack for the beginner or sport climber who wants to get into trad. With some more slings and carabiners, this would be pretty much all the gear youíd ever need in most trad places in the world.
None of this equipment has taken any kind of fall, ever. I was a cautious climber and trad climbed well below my abilities. All equipment stored in gear bags in dark closet and carefully cleaned and lubed after each climbing trip. All equipment bought new within the last 2.5 years, except two smallest Black Diamond camalots, which I was given by a guy I used to climb with in New York. He used them for a while but never fell on them. You can comfortably climb on this stuff like as if it was new. I just took the shine off some of the stuff so you donít look like a total newbie.

I can ship to anywhere in Australia. Contact me for an estimate. For those in the Sydney area, I can drive it to your place (metro area) or meet you at a climb gym or you can pick up from my place.

Total price when new over $2000. I'm asking $1200 ono. I'd rather sell as one unit at this stage... I thought I'd offer it at a lower cost to my fellow Chockstoners before I go and try to flog it all on ebay.

Email me on dorabialski (at) yahoo (dot) com or PM me or call my mobile on 0403 882 971. My name's Kuba.

Condition Rating System
10- brand new.
9- great condition, a few scuffs.
8- good condition.
7- pretty good shape, but a bit worn.
down to...
1- pretty bloody awful (ie; none of this equipment).


Free Image Hosting at

Black Diamond Camalots (not C4's).
Everyone's favourite cams. Strong, versatile, huge camming range, pretty to look at...

1x Yellow number 2. 38-64mm camming range. Condition: 9
2x Red number 1. 30-51mm cammming range. Condition: both 9
1x Green number 0.75. 24-40mm camming range. Condition: 9
1x Purple number 0.5. 20-33mm camming range. Condition: 9
1x Yellow number 0.2. 10.4-16.5mm camming range. Condition: 7 (a little worn, replaced sling; tied with water knot)
1x Red number 0.1. 8.6-13.7mm camming range. Condition: 7 (a little worn, replaced sling; tied with water knot)


Trango FlexCams
Great single-stem cams. Easy to place and flexible. Sling doubles up to be used long or short.

1x Orange number 7. 46-69mm camming range. Condition: 9
1x Blue number 2. 14-20mm camming range. Condition: 9


Trango MaxCam
Twin stem cam. Great for off-widths and weird belay stations. Roughly equivalent in size to the gigantic 4.5 BD Camalot.

1x Purple number 10. 101-142mm camming range. Condition: 8 (good nick, replaced sling; girth hitched commercially manufactured sling)


Rock Empire Twin Stem Robots
Super tough u-shaped cams. A mix between Trango FlexCams and Metolius Power Cams. Theyíre no Camalots but theyíre great nonetheless. The smallest three sizes are Three Cam Units (TCU).

1x Black number 5. 65-95mm camming range. Condition: 9
1x Red number 4. 50-70mm camming range. Condition: 9
1x Turquoise number 3. 36-55mm camming range. Condition: 9
1x Yellow number 2. 28-42mm camming range. Condition: 9
1x White number 1. 21-30mm camming range. Condition: 8
1x Crimson number 0.75. 18-24mm camming range. Condition: 8
1x Blue number 0.5. 13-21mm camming range. Condition: 8
1x Green number 0.25. 11-17mm camming range. Condition: 9


Free Image Hosting at

ABC Nuts
These are apparently made by the same people who make Omega Pacific nuts and as such are identical to their Smileys. The numbering system is interchangeable with Black Diamond stoppers. Set includes all 13 sizes except number 7, which is replaced by Black Diamond equivalent. Condition ranges from 10 to 7.

Kouba Nuts
My favourite nuts and not only because they share my name. Big and meaty and fit nice and snug (like me). Originally a set of 8, but I left the number 3 somewhere on a route in the Gunks when it would not come out (itís there for free for anyone who wants it). Condition: all about a 9.

Metolius Curve Nuts
Easy to place, sizes 2 and 3. Never placed, a few scratches from rubbing against other equipment on rack.

Camp Tri-Cam
Pink 0.5 tricam. A piece so legendary and loved that thereís a song written for it. Condition: 8

Free Image Hosting at

Black Diamondís largest number 11 hexcentric slung on invincible spectra cord (Condition: 8) and Camp wired number 4 hex (roughly equivalent to a BD number 4) (Condition: 9).

Free Image Hosting at

Trango Anchor Equalizer
Super fast and easy way to equalize two or three pieces. Will dynamically adjust to fall direction. Great piece, never used (because I learned to tie off using the rope and could never kick the habit).

Free Image Hosting at

Metolius Multi Loop Gear Sling
Sling your carabiners and slings on your harness and use this baby for your protection. Doesnít swing around the place and dig into your shoulder. Easy to pass on to your partner at change over. Condition: 8-9

Free Image Hosting at

Nut tools
1x Black Diamond nut tool and 1x Camp nut tool both on their own non-climbing biner. Good as new.

You know you want it! Buy! Buy! Buy!

6:55:16 PM
I think you've just raised the bar for describing gear for sale.

7:10:33 PM
i said DAMN! hehe
11:15:47 PM
In case this rack doesn't sell as one lot, I want to put dibs on;
BD #0.2
BD #0.1
Kouba nuts
Pink tri-cam

My offer: $160

9:14:51 AM
thanks adski. i'll take that as a compliment.
and patto, i'll keep you in mind.

9:52:39 AM
k, in the spirit of the affair i'll go dibs on BD purple (0.5), green (0.75) and yellow (2) if you're splitting
I'll be in sydney and the bluies for the next two weeks so i could pickem up....

7:21:48 AM
bumpity bump bump

2:53:24 PM
I'm still trying to talk my GF into letting me make an offer, another week should do it!!

4:37:14 PM
On 10/01/2006 brat wrote:
>I'm still trying to "talk" my "GF" into "letting" me make an offer, another week
>should "do" it!!

(quotes inserted by me)

7:47:43 PM
Ive got 2 friends pretty keen on the whole package but currently unable to connect on the net and confirm to you there interest. If you can wait till monday arvo theyll post a reply.

3:02:01 PM
hey all. sorry, but the rack's been sold. thanks for your interest.

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