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Burnley Bouldering Wall
5:54:51 PM

Is the wall at Burnley open for use?



7:22:00 PM
burnley is not open i went there last week to check it out
i wouldn't get my hopes up about getting there this year

also we should probably organise a clean up working bee
i am sure it will be covered in dust and other construction residue

7:47:12 PM
It's in a pile in a cupboard somewhere, the panels were all taken off the frame.

At this stage I think they are looking at March next year. There's updates on another thread on here and on the front page of the vcc website.

[edit: cross link to previous Burnley thread:

You'll find pictures of the stripped walls and frames and stuff in there too...

Copy of last update from Southern Link Upgrade:
Looks like it'll be a while yet:
On Monday, 27 September 2010 11:31 AM, Southern Link Upgrade wrote:

As you know, CityLink is carrying out bridge strengthening works beneath the Burnley Viaduct to cater for the projected growth in the number and size of freight vehicles, resulting in the temporary closure of the Burnley Climbing Wall and Trail diversion.

The scope has prioritised those works east of Burnley Harbour in order to close out the extended off-peak detour for Main Yarra Trail users by the end of October 2010.

To do this however, and to ensure the safety of climbers, cyclists, pedestrians and workers during construction on the Burnley Viaduct, the SLU Alliance needs to continue to close the Burnley Climbing Wall and Main Yarra Trail between Barkly Avenue and Mary Street until Friday 11th March 2011.

I apologise for this inconvenience if it is possible to close the works out sooner and reopen the Wall and Trail earlier I will let you know.

11:02:19 PM
Hey folks,

I'm new to Chockstone, but I wanted to voice my disappointment that the Burnley climbing wall is still closed as of last week. I recall when CityLink simply ripped down the old Burnley one day without notifying anyone they were going to do so, and the subsequent campaign to get a replacement wall put up which took I think 2 or 3 years with many people volunteering time & their own money to get it built (how come there always seems to be funding for skate parks & kids playgrounds but no public money for something like a climbing wall?). Now the wall, and adjacent bike path have been closed for almost a year with no indication of when they may re-open, if ever.

I ride past on the way to work fairly regularly now & and am hard pressed to recall the last time I saw anyone actually working on the site. There are several signs advising cyclists the path will be closed during off-peak periods (9:30 am to 4:00 pm) until 11th March. However, it has not been opened during peak periods at all as far as I'm aware. 11th March has now been & gone. It seems the closure is now pretty much indefinately. I tried to contact Bicycle Victoria about this - despite the few thousand commuters (including me) who have been having to take a 1 km+ detour around twice a day, nobody at BV seems particularly interested. If you really search through their website (not at all obvious) there is a very brief statement suggesting the path (& presumbably climbing wall also) will now be closed until at least July. They apparently put this up on Mar 10th (like nobody at BV has been talking to CityLink to find out what's going on - or did CityLink only find the 'asbestos' just before the path was due to be re-opened after almost a year...).

If you search the CityLink website (again not easy to find this) they're blaming not asbestos, but flooding - back in January or whatever. I'm finding this all pretty frustrating as it seems obvious to me that CityLink have simply put this project on the backburner while they tend to other things. Seems like no skin off their nose if the bike path & climbing wall (that a lot of climbers paid for) are closed - they just treat everyone with contempt.

Anyone on Chockstone have any ideas as to what to do about this? Surely it's time for some sort of collective action?

11:21:46 PM

>Anyone on Chockstone have any ideas as to what to do about this? Surely
>it's time for some sort of collective action?

That last bit is a bit rhetorical.

Give me some ply, screws, nuts and holds and about half a day. And maybe a ladder. Bolt cutters will free up the bike path in about a minute.

12:33:40 AM
Ok, that'll last about half a day (possibly half a month at the rate CityLink are working) - then what?

Anyone got any serious suggestions?

1:02:43 AM
Hi Fossa,
I posted here Burnley closure in Feb the latest notification that the walls will be closed until July. I'll be following up again at the end of the month.

NB CityLink paid most of the costs for building the walls. Doesn't mean they shouldn't get their project sorted out, just a fact.

1:25:26 AM
hmm maybe some techy can help me, but chocky doesn't seem to like jsp links, oh well.

For what CityLink says, go here:
then append to address(without spaces!): 1688 . jsp
Or click on their front page link to "IMPORTANT: Main Yarra Trail closure - April 2010 to July 2011"
8:59:22 AM
Agreed. CityLink has been very good to us.

9:35:29 AM
Shortened and clicky
5:18:55 AM
On 22/03/2011 climbingjac wrote:
>Agreed. CityLink has been very good to us.

I miss the old Burnley. In fact I miss surfing too. The latter might have something to do with residing in Switzerland.

9:56:19 PM
Thanks Ben. However I still think the information provided by CityLink about this has been very very scant. As of a couple of days ago their website was blaming 'flooding' back in January, not asbestos.

I Rode past there again this morning - no sign of anyone doing any work. Same as yesterday, same as the day before, & same as last week. It ain't ever gonna get fixed at this rate. If there really is an 'asbestos' problem surely, after all this time, they should be more forthcoming about exactly how that's a problem, what they intend to do about it and when.

9:28:27 AM
Could maybe enquire with CityLink for an update?
Access T CliffCare
12:25:17 PM
On 25/03/2011 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>Could maybe enquire with CityLink for an update?

Have to make note here - Ben is constantly in touch with all concerned with Burnley (could say like a dog with a bone). I know because I am cc'd into each and every email. Whenever there is anything new to report, he does so as soon as he can log in to Chockstone. He could post the word - same, same - week after week. but its a bit pointless. I know it sometimes feels like nothing is being done, because things are a little quiet, but believe me, it's all going on in the background
12:42:09 PM
Hi all,

When the old Burnley got torn down, a flood of calls from individual climbers were made to CityLink. The calls themselves didn't help the situation, but antagonised it. It only made the climbing community seem like a bunch of anarchists to them. It was only when the VCC stepped in to organise things on behalf of the climbing community in a structured manner that progress was made. And CityLink was extremely generous to us (they funded a huge chunk of the project - the plain and simple truth is that without them, there would be no Burnley at all... and iti's also true that without Parks Vic providing the site and insurances, there would be no Burnley at all).

Ultimately, our contacts at CityLink are also people just like us who have to turn up to their job each day, do work, and hopefully get outside in the sunshine at lunchtime. Just like us, they are not likely to go out of their way to help colleagues or outsiders that annoy them. Just like us, they're more likely to be helpful to those that communicate with them in a way that they like.

Ben's managing that relationship really well and keeping us all informed as soon as he receives each new bit of information. Thanks heaps Ben!

1:26:00 PM
Fair enough.
Thanks Ben, and good work VCC/access t.
1:50:12 PM
On 25/03/2011 climbingjac wrote:
>And CityLink was extremely generous to us (they funded
>a huge chunk of the project - the plain and simple truth is that without
>them, there would be no Burnley at all...

Not wanting to antagonise things but if it wasn't for Citylink we would still have the original Burnley...

7:33:24 PM
On 25/03/2011 dalai wrote:
>Not wanting to antagonise things but if it wasn't for Citylink we would
>still have the original Burnley...

And if Citylink hadn't built the freeway there would have been nothing to stick the original Burnley up on... etc etc maybe if they hadn't flooded the quarry/harbour we could have climbed that?! :-)

Don't want to be too flippant but I think inner city locations are going to change and we're pretty fortunate with the way things turned out, current frustrations not withstanding.
8:01:08 PM
On 25/03/2011 BenHev wrote:
>And if Citylink hadn't built the freeway there would have been nothing
>to stick the original Burnley up on...

City Link didn't build that section of the Monash freeway.

Under the Melbourne City Link Act 1995 Transurban is required to design, build, finance, operate, levy tolls and maintain 'City Link' (which includes sections of existing freeways such as the Monash freeway built by the state government not Citylink) for a period of 34 years ending on 14 January 2034.

Agreed though the outcome was far better than the option where Citylink could have ignored climbers after they removed the original...

8:39:25 PM
On 25/03/2011 dalai wrote:

>City Link didn't build that section of the Monash freeway.

and your point is..... ?

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