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sick of trashing pants

9:16:59 AM
I was wondering what everyone feels are the most comfy pants to climb in are . I have had a hunt around at all the majors and it seems that climbing apparell has merged into the 'outdoors, trekking' gear.
The problem is I have trashed about five pairs of pants with various rips and tears as they don't have much stretch in them and aren't that strong in construction.
I know there are shirts that wick the moisture away from the body but are there pants that do a similar thing, as for the most part my pants tend to grab the knee so then I am constantly pulling them to free up movement...

9:40:20 AM
King Gee work pants. Indestructable when butt sliding around on granite!

9:52:47 AM
Yes , King Gee are very good ---you can also roll them up towards ya knees to regulate temperature.
Barber&Carrigan made these VERY trendy gear with their ' Jesus Trousers ' , white ones...

12:33:46 PM
Cargo pants / King Gees... whatever you can get for less than $20 at the market :-)

The Blond Gecko
12:41:50 PM
I generally wear a pair of pants I got from Kathmandu on special for about $20. Very loose, martial arts style cut (my first pair of climbing pants were actually martial arts pants, which lasted for about a year, and were only retired when the dog ripped them up). Light, flexible (much more flexible than I am, anyway), and quite rugged to boot.

12:46:03 PM
Dimmeys is your answer - cheap, nasty, horrendously unfashionable and well.. its an experience in itself shopping there for pants. Seriously though you can get quite a bit of the aforementioned workwear, Hard Yakka etc from there on occasion and its often stupidly cheap.

12:52:22 PM
Don't buy Hard Yakka from Chapel Street. A pair of their jeans cost $300...

1:12:36 PM
u went looking for hard yakka on chapel st neil? ;)
3:08:21 PM
I can't believe that someone else asked this question! I was going to ask last week, but I didn't know if it was appropriate. Anyway glad it came up :-)

My search for the ultimate climbing pants found a pair of Helly Hansen ones (on sale at Bogong); in a really light, wind- and water-proof fabric. Haven't climbed in them yet. They are a bit 'Harry High-Pants' but who tries to be stylish when climbing? They seem comfy though.

I wear the King Gees at night around the Pines, but I find them a bit stiff to climb in - maybe I should wash them 50 times to soften them up...
3:23:05 PM
climbing in cords, especially in the winter months is very cool and...oh so sensual...specially if you dont wear undies. Usually can pick up cheap chords from Jay Jays or cotton on and if you want to be trendeye check out the surf seconds shops in Torquay...

3:53:39 PM
Coming from a skiing background, I find pants like Kinetix are pretty comy and because they are pretty close fitting they stay out of the way. Reasonably hard wearing though they do tend to pill on your bumb if you slide down granite slabs too much.

4:03:12 PM
I live 5 mins walk form the heart of Chapel Street. Its all about the Klubs, Kars and KFC for me these days.
7:18:07 PM
If you don't mind spending a bit get the Makalu climbing pants, there are several different styles. I have found them to be excellent. I know they're available from Araps MOuntain Shop and some other stores in Melbourne.

7:34:12 PM
I have seen the Makalu pants and they felt real heavy...and extremely dear... so don't know. Was looking at king gee last night but only at their shirts so I might have a look at their pants like Jac i prefer a cargo..Martial arts pants have some merit though...cords bloody hell ...last time I was in a pair of cords I wouldn't have been any older than 12.
thanks good suggestions all of them... ;-)

8:54:27 PM
yeh i love climbing in cords shorts- so comfy and cheap!! the 'special' climbing pants look great (the material feels solid & comfy and they can get pretty stylish) but they're bloody expensive!! good luck getting me to fork out $100 on a pair of MD shorts!! (of course if anyone frome a climbing store was to read this, and they were know, send me a few pair to try out, then i might change my mind and start buying them at a significantly discounted price...)
actually the most comfy pair of climbing pants i have ever worn are these great purple hemp parachute pants i got for about 30c off an old lady in one of the minority hill tribes in n.vietnam, but they certainly aren't tough, so i stopped climbing in them because im paranoid of ripping them
9:44:20 PM
I have to agree with Neil. Noddy and I climb exclusively in King Gee. We get endless ridicule but it is hard-wearing cotton, cheap and has never been a problem when bouldering. I'm not holding out for a sponsorship deal though. (I use a Bison belt with them that makes it easy to cinch up the pants when I'm about to start climbing)

8:05:44 AM
I wear cargo pants (from any jeans shop or market), they have lasted quite a while and the extra pockets come in handy.

At the moment though I have a huge torn hole on the arse, patched up with white material... kinda looks like I'm wearing 'granny' undies!!

8:40:25 AM
neats, don't tell me you removed the climbing tape ...that was a work of art...
10:35:29 AM
The MD climbing shorts (called the Hummer - $79.95) are great for bouldering in, they are so loose, cool and comfy. I'm disappointed though that they are the only climbing attire for the bottom half of your body that MDs have released in their new winter gear, there's no way I'll be wearing those in cold wintery conditions!! As for MD pants, the Mekongs are ok for climbing in, nice and light and reasonably durable, but useless for bouldering because of crotch pull, but ok when wearing a harness. The MD Havanas are made from lycra, and are heaps stretchy, great for all forms of climbing, but not very durable.

I still give my vote to the Makalus, if you don't like the heaviness of the full length pants then get the Traddaks .75, they are a lighter (because they're shorter!), have no crotch pull, articulated reinforced knees and are tough.

1:42:16 PM
On 28/04/2004 Tel wrote:
>neats, don't tell me you removed the climbing tape ...that was a work of

Yeah, had to...was getting a bit dirty and sticky. Besides the tape was over a safety pin used to cover the hole...quite uncomfortable.

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